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Latest news and technical articles related to cloud computing with Windows Server. We have carefully selected articles published by industry experts, featuring Microsoft’s engineering team.

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Use cloud groups in on-premises Active Directory with group writeback

Use cloud groups in on-premises Active Directory with group writeback

I'm thrilled to announce major enhancements to group writeback are in public preview! Use Azure AD Connect to write cloud groups, including security groups, back to your on-premises Active Directory. With this preview, you can manage access to on-premises resources ... continue reading
Partial screenshot of a code-level analysis of a Hive sample.

Hive ransomware gets upgrades in Rust

Hive ransomware is only about one year old, having been first observed in June 2021, but it has grown into one of the most prevalent ransomware payloads in the ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) ecosystem. With its latest variant carrying several major upgrades, ... continue reading
Figure 1: Comparison of A or B (fixed mindset) thinking vs. A+B (modular) thinking when it comes to choosing the best apps in Azure for modernization.

How to choose the right Azure services for your applications—It’s not A or B

This post was co-authored by Ajai Peddapanga, Principal Cloud Solution Architect. If you have been working with Azure for any period, you might have grappled with the question—which Azure service is best to run my apps on? This is an ... continue reading
Connect to your on-prem server from anywhere!

Connect to your on-prem server from anywhere!

Hello Folks, A few weeks ago, I wrote about upgrading my local network edge device with one capable of connecting to my Azure virtual network using a site-to-site VPN. I also mentioned that I would cover many other services and ... continue reading
Screenshot 2022-06-30 064051.jpg

Accessing Key Vault from another Subscription over public endpoint

Hello everyone, it has been a while, Andrew Coughlin here and I am a Customer Engineer at Microsoft focusing on Azure IaaS. I recently received questions from a few of my customers about access a key vault from a different ... continue reading

System Center 2022 Orchestrator Integration Packs

System Center 2022 Orchestrator Integration Packs are now available for customers. These Integration packs expand the functionality and ability of Orchestrator to integrate with System Center 2022 components and other Microsoft products for datacenter automation. Follow the steps mentioned here ... continue reading

PowerShell Extension for Visual Studio Code June 2022 Update

We are excited to announce that an update to the PowerShell Extension for Visual Studio Code is now available on the extension marketplace. This release fixes a number of issues related to IntelliSense and enables updates to PowerShell Editor Services (the ... continue reading
Click to download SQL Server 2022 public preview.

Introducing the SQL Server 2022 blog series

Introducing a new blog post series to highlight new features and enhancements available with SQL Server 2022.SQL Server 2022, now in public preview, is our most Azure-enabled release yet, with continued innovation across performance, security, and availability.With connections to Azure ... continue reading

Microsoft Entra change announcements – June 2022 train

Hello Everyone, In March 2022, we announced our simplified change management process, which allows customers to predictably plan their deployments. Earlier this month at RSA, we introduced Microsoft Entra as our new product family that encompasses all of Microsoft’s identity ... continue reading

CIS Tech Community – Check This Out! (CTO!) Guide (June 2022)

Hi everyone! Brandon Wilson here to introduce you to a new series of posts, called the “Check This Out!” series (or “CTO!” for short). These posts are only intended to be a guide to lead you to some content of ... continue reading
A diagram of how the Wireless Application Protocol billing process works. Interactions between the mobile device and premium service provider are mapped out, from the moment the device browses through services until the confirmation of service subscription.

Toll fraud malware: How an Android application can drain your wallet

Toll fraud malware, a subcategory of billing fraud in which malicious applications subscribe users to premium services without their knowledge or consent, is one of the most prevalent types of Android malware – and it continues to evolve. Compared to ... continue reading
A screenshot of code with a list of process creation callbacks invoked from the syscall NtCreateUserProcess.

Using process creation properties to catch evasion techniques

We developed a robust detection method in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint that can catch known and unknown variations of a process execution class used by attackers to evade detection. This class of stealthy execution techniques breaks some assumptions made by ... continue reading
Model of AB testing in MLOPs.

MLOPs Blog Series Part 3: Testing scalability of secure machine learning systems using MLOps

The capacity of a system to adjust to changes by adding or removing resources to meet demand is known as scalability. Here are some tests to check the scalability of your model. System tests are carried out to test the ... continue reading
Vasu Jakkal, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Security, Compliance, Identity and Privacy, speaking at RSA Conference 2022.

Microsoft at RSA 2022: Envisioning the future of security

Like most of you, I was glad to see the 2022 RSA Conference return to its in-person roots after a two-year digital hiatus. This year’s event was a great success, drawing 26,000 attendees to three days of cutting-edge security sessions, ... continue reading
Adding optional font packages to Windows containers

Adding optional font packages to Windows containers

Customer feedback is the main driver for the Windows container team when planning new features and improvements to the platform. Since we launched containers in Windows Server 2016, customers have told us how a slim container image impacts the overall ... continue reading

How security leaders can help their teams avoid burnout

The security community is continuously changing, growing, and learning from each other to better position the world against cyberthreats. In the latest post of our Voice of the Community blog series, Microsoft Security Senior Product Marketing Manager Brooke Lynn Weenig talks with Maria Markstedter, Chief Executive Offer (CEO) of Azeria Labs, former ... continue reading
Azure mobile app showing details for a subscription with a cost of $641.86 for the month of June.

Microsoft Cost Management updates – June 2022

Whether you're a new student, a thriving startup, or the largest enterprise, you have financial constraints, and you need to know what you're spending, where, and how to plan for the future. Nobody wants a surprise when it comes to ... continue reading
Apply Azure Policy to Azure Arc-enabled Servers in a Hybrid environment

Apply Azure Policy to Azure Arc-enabled Servers in a Hybrid environment

If you have connected your non-Azure Servers with Azure Arc, and you can now see them via the Azure portal and other management tools (like Azure PowerShell), a good next step is to apply some Azure Policies to them. This ... continue reading

Hosting PowerShell in a Python script

Yes Virginia, languages other than PowerShell do exist. I was working with a partner group here at Microsoft and they explained that they wanted to parse PowerShell scripts from Python. Their natural approach was to invoke the PowerShell executable and ... continue reading

PSReadLine 2.2.6 enables Predictive Intellisense by default

PSReadLine first introduced Predictive IntelliSense using History based suggestions as a customer enabled feature in November 2020. Since its introduction, two new predictors have become available: An experimental PowerShell CompletionPredictor The Az.Tools.Predictor for Azure PowerShell Today, we are announcing that ... continue reading

Reading Configuration Manager Status Messages With PowerShell

Q: I can read Configuration Manager status messages using the Monitoring tab. Can I do it using PowerShell? A: Yes you can! We can accomplish this using SQL/WQL queries, plus the Win32 function FormatMessage. Before we get our hands dirty ... continue reading

4 breakthrough ideas for compliance and data security

Compliance management will never be easy, but there are ways to make it simpler and more transparent. Every year, organizations confront a growing volume and diversity of data and ever-evolving industry and government regulations. But the answer to more data, ... continue reading

VM Backup Tiering with Azure Automation

Hi folks! My name is Felipe Binotto, Senior Azure Customer Engineer, based in Australia. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how you can have different Backup Tiers for your VMs and how you can automate the backup configuration ... continue reading
Network ATC on Azure Stack HCI

Network ATC on Azure Stack HCI

Update: Network ATC is now publicly available with Azure Stack HCI 21H2 As you may be aware, Microsoft announced the general availability of the Azure-connected Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Azure Stack HCI. Previously Azure Stack HCI was built off Windows Server which ... continue reading
Secure authentication method provisioning with Temporary Access Pass

Secure authentication method provisioning with Temporary Access Pass

Howdy folks, I’m happy to announce the general availability of Temporary Access Pass (TAP). We’ve made a lot of progress since we announced the public preview of TAP. “…We use the MS Authenticator for passwordless sign in. That is the ... continue reading

Detecting malicious key extractions by compromised identities for Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed NoSQL cloud database service for modern app development. It offers a variety of advanced built-in features, such as automatic worldwide data replication, lightning-fast response types, and a variety of APIs. In this blog ... continue reading
Satellite Rendering from NOAA-18.

Azure Orbital Ground Station as Service extends life and reduces costs for satellite operators

How can Microsoft empower satellite operators to focus on their mission and enable them to continue the operation of their satellites, without making capital investments in their ground infrastructure? To answer that question, Microsoft worked alongside the National Oceanic and ... continue reading

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 receives highest award in SE Labs Enterprise Email Security Services test

In today’s evolving threat landscape, email represents the primary attack vector for cybercrime, making effective email protection a key component of any security strategy.1 In Q1 2022, Microsoft participated in an evaluation of email security solutions, carried out by SE ... continue reading
Integration of two modules represented by two circles overlapping in the center.

MLOPs Blog Series Part 2: Testing robustness of secure machine learning systems using machine learning ops

Robustness is the ability of a closed-loop system to tolerate perturbations or anomalies while system parameters are varied over a wide range. There are three essential tests to ensure that the machine learning system is robust in the production environments: ... continue reading

Workflow Analyzer V2 Release

Workflow Analyzer V2 Download Link : Download Microsoft System Center Management Pack Tools from Official Microsoft Download Center Additional Links : Workflow Analyzer (v2) for SCOM - The Monitoring Guys After a resounding success of v1 (released in March 2021), ... continue reading