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Latest news and technical articles related to cloud computing with Windows Server. We have carefully selected articles published by industry experts, featuring Microsoft’s engineering team.

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Boost your skills by joining Microsoft at PASS Data Community Summit

Since day one, Microsoft has been right beside you in your career journeys. We have listened to your stories, experiences, and challenges, and referenced them as the driving force behind our product evolution. One of the highlights in our calendar ... continue reading
So GitHub has a CLI - let's take a look

So GitHub has a CLI – let's take a look

Did you know there is a command line interface available for GitHub interactions? If you are working within a command line and need to interact with GitHub it means less context switching. The GitHub CLI tool was released in September ... continue reading
Centrally design, deploy, and operate Kubernetes apps and clusters anywhere using Azure Arc

Centrally design, deploy, and operate Kubernetes apps and clusters anywhere using Azure Arc

In this video, I had the chance to speak with Jason Hansen (Principal Program Manager at Microsoft) about how you can centrally design, deploy, and operate Kubernetes apps and clusters anywhere using Azure Arc. With Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes, you can ... continue reading

Parsing JSON with PowerShell

Q: I try to parse my JSON with the handy dandy “ConvertFrom-JSON” cmdlet but it only works in PowerShell 7, not in my good old PowerShell 5.1. How do I get it to work everywhere? A: PS 7 parses JSON ... continue reading

3 trends shaping identity as the center of modern security

I recently returned from Kenya, where I visited our Microsoft Nairobi development center. Like many of you, I’ve mostly worked from home for the past year and more, so it was refreshing to meet members of our global team and ... continue reading
Table showing differences between phishing kits and phishing-as-a-service

Catching the big fish: Analyzing a large-scale phishing-as-a-service operation

In researching phishing attacks, we came across a campaign that used a rather high volume of newly created and unique subdomains—over 300,000 in a single run. This investigation led us down a rabbit hole as we unearthed one of the ... continue reading

DevOps Lab | Infra as Code in Action: Protect production resources | Ep 3 of 4-episode series

Christopher Maneu is back for episode three of this four-part series, Infra as Code in Action! Today April and Chris will focus on preventing resource deletion and protecting production resources. Jump to: [01:20] A story of an intern [02:30] Protecting ... continue reading

Enable industrial device connectivity with thousands of partner-provided Azure IoT Plug and Play device profiles

Simplifying industrial IoT device connectivity has been top of mind for many of us at Microsoft. Recently we dramatically expanded our ability to support faster operational technology (OT) to cloud connectivity for up to 80 percent of all industrial equipment ... continue reading

GAIA-X gets new support with European Eclipse Data Connector

Data has an increasingly important role in strengthening business models and offering improved public services but much of its potential remains untapped. Data sharing is an essential element to the promise of unlocking new business opportunities and broader economic growth ... continue reading
Graphic illustrates the steps, goals, and initial questions in DART’s ransomware investigation assistance.

A guide to combatting human-operated ransomware: Part 1

This blog is part one of a two-part series focused on how Microsoft DART helps customers with human-operated ransomware. For more guidance on human-operated ransomware and how to defend against these extortion-based attacks, refer to our human-operated ransomware docs page ... continue reading

Enable government missions in the cloud with Azure Government

Steve Michelotti joins Scott Hanselman to show what's new in Azure Government, which provides a physically separate and network-isolated instance of Azure for U.S. federal, state, and local governments in multiple regions in the United States. Learn how Azure Government ... continue reading
Enhance your Log Analytics data exploration in Azure Data Studio

Enhance your Log Analytics data exploration in Azure Data Studio

The Azure Monitor Logs extension in Azure Data Studio is now available in preview. The extension is supported in Azure Data Studio August 2021 release, v1.32.0.Administrators can enable platform logging and metrics to one of their Azure services such as ... continue reading
Screenshot of code showing the original exploit vector

Analyzing attacks that exploit the CVE-2021-40444 MSHTML vulnerability

In August, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) identified a small number of attacks (less than 10) that attempted to exploit a remote code execution vulnerability in MSHTML using specially crafted Microsoft Office documents. These attacks used the vulnerability, tracked as ... continue reading
Introducing password removal for Microsoft Accounts

Introducing password removal for Microsoft Accounts

Common attacks such as phishing, password spray, and credential stuffing rely on one unchanging truth: when it comes to passwords, human behavior is predictable. Armed with this predictability, bad actors still succeed most of time when attempting these types of ... continue reading
Azure Arc - enabled data services with Azure Stack HCI and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Azure Arc – enabled data services with Azure Stack HCI and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

In this video, I had the chance to speak with Dhananjay Mahajan @dhanMMS (Principal Program Manager at Microsoft) about how you can run Azure Arc enabled data services on Azure Stack HCI with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). This provides you ... continue reading

Azure File Sync survey

Heya folks, Ned here again. Are you a current or past user of Azure File Sync? Are you considering using Azure File Sync? The Azure Files team is updating their roadmap and need your feedback! Please take a few minutes ... continue reading
Azure Monitor Diagram

Alert Based on Log to Metrics Feature on Azure Monitor

Hi all, I’m Edoardo, and I work in Microsoft as a Customer Engineer, where I’m focused on Azure Monitor and Azure Infrastructure. The idea of this article was born during a delivery, when a customer asked me if it was ... continue reading

DevOps Lab | Level up your Bicep skills on Microsoft Learn

On today's episode of The DevOps Lab, April Edwards welcomes John Downs to demonstrate Bicep's many capabilities for complex Azure deployments. We'll provide learning material and guidance to support you as you upskill on Bicep. Jump to:[01:09] What is Bicep?[03:37] ... continue reading
Top 6 tips for configuring a new Microsoft Azure environment

Top 6 tips for configuring a new Microsoft Azure environment

A sparkling new Microsoft Azure environment is a beautiful thing, but before you start creating resources, what should you configure first? The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework has detailed guidance on defining your strategy, planning for the cloud, getting ready with ... continue reading

Afternoon Cyber Tea: Learn how to stop misinformation threats from nation-state bad actors

Information has long been wielded as an instrument of national power and influence. In today’s digital world, misinformation can also be just as powerful. On a special episode of Afternoon Cyber Tea with Ann Johnson, Sandra Joyce, Executive Vice President ... continue reading

Get a secure baseline architecture for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Derek Martin joins Scott Hanselman to discuss the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Secure Baseline reference implementation from the Azure Architecture Center. Learn what it is, how it works, and how you can use it to start your production deployment in ... continue reading

Combat attacks with security solutions from Trustwave and Microsoft

This blog post is part of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association guest blog series. Learn more about MISA. In 2021, cyberattacks and instances of ransomware demands against companies, agencies, and institutions have dominated the headlines. These kinds of attacks are on the rise ... continue reading

Why diversity is important for a strong cybersecurity team

Medicine. Aeronautics. Academia. When you’re a cybersecurity professional, the colleague next to you could have started in one of these industries—or just about any other you can imagine. The backgrounds of cybersecurity professionals are more diverse than those of professionals ... continue reading
PowerShell Basics: Query Azure Role Based Access Control Assignments

PowerShell Basics: Query Azure Role Based Access Control Assignments

A great way to learn PowerShell is to set up a scenario in the Azure portal, then try different PowerShell commands to see if you can get the same results. In this article, we'll use Azure Role Based Access control, ... continue reading
An image of Azure Firewall Premium SKU with a drop down menu for the new auto-generated certification mechanism.

Boost your network security with new updates to Azure Firewall

This post was co-authored by Eliran Azulai, Principal Program Manager, Azure Networking. Today, we are announcing new Azure Firewall capabilities as well as updates for August 2021. Azure Firewall supports US West 3, Jio India West, and Brazil Southeast. Auto-generated ... continue reading
Multi-zone Windows Server Failover Cluster with shared ZRS disk

Improve availability with zone-redundant storage for Azure Disk Storage

As organizations continue to accelerate their cloud adoption, the need for reliable infrastructure is critical to ensure business continuity and avoid costly disruptions. Azure Disk Storage provides maximum resiliency for all workloads with an industry-leading zero percent annual failure rate ... continue reading

Open sourcing the .NET 5 C# Language Extension for SQL Server

For over two decades, the C# programming language has allowed developers to build secure and robust applications within the .NET ecosystem.SQL Server 2019 supports the R, Python, and Java Language Extensions. These language extensions provide many benefits to developers. They ... continue reading
Microsoft's recommended mitigation prioritizations: prepare, limit, and prevent.

3 steps to prevent and recover from ransomware

On July 14, 2021, the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence1 (NCCoE) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology2 (NIST) hosted a virtual workshop3 to seek feedback from government and industry experts on practical approaches to preventing and recovering from ... continue reading

DevOps Lab | Infra as Code in Action: Secrets management | Ep 2 of 4-episode series

April Edwards and Christopher Maneu are back for part two of this four-part series, Infra as Code in Action! Today, they'll be talking about secrets management! Is it really important to keep secrets? Yes! And there's more to it than ... continue reading
An image in white text that reads deploy more intelligent solutions with AI and advanced technologies download the white paper

4 ways AI, computer vision, and related technologies expand IoT solutions

Inspecting five million vehicle welds every day requires the ability to check a weld’s quality every 17 milliseconds—an impossible challenge for a human. This type of quality control task is just one of many where the combined technologies of computer ... continue reading