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Latest news and technical articles related to cloud computing with Windows Server. We have carefully selected articles published by industry experts, featuring Microsoft’s engineering team.

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Video Tutorial: Endpoint Protection Part 1 - Introduction

Video Tutorial: Endpoint Protection Part 1 – Introduction

Hello everyone, we are starting a new video tutorial series focusing on Endpoint Protection integration with Configuration Manager. This series is recorded by @Steve Rachui, a Microsoft principal premier field engineer. The first session is an introduction and previews what ... continue reading
Wipro’s new IMC tool automates app migration to Azure AD

Wipro’s new IMC tool automates app migration to Azure AD

Hello! I’m Sue Bohn, Partner Director of Program Management for Identity and Access Management. In this Voice of the Partner blog post, we’ve invited Prakash Narayanamoorthy, Principal Microsoft Security Architect for Wipro, and Terence Oliver Jayabalan, Practice Partner and Global ... continue reading

Real-time streaming now faster, easier with Confluent Cloud on Azure

Ramya Oruganti shows Scott Hanselman how much faster and easier it is to provision Confluent Cloud resources directly from Azure. Ramya also shows a real-time search use case demo that leverages Azure Database for MySQL, RediSearch, Azure Spring Cloud, and ... continue reading
Introducing Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) in Azure

Introducing Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) in Azure

The public preview of Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) in Azure builds on Azure Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to make it easier for organizations to manage access to Azure resources at scale. This first release of ABAC supports Azure Storage ... continue reading
Step-By-Step: Migrating Active Directory Certificate Service From Windows Server 2008 R2 to 2019

Step-By-Step: Migrating Active Directory Certificate Service From Windows Server 2008 R2 to 2019

Windows Server 2008 R2 achieved end of support via Microsoft on January 14th 2020. In a previous post, steps were detailed on Active Directory Certificate Service migration from 2008 R2 to 2019 but required the new Windows Server 2019 server ... continue reading

Running PowerShell against all Azure subscriptions

Q: How do I run my PowerShell command against all my Azure subscriptions? A: Easy – Use the cmdlet I wrote when I ran into the same problem. When you go from one Azure subscription to two, three, or hundreds ... continue reading
New Azure AD Capabilities for Conditional Access and Azure VMs at RSA 2021

New Azure AD Capabilities for Conditional Access and Azure VMs at RSA 2021

Howdy folks! We’re excited to be joining you virtually at RSA Conference 2021 next week. Security has become top-of-mind for everyone, and Identity has become central to organizations’ Zero Trust approach. Customers increasingly rely on Azure Active Directory (AD) Conditional ... continue reading
Azure Arc for IT Pros

Azure Arc for IT Pros

In this blog post, we are going to have a look at Azure Arc for IT Pros. Azure Arc allows you to extend Azure management and Azure services to anywhere. Meaning that you can manage and govern resources running across ... continue reading
Chart detailing the future of hybrid work. With communication at a high, networks are shifting and threats are increasing.

Securing a new world of hybrid work: What to know and what to do

The cybersecurity landscape has fundamentally changed, as evidenced by large-scale, complex attacks like Nobelium, Hafnium, and more recently last week’s Colonial Pipeline attack, which signals that human-operated ransomware is on the rise. Hackers launch an average of 50 million password ... continue reading

How to secure your hybrid work world with a Zero Trust approach

We are operating in the most complex cybersecurity landscape we’ve ever seen. Sophisticated and determined attackers are the norm. And we all are preparing for the next great disruption—hybrid work. Security has never been more important, and as I shared ... continue reading
With the VS Code Static Web Apps extension you can use libraries and frameworks like Angular, React, Svelte, Vue to create your web app.

Develop production-scale modern web apps quickly with Azure Static Web Apps

Azure Static Web Apps was first announced in preview in May 2020 and today we are happy to announce the general availability of Azure Static Web Apps, including a free plan for easy product exploration and a standard plan for ... continue reading
Azure Health Bot symptom checker offers multilingual support

Azure Health Bot adds eight new regions with additional language support, including India to support pandemic response

Azure Health Bot empowers developers in healthcare organizations to build and deploy artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, compliant, conversational healthcare experiences at scale. It combines built-in medical intelligence with natural language capabilities to understand clinical terminology and can be easily customized to ... continue reading
Algorithmic improvements boost TCP performance on the Internet

Algorithmic improvements boost TCP performance on the Internet

Improved network performance over the Internet is essential for edge devices connecting to the cloud. Last mile performance impacts user perceived latencies and is an area of focus for our online services like M365, SharePoint, and Bing. Although the next ... continue reading
Security recommendation to update Google Chrome for Windows, macOs, and Linux.

Threat and Vulnerability Management now supports all major platforms

We are swiftly adapting to the lasting reality of a hybrid workforce, with the number of remote workers in the US expected to nearly double over the next five years, compared to pre-pandemic times. As a result, security teams are ... continue reading

On Prem To The Cloud: Hyper Charging With DevOps (episode 10)

Our customers have been wanting some more basic, getting started material on taking their on prem applications and moving them to the cloud. This video series does just that. Starting with a simple on prem solution, lifting and shifting and ... continue reading
Cloud Adoption Framework Enterprise-Scale Series and Livestream

Cloud Adoption Framework Enterprise-Scale Series and Livestream

If you are starting with your cloud journey, there are many things you need to think of to set up your cloud environment and your Azure cloud architecture . Things like networking, subscription management, security, governance, and many more, can ... continue reading
Azure Backup Center - Backups and Good Governance

Azure Backup Center – Backups and Good Governance

Hello folks, Today, there is increased scrutiny and demand for oversight on your data. Furthermore, the requirements dictated by laws and regulations present a growing set of challenges to your organisation. For example, the ISO/IEC 27001:2013(E) Information technology — Security ... continue reading

Redirecting Known Folders to OneDrive for Business with MEMCM

Hello everyone, Chris Vetter Customer Engineer at Microsoft. I am writing to talk about creating OneDrive for Business profiles with Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager (MEMCM). Let us start with the why. Since more businesses are allowing remote work these ... continue reading
Accelerate SQL Server to Azure migration with Pure Cloud Block Store

Accelerate SQL Server to Azure migration with Pure Cloud Block Store

Many organizations have either moved or extended their SQL Server operations from an on-premises data center into Azure. There are many reasons why you might be considering this move for your organization as well. Hosting SQL Server on Azure lets ... continue reading
Unlock the Future of Azure IoT through Power Platform

Low-code development series: Modernize your IoT future with Azure and Microsoft Power Platform

In 2021, each month there will be a monthly blog covering the webinar of the month for the low-code application development (LCAD) on Azure solution. LCAD on Azure is a solution to demonstrate the robust development capabilities of integrating low-code ... continue reading
Azure Backup Center: Monitor and operate

Azure Backup Center: Monitor and operate

Hello Folks, We are ITPro, Operation Specialist, Cloud Architects, backup admins…. Regardless of what label we tie ourselves to, we have a responsibility to ensure the proper operation and protection of the environments we are charged with. Included in those ... continue reading

How Do I Discover Changes to an AD Group’s Membership

Q: Is there an easy way to detect and changes to important the membership of AD Groups? A: Easy using PowerShell 7, WMI, and the CIM Cmdlets. Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is an important component of the Windows operating system ... continue reading

Retro Game Translation with Azure Cognitive Services and IoT Edge

Paul DeCarlo shows Scott Hanselman how Azure IoT Edge enables you to deploy cloud intelligence locally on edge devices. By moving certain workloads to the edge of your network, your devices spend less time communicating with the cloud, can react ... continue reading

Gogo soars through industry contraction by switching to Azure AD

Hello! In today’s “Voice of the Customer” blog, Chris Szorc, Director of IT Engineering for Gogo, explains how the company cut costs and streamlined their identity and access management as the pandemic was grounding their airline partners, drying up revenue, ... continue reading
Lost in translation – 2103 edition

Lost in translation – 2103 edition

Thank you for your previous feedback on our language quality in Configuration Manager current branch. To continue this review process in Configuration Manager current branch 2103 we have uploaded PDF files that contain the new UI changes for Configuration Manager ... continue reading
Business email compromise campaign targets wide range of orgs with gift card scam

Business email compromise campaign targets wide range of orgs with gift card scam

Cybercriminals continue to target businesses to trick recipients into approving payments, transferring funds, or, in this case, purchasing gift cards. This kind of email attack is called business email compromise (BEC)—a damaging form of phishing designed to gain access to ... continue reading

Business email compromise: How Microsoft is combating this costly threat

Amongst all cybercrime, phishing attacks continue to be the most prevalent today. With over 90 percent of attacks coming via email, it’s important that every organization has a plan to prevent these threats from reaching users. At Microsoft, we’re passionate ... continue reading
Azure Backup Center – Report on and Optimize your Backup environment.

Azure Backup Center – Report on and Optimize your Backup environment.

Hello folks, In the first post in this series, we explored the overall capabilities ABC is the one single place for all simplified backup needs. As mentioned before, everything in one interface one place to discover and configure, to operate ... continue reading
Number of tests in which the vendor blocked the attack at earliest stage possible. Microsoft successfully blocked at the earliest possible point on six protection tests, more than any other vendor participating in the test.

Stopping Carbanak+FIN7: How Microsoft led in the MITRE Engenuity® ATT&CK® Evaluation

In MITRE Engenuity’s recent Carbanak+FIN7 ATT&CK Evaluation, Microsoft demonstrated that we can stop advanced, real-world attacks by threat actor groups with our industry-leading security capabilities. In this year’s evaluation, we engaged our unified Microsoft 365 Defender stack, with market-leading capabilities ... continue reading


Dear IT Pros, Ransomware acts with accessing to the files, folders and encrypting them, to respond against it, we need to enable the Windows Defender feature named “Controlled Folder Access” – WDCFA and monitor the Windows Defender Guard Events in ... continue reading