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Latest news and technical articles related to cloud computing with Windows Server. We have carefully selected articles published by industry experts, featuring Microsoft’s engineering team.

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Purdue Model traversal in TRITON attack

Go inside the new Azure Defender for IoT including CyberX

In 2020, the move toward digital transformation and Industry 4.0 took on new urgency with manufacturing and other critical infrastructure sectors under pressure to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. But the cybersecurity model for operational technology (OT) was already ... continue reading

Demystifying Ransomware Attacks Against Microsoft Defender Solution

Hi IT Pros, As you have known it, Ransomware is in aggravated assault mode at this time of year 2020, the joint cybersecurity advisory comes from the Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency (CISA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and ... continue reading
Azure Stack Hub Partner Solutions Series – BORDONARO IT

Azure Stack Hub Partner Solutions Series – BORDONARO IT

This week, Tiberiu Radu (Azure Stack Hub PM) and I, had the chance to speak with Microsoft MVP Dino Bordonaro from Azure Stack Hub Partner BORDONARO IT. BORDONARO IT is an Azure Stack Hub partner and Preferred SI that focuses ... continue reading
Microsoft Azure Active Directory again a “Leader” in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management

Microsoft Azure Active Directory again a “Leader” in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management

Howdy folks, I’m proud to announce that for the fourth year in a row, Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) has been recognized as a “Leader” in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management, Worldwide. Earlier this year, my boss, Joy ... continue reading

Get Started with Individual Dev/Test

A deep dive into understanding how you can leverage individual credits for enterprise work, and drive innovation for lasting impact. We'll look at how you can use these subscriptions, their benefits and how you can enable various security scenarios and ... continue reading

How to design secure and convenient access to AKS clusters

API Server is a crucial component of Kubernetes that allows cluster configuration, workload management and a lot more. While this endpoint is incredibly important to secure; developers and engineers typically require regular and convenient access to that API. Striking a ... continue reading
Advancing the path toward 100 percent renewable energy 1

Achieving 100 percent renewable energy with 24/7 monitoring in Microsoft Sweden

Earlier this year, we made a commitment to shift to 100 percent renewable energy supply in our buildings and datacenters by 2025. On this journey, we recognize that how we track our progress is just as important as how we ... continue reading

Using Windows Admin Center on-premises to manage Azure Windows Server VMs

Contributed by @Orin Thomas Currently the Windows Admin Center (WAC) add-in for the Azure Portal is in preview. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, the preview is oversubscribed, and you might be waiting for a while before the feature becomes ... continue reading
Turn Windows features on

MSIX – Using the Bulk Conversion Scripts

Hello everyone, this is Ingmar Oosterhoff, a Modern Workplace Customer Engineer at Microsoft. In an earlier series of posts we set up our environment to do batch sequencing using App-V. In this blog I will explain how we can set ... continue reading
Pick the enrollment profile in Intune console for “Android Enterprise dedicated device with Azure AD shared mode

Customize and configure shared devices for Firstline Workers at scale

Howdy folks, Firstline Workers have been at the forefront of our economy over the past several months as they perform critical jobs like maintaining critical supply chains, serving as first responders, and caring for the most vulnerable. It is more ... continue reading

MEM – Demystifying Edge Legacy and Edge Chromium Profiles

Hello IT Pros, When we apply different Edge Profiles in MS Endpoint Manager, we may get a little bit of confusion on what Edge types applied to what Endpoint configuration profiles. In this article, I would like to clear the ... continue reading

Code to Cloud with VS Code and Docker

After a quick demo of working with Docker images in Visual Studio, Paul Yuknewicz shows Scott Hanselman how the Docker for Visual Studio Code extension makes it easy for you to build, debug, and diagnose containerized apps. Paul will also ... continue reading

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Linux – Configuration and Operation Command List

Hello Blog Readers, I have summarized the Linux Configuration and Operation commands in this cheat sheet for your convenient use. Enjoy your MD for Endpoint Linux run! MD for Endpoint Linux Commands Group Scenario Command Configuration Turn on/off real-time protection ... continue reading

Deploying Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Linux Servers.

Hi IT Pro, The following is step-by-step document for Defender for Endpoint Linux (MD ATP for Linux) deployment. Let's start your MD for Endpoint Linux deployment! ________________________________ Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Linux (MD ATP) support for Linux with kernel version ... continue reading

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Commonly Used Queries and Examples

Hello IT Pros, I have collected the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (Microsoft Defender ATP) advanced hunting queries from my demo, Microsoft Demo and Github for your convenient reference. As we knew, you or your InfoSec Team may need to run ... continue reading
Legacy access model

Modernize secure access for your on-premises resources with Zero Trust

Change came quickly in 2020. More likely than not, a big chunk of your workforce has been forced into remote access. And with remote work came an explosion of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenarios, requiring your organization to extend the bounds of ... continue reading

Microsoft Azure at Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020

Data Platform Virtual Summit 2020 (DPS 2020) is just a couple of weeks away. A global learning event for data professionals, DPS 2020 features a keynote from Rohan Kumar, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Azure Data, as well as 200 ... continue reading

Secrets from the Deep – The DNS Analytical Log – Part 2

Hi Team, Eric Jansen here again, this time to add on to Joel Vickery's previous post discussing how to view the DNS Analytic Logs without having to disable them. It's a great read if you haven't already seen it…. however, ... continue reading
Azure Stack Hub Partner Solutions Series - Cloud Assert

Azure Stack Hub Partner Solutions Series – Cloud Assert

This week, Tiberiu Radu (Azure Stack Hub PM @rctibi) and I, had the chance to speak to Azure Stack Hub Partner Cloud Assert. Cloud Assert is an Azure Stack Hub partner that helps provide value to both Enterprises and Service ... continue reading

Key layers for developing a Smarter SOC with CyberProof-managed Microsoft Azure security services

This blog post is part of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) guest blog series. Learn more about MISA here.   Security teams are struggling to reduce the time to detect and respond to threats due to the complexity and volume ... continue reading

Monitoring AKS with Azure Sentinel

Sarah and Damien discuss Azure Sentinel – Microsoft's cloud SIEM solution – and how you can use this to implement security monitoring for your AKS clusters.Learn More:Monitoring AKS with Azure SentinelTop 10 Best Practices for Azure Security Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference ... continue reading
SMB MC Blog pic

Boost your client performance with Azure Files SMB Multichannel

Lower your deployment cost, while improving client performance with Server Message Block (SMB) Multichannel on premium tier. Today, we are announcing the preview of Azure Files SMB Multichannel on premium tier. SMB 3.0 introduced the SMB Multichannel technology in Windows ... continue reading

HOW TO: Create a Windows Server 2019 NAS / FileServer from the command line

My old Synology NAS for home use had started to show signs of wear and was in need of replacement. It had plenty of disk space and performed well enough - but the version I had lacked any real power ... continue reading

Set up Azure Shell locally – part 2

Hello Folks, In my last post I discussed how you can run the managed image that the Azure Cloud Shell is based on locally. It allows you to leverage the Azure Shell managed environment without being subject to the limitations ... continue reading

SecretManagement preview 6 and SecretStore preview 4

SecretManagement preview6 SecretStore preview4 For more information on these modules check out these previous blog posts: SecretManagement preview 3/SecretStore preview 1 SecretManagement preview 4/SecretStore preview 2 SecretManagement preview 5/SecretStore preview 3 Before installing these modules, please uninstall the current preview ... continue reading
graphical user interface, application

Building and sharing Jupyter Books in Azure Data Studio

The notebook experience in Azure Data Studio allows users to create and share documents containing live code, execution results, and narrative text. Potential usage includes data cleaning and transformation, statistical modeling, troubleshooting guides, data visualization, and machine learning. Jupyter books ... continue reading

Setup Azure Shell locally of on a local network – part 2

Hello Folks, In my last post I discussed how you can run the managed image that the Azure Cloud Shell is based on locally. It allows you to leverage the Azure Shell managed environment without being subject to the limitations ... continue reading

Azure SQL with Managed Service Identity Sandbox

Are you moving from OnPremises to Azure SQL? Using Managed Identity may help with your legacy applications authentication. In a previous post, we saw how to use SSO with your current domain by leveraging AD Connect synchronization of your Active ... continue reading
Azure Edge premium routing.

Advancing global network reliability through intelligent software—part 2 of 2

“Microsoft’s global network connects over 60 Azure regions, over 220 Azure data centers, over 170 edge sites, and spans the globe with more than 165,000 miles of terrestrial and subsea fiber. The global network connects to the rest of the ... continue reading
Connecting urban environments with IoT and Digital Twins

Connecting urban environments with IoT and Digital Twins

As urbanization continues to take hold and cities face challenges to become more sustainable and livable, urban planning and operations strategies must adapt. The current pandemic has changed the way we live, accelerating cities’ future vision as a necessity of ... continue reading