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Latest news and technical articles related to cloud computing with Windows Server. We have carefully selected articles published by industry experts, featuring Microsoft’s engineering team.

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Microsoft brings FIPS 140 Compliance to Authenticator supporting Federal Agencies

Many customers work in environments with security and compliance concerns requiring authenticators to use cryptography validated by the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140 (reference NIST SP 800-63B). We're excited that Microsoft Authenticator on iOS is now FIPS 140 compliant (Android ... continue reading
5 tips for IIS on containers: Bonus – IIS remote management

5 tips for IIS on containers: Bonus – IIS remote management

While the intent with the Microsoft Ignite session and this blog series was to provide 5 tips for running IIS workloads on Windows containers, we could not leave this one out – so here’s a bonus blog post for you! ... continue reading
Training, guides & assistance snippet from Microsoft 365 tenant

Creating MFA Policies with Zero Trust Advanced Deployment Guide in Microsoft 365

As you most probably know, there are Advanced deployment guides available for you on your Microsoft 365 tenant. These are basically deployment guides that help you to configure different settings and onboard services based on your requirements and scenarios. Advanced ... continue reading
Illustrating a source NFS share migrated through an Azure Storage Mover agent VM to an Azure Storage blob container.

Azure Storage Mover–A managed migration service for Azure Storage

File storage is a critical part of any organization’s on-premises IT infrastructure. As organizations migrate more of their applications and user shares to the cloud, they often face challenges in migrating the associated file data. Having the right tools and ... continue reading
A technique page displaying a mitigation table with detailed descriptions and relevant links.

Mitigate threats with the new threat matrix for Kubernetes

Today, we are glad to release the third version of the threat matrix for Kubernetes, an evolving knowledge base for security threats that target Kubernetes clusters. The matrix, first released by Microsoft in 2020, was the first attempt to systematically ... continue reading

Microsoft Azure’s defense in depth approach to cloud vulnerabilities

Our digital world is changing, with more persistent, sophisticated, and driven cybercriminals. As risks increase and threats compound, trust is more important than ever. Customers need to be able to trust in the technology platforms they invest in to build and ... continue reading
Three key trends on cloud adoption are 1) Cloud adoption plans remain integral to strategies in uncertain business climates. Second- modernization is key for digital transformation, and last, Hybrid and multicloud interoperability and integration are expected

3 key cloud adoption trends in migrating and modernizing workloads

In the past few years, organizations have weathered unprecedented change as they have had to adapt to macro-economic, political, and societal challenges. These challenges are not going away—the business outlook remains uncertain with ongoing concerns, including inflation, supply chain disruptions, ... continue reading

DEV-0139 launches targeted attacks against the cryptocurrency industry

Over the past several years, the cryptocurrency market has considerably expanded, gaining the interest of investors and threat actors. Cryptocurrency itself has been used by cybercriminals for their operations, notably for ransom payment in ransomware attacks, but we have also ... continue reading

PowerShell Extension for Visual Studio Code October 2022 Update

We are excited to announce that the October update to the PowerShell Extension for Visual Studio Code is now available on the extension marketplace. This October stable release incorporates a number of bugfixes throughout September and early October, though is ... continue reading

Improve speech-to-text accuracy with Azure Custom Speech

With Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services for Speech, customers can build voice-enabled apps confidently and quickly in more than 140 languages. We make it easy for customers to transcribe speech to text (STT) with high accuracy, produce natural-sounding text-to-speech (TTS) voices, ... continue reading
Reserved Instance/Savings Plan scopes

Quick Reference: Understanding Azure Reservations vs Savings Plans

  Hi everyone! Brandon Wilson (Cloud Solution Architect/Engineer) here today to discuss some of the higher-level points of Azure Savings Plans, a new offering to help customers save, and Azure reservations (ie; reserved instances). This post isn’t intended to be ... continue reading
New Admin Center Unifies Azure AD with Other Identity and Access Products

New Admin Center Unifies Azure AD with Other Identity and Access Products

Microsoft’s vision for identity goes beyond traditional identity management to give our customers an entire toolset to secure access for everyone and everything in multicloud and multiplatform environments. Earlier this year, we significantly advanced this vision with the launch of ... continue reading
Architectural diagram describing Trustd MTD’s integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Implementing Zero Trust access to business data on BYOD with Trustd MTD and Microsoft Entra

This blog post is part of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association guest blog series. Learn more about MISA.  As more employees work remotely on a variety of devices and networks, businesses need a security model that supports this new operational efficiency. An ... continue reading
Banner with event name, tagline, and date

Join us for Windows Server Summit 2022

We're excited to invite you to the fourth annual Windows Server Summit digital event, happening on December 6, 2022, at 9:00 AM Pacific Time. This has been a popular digital event among our Windows Server community, attracting thousands of IT ... continue reading
5 tips for IIS on containers: #5 Container and Node OS upgrade

5 tips for IIS on containers: #5 Container and Node OS upgrade

When we presented this topic at Microsoft Ignite earlier this year, I asked the audience in the room the regular question we ask: How many of you are running Windows Server 2012 in your environment? Note that I’m not even ... continue reading
Chart indicating the design level and power grid nodes for each design name.

Voltus and Azure—no power integrity challenge too big to solve

This post was co-authored by Giancarlo DiPasquale, Microsoft Director, Semiconductor & EDA; Rajat Chaudhry, Product Management Director, Cadence; and Adrian Lao, Senior Software Architect, Cadence. With the advent of AI and hyperscale designs on advanced nodes, it is common to ... continue reading
SIOS installer

How to cluster SAP ASCS/SCS with SIOS DataKeeper on VMware ESXi Servers

For SAP ASCS / SCS cluster, deploy two VMs on different ESXi Servers. Based on your deployment type, the host names and the IP addresses of the scenario would be like: SAP deployment Host name roleHost nameStatic IP address1st cluster ... continue reading
Network architecture of Azure AD Join - Microsoft Hosted Network option

Moving a Windows 365 Cloud PC From One DC Region to Another – MS Hosted Network

  From time to time, your employees may need to relocate from a location to another. Or more often, a new Microsoft Datacenter might pop on a location that is nearer to your employees. Those are some of the examples ... continue reading

Microsoft supports the DoD’s Zero Trust strategy

The Department of Defense (DoD) released its formal Zero Trust strategy today, marking a major milestone in its goal of achieving enterprise-wide implementation by 2027. The strategy comes at a critical time as United States government networks continue to face ... continue reading
Join us at InfoSec Jupyterthon 2022

Join us at InfoSec Jupyterthon 2022

Notebooks are gaining popularity in InfoSec. Used interactively for investigations and hunting or as scheduled processing jobs, notebooks offer plenty of advantages over traditional security operations center (SOC) tools. Sitting somewhere between scripting/macros and a full-blown development environment, they offer ... continue reading
Global distribution map displaying exposed Boa web servers over the span of a week.

Vulnerable SDK components lead to supply chain risks in IoT and OT environments

Vulnerabilities in network components, architecture files, and developer tools have become increasingly popular attack vectors to gain access into secure networks and devices. External tools and products that are managed by vendors and developers can pose a security risk, especially ... continue reading
5 tips for IIS on containers: #4 Solving for Horizontal Scale

5 tips for IIS on containers: #4 Solving for Horizontal Scale

Fourth up in this blog series!  Solving for Horizontal Scale with IIS and Containers.   Make sure to check out the other topics in the blog on SSL certificate lifecycle management, IIS app pools and websites and Hardcoded configurations Since each node on Azure Kubernetes Service ... continue reading

Private endpoint DNS resolution with Azure Private Resolver for multi-region

Hello everyone, Andrew Coughlin here and I am a Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft focusing on Azure IaaS. I frequently get asked questions about how to set up private endpoints from my customers that have presence in multi regions.  In ... continue reading

Learning Op: Migrate Away From ADFS to Azure AD

  Hello to our illustrious and awesome readers!   Brandon Wilson here today with a short post just to give our readers a heads up on an excellent learning opportunity that we thought it might be helpful for many of ... continue reading

How Do I Know If My AD Environment Is Impacted By The November 8th 2022 Patch?

  Q: How can I determine if objects in my AD environment are impacted by the November 8th 2022 patch? A: Use a couple of queries I wrote specifically for that purpose.   November 8th, 2022 brought us a patch ... continue reading
5 tips for IIS on containers: #3 Hardcoded configuration

5 tips for IIS on containers: #3 Hardcoded configuration

We’re getting into the third topic of our blog post series about IIS on Windows containers. In case you missed, check out the blog on SSL certificate lifecycle management and IIS app pools and websites. Today, we’re covering hardcoded configurations ... continue reading
Screenshot of a BATLOADER landing site that poses as a TeamViewer website hosting a fake installer.

DEV-0569 finds new ways to deliver Royal ransomware, various payloads

Recent activity from the threat actor that Microsoft tracks as DEV-0569, known to distribute various payloads, has led to the deployment of the Royal ransomware, which first emerged in September 2022 and is being distributed by multiple threat actors. Observed ... continue reading
Azure Arc icon sharing a platform with SQL Server icon extending Azure capabilities to across three different environments: multicloud, edge and on-premises. Multicloud environment shows multiple clouds icons. On premises platform has a datacenter icon with databases. The edge platform shows a satellite, a piece of manufacturing equipment, and a delivery truck.

Manage, govern, and secure all your SQL Servers with new hybrid capabilities enabled by Azure Arc 

Part of the SQL Server 2022 blog series.In the face of changing market conditions and pressure to accelerate growth, the ability for customers to do more with less is critical. And while the cloud has long been the north star for ... continue reading
Desk with doctors stethoscope, medical reports and a tablet showing graphs

Expanding AI technology for unstructured biomedical text beyond English

The health industry is embracing the power of big data, cloud computing, and clinical analytics, harnessing data to deliver insights that can improve care and efficiency. Still, unstructured text remains a challenge—made even more complex by barriers of language. Doctors’ ... continue reading
Satellite communicating with Azure Orbital Ground Station.

Any developer can be a space developer with the new Azure Orbital Space SDK

Earlier this year, we announced our vision to empower any developer to become a space developer through Azure. With over 90 million developers on GitHub, we have created a powerful ecosystem and we are focused on empowering the next generation of ... continue reading