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Latest news and technical articles related to cloud computing with Windows Server. We have carefully selected articles published by industry experts, featuring Microsoft’s engineering team.

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Azure Security Center / Azure Defender

Microsoft Secure Score Across the Microsoft Security Stack

Introduction This is John Barbare and I am a Sr. Customer Engineer at Microsoft focusing on all things in the Cybersecurity space. In this blog I will walk you through various Microsoft products from the Microsoft Security Stack and explain ... continue reading

AzUpdate: Microsoft Announces GA of Azure Synapse and Public Preview of Azure Purview data catalog

Big announcement surrounding the general availability of Azure Synapse Analytics and the public preview release of Azure Purview data catalog is covered this week on AzUpdate. Other news items covered include: Azure AD Application Proxy now natively supports apps that ... continue reading

Understanding influences shaping the cybersecurity landscape, enabling digital transformation, and helping to protect our planet

The accelerated rate of digital transformation we have seen this past year presents both challenges and endless opportunities for individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments around the world. Cybersecurity is the underpinning of helping protect these opportunities. By examining the influences ... continue reading
Animated GIF of two computer screens showing MIP and Purview

Manage, govern, and get more value out of your data with Azure Purview

Data is the currency of today’s economy. Data is being created faster than ever in more locations than organizations can track. In fact, IDC has predicted that global data will grow to more than 175 zettabytes by 2025. To put ... continue reading

Azure Unblogged – GitHub

Today, I am pleased to share with you a new episode of Azure Unblogged. I chat to Martin Woodward, Director of Developer Relations at GitHub. Martin and I discuss why GitHub is something that IT Pros and System Administrators should ... continue reading

Incident Report – PowerShell Gallery Downtime October 30, 2020

The PowerShell gallery experienced downtime on October 30th 2020. This report will give context as to what caused the downtime, what actions were taken to mitigate the issue, and what steps we are taking to improve the PowerShell gallery experience ... continue reading
Protect your SQL Server on-premises, in Azure, and in multicloud

Protect your SQL Server on-premises, in Azure, and in multicloud

Azure Defender for SQL is now generally available for use with SQL Server on premises, in multicloud deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and in virtual machines on Azure. Azure Defender for SQL constantly monitors ... continue reading
Gartner 2020 MQ for ODBMS.

Microsoft named a Leader in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud DBMS Platforms

We would like to share that Microsoft has been named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems. Our placement is based on our ability to execute and our completeness of vision and is a ... continue reading
Create a new Docker Container Image using Windows Admin Center

Modernize Windows Server Apps on Microsoft Azure using Containers with Windows Admin Center and AKS!

Today we are looking at how you can modernize Windows Server Apps on Microsoft Azure using Containers with Windows Admin Center and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). We will see how we can create a new custom Docker container image using ... continue reading

MEM – Windows 10 Kiosk Troubleshooting Common Problems

Hi IT Pros, There is a need to run the Windows 10 kiosk mode with its beautiful, illuminative screen in the reception area of your Corporate Office or in the conference room, also there are the needs to run Windows ... continue reading

Azure Sentinel achieves a Leader placement in Forrester Wave, with top ranking in Strategy

I’m thrilled to announce Forrester Research has named Microsoft Azure Sentinel as a “Leader” in The Forrester Wave: Security Analytics Platform Providers, Q4 2020. When we released Azure Sentinel almost a year ago—the industry’s first cloud-native SIEM on a major ... continue reading

Azure AD Application Proxy now natively supports apps that use header-based authentication

Howdy folks, It’s awesome to hear from many of you that Azure AD Application Proxy helps you in providing secure remote access to critical on-premises applications and reducing load from existing VPN solutions. We’ve also heard about the need for ... continue reading

Building and deploying web apps with Static Web Apps

You are embarking on a new project and have decided to go full Serverless and try out that JAMStack. After all, our application is a web front end and some API's, so Serverless is the perfect model for us. But ... continue reading

Hybrid management. Where do I start?

Hello Folks, We live in a cloud world. That is clear... However, most of us in the REAL world know that we’ll have to manage and maintain our servers on-prem or in multiple clouds for the foreseeable future. Therefore, it’s ... continue reading
Diagram showing BISMUTH attacker techniques across attack stages

Threat actor leverages coin miner techniques to stay under the radar – here’s how to spot them

Cryptocurrency miners are typically associated with cybercriminal operations, not sophisticated nation state actor activity. They are not the most sophisticated type of threats, which also means that they are not among the most critical security issues that defenders address with ... continue reading
Create new MSIX package

MSIX – Batch Conversion of Your App-V 5 Packages

Hello everyone, this is Ingmar Oosterhoff, a Customer Engineer at Microsoft. In an earlier post I described how to set up an environment for a bulk conversion of .msi and .exe installers. But what about App-V? In this blog I ... continue reading
Orgs with ZeroLogon exploitation attempts by red teams and real attackers starting September 13, 2020

Zerologon is now detected by Microsoft Defender for Identity

There has been a huge focus on the recently patched CVE-2020-1472 Netlogon Elevation of Privilege vulnerability, widely known as ZeroLogon. While Microsoft strongly recommends that you deploy the latest security updates to your servers and devices, we also want to ... continue reading

Securing a Windows Server VM in Azure

If you've built and managed Windows Servers in an on-premises environment, you may have a set of configuration steps as well as regular process and monitoring alerts, to ensure that server is as secure as possible. But if you run ... continue reading
Shape your future with Azure Data and Analytics. Attend the digital event December 3, 2020.

Digital event: Explore how data and analytics will impact the future of your business

Planning strategic data and analytics initiatives is now critical for helping your organization build the agility and resilience needed to successfully navigate the future. Join us on December 3, 2020, from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM Pacific Time (UTC-8), for ... continue reading

Microsoft Endpoint DLP Lightning-Round

Season’s greetings, my fellow IT Pros of the world! As you know, M365 is a set of services for business productivity, security and compliance. Across those services, Microsoft has interwoven an information protection ‘platform,’ which is referred to as Microsoft ... continue reading

Are Your IaaS Domain Controllers Secured in Azure?

Hi Everyone, Zoheb here again with my colleague Tim Beasley. Today, we will be sharing some best practices to help ensure that your VMs (virtual machines) (including Domain Controllers) are secure in your Azure/Cloud environment. I would like to start ... continue reading

AzUpdate: Azure portal updates, ARM Template support for file share backup and more

It might be snowing in parts of the Northern Hemisphere, but we won't let that stop us from sharing Azure news with you. News covered this week includes: New Azure Portal updates for November 2020, Azure Resource Manager template support ... continue reading

Are your IaaS DC's Secured in Azure ?

Hi Everyone, Zoheb here again with my colleague Tim Beasley. Today, we will be sharing some best practices to help ensure that your VMs (virtual machines) (including Domain Controllers) are secure in your Azure/Cloud environment. I would like to start ... continue reading
Git Branches within GitHub

Working with Git Branches!

Now Git is something I never thought I’d have to learn, a few years ago if you’d suggest I learn Git I would have laughed and said I wasn’t a developer, however I probably use Git at least once a ... continue reading

Implement serverless APIs with Azure Functions and Azure API Management

Jeff Hollan joins Scott Hanselman to show how you can quickly deploy and manage your Serverless API's using OpenAPI and API Management.[0:00:00]– Overview[0:00:40]– OpenAPI definition (fka Swagger)[0:02:15]– Using API Management to build an OpenAPI definition[0:03:48]– Reviewing the generated OpenAPI definition ... continue reading

Build serverless APIs with Azure Functions

Jeff Hollan joins Scott Hanselman to show how you can build highly scalable serverless APIs with Azure Functions.[0:00:00]– Overview[0:01:09]– What "serverless" really means[0:04:00]– A closer look at Azure Functions[0:07:29]– Azure Functions Live Metrics[0:10:45]– Thinking downstream of Azure Functions[0:13:52]– Using deployment ... continue reading
Purdue Model traversal in TRITON attack

Go inside the new Azure Defender for IoT including CyberX

In 2020, the move toward digital transformation and Industry 4.0 took on new urgency with manufacturing and other critical infrastructure sectors under pressure to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. But the cybersecurity model for operational technology (OT) was already ... continue reading

Demystifying Ransomware Attacks Against Microsoft Defender Solution

Hi IT Pros, As you have known it, Ransomware is in aggravated assault mode at this time of year 2020, the joint cybersecurity advisory comes from the Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency (CISA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and ... continue reading
Azure Stack Hub Partner Solutions Series – BORDONARO IT

Azure Stack Hub Partner Solutions Series – BORDONARO IT

This week, Tiberiu Radu (Azure Stack Hub PM) and I, had the chance to speak with Microsoft MVP Dino Bordonaro from Azure Stack Hub Partner BORDONARO IT. BORDONARO IT is an Azure Stack Hub partner and Preferred SI that focuses ... continue reading
Microsoft Azure Active Directory again a “Leader” in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management

Microsoft Azure Active Directory again a “Leader” in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management

Howdy folks, I’m proud to announce that for the fourth year in a row, Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) has been recognized as a “Leader” in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management, Worldwide. Earlier this year, my boss, Joy ... continue reading