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Navigating the Generative AI Landscape with Azure AI Services: Insights from Customer Round Table

Introduction The adoption of Generative AI (GenAI) technologies is accelerating, driven by the transformative potential they offer across various sectors. Recently, we hosted a customer round table conference at Microsoft Build, focusing on the journeys and adoption of GenAI using … Continue Reading

Debugging Playbooks

This article assumes knowledge of how to create Microsoft Sentinel Analytic Rules, Automation Rules, and playbooks. Create the playbook You will want to create the playbook first, since one will need to be created before it can be used in … Continue Reading

How to identify the most impactful GenAI use case

Generative AI solutions are very transformational for businesses nowadays. Organisations have access to tools and AI capabilities that will enable them to generate immense value for the business. At the same time though, some businesses are struggling to identify the … Continue Reading

Azure OpenAI Service expands .NET SDK support

Since its first release in December 2022, Azure OpenAI Service has continuously worked to meet developers where they are with rich, idiomatic client libraries that expand on OpenAI’s language availability in Python and JavaScript with options for .NET, Java, and … Continue Reading

Maximizing Performance: Leveraging PTUs with Client Retry Mechanisms in LLM Applications

Achieving maximum performance in PTU environments requires sophisticated handling of API interactions, especially when dealing with rate limits (429 errors). This blog post introduces a technique that exemplifies how to maintain optimal performance using Azure OpenAI’s API by intelligently managing … Continue Reading
Figure 1: Prioritizing misconfigurations in an environment

Cloud security posture and contextualization across cloud boundaries from a single dashboard

Introduction:   Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to prioritize the riskiest misconfigurations on cloud workloads across Azure, AWS, and GCP? Have you ever wondered how to implement a unified dashboard for cloud security posture across … Continue Reading

AI-as-a-Service: Architecting GenAI Application Governance with Azure API Management and Fabric

The past year has seen explosive growth for Azure OpenAI and large language models in general. With models reliant on a token-based approach for processing requests, ensuring prompt engineering is being done correctly, tracking what models and api’s are being … Continue Reading
Autogen Dream Team

Build Your Dream With Autogen

  The motivation – Is it possible to solve multi step tasks?   100 years ago, a guy called Francis Galton, ran an experiment, he asked 787 villagers to guess the weight of an Ox. Surprisingly none of them answered … Continue Reading

Enhancing Training Search Experience using Azure AI Video Indexer

Training and development are vital for Companies often have vast archives of training videos, webinars, and recorded sessions. However, efficiently finding the right training content from video archives can be challenging. This example demonstrates how Azure AI Video indexer, combined … Continue Reading

Document Intelligence and Index Creation Using Azure ML with Parallel Processing (Part 1)

Besides Azure portal, you can also do document intelligence and index creation in ML studio. The entire process of index creation includes several steps, crack_and_chunk, generate_embeddings, update_index, and register_index. In Azure ML studio you can create or use components for … Continue Reading
Diagram of AI safety ontology, which shows relationship of system, harm, technique, and mitigation.

AI jailbreaks: What they are and how they can be mitigated

Generative AI systems are made up of multiple components that interact to provide a rich user experience between the human and the AI model(s). As part of a responsible AI approach, AI models are protected by layers of defense mechanisms … Continue Reading
Graphic showing the four stages for creating a trust fabric.

The four stages of creating a trust fabric with identity and network security

How implementing a trust fabric strengthens identity and network Read the blog At Microsoft, we’re continually evolving our solutions for protecting identities and access to meet the ever-changing security demands our customers face. In a recent post, we introduced the … Continue Reading

Using Cohere Binary Embeddings in Azure AI Search and Command R/R+ Model via Azure AI Studio

In April 2024, we proudly announced our partnership with Cohere, allowing customers to seamlessly leverage Cohere models via the Azure AI Studio Model Catalog, as part of the Models as a Service (MaaS) offering. At Build 2024, Azure AI Search … Continue Reading
Screenshot 2024-05-30 003647.png

Azure AI Search Database Selection: Optimizing Performance and Scalability for Your Business

In today’s data-driven world, selecting the right database for your specific use case is crucial for optimizing performance, ensuring scalability, and maintaining security. Azure AI Search, combined with Azure OpenAI and the Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) pattern, provides a powerful … Continue Reading
graphical user interface

Exposed and vulnerable: Recent attacks highlight critical need to protect internet-exposed OT devices

Since late 2023, Microsoft has observed an increase in reports of attacks focusing on internet-exposed, poorly secured operational technology (OT) devices. Internet-exposed OT equipment in water and wastewater systems (WWS) in the US were targeted in multiple attacks over the … Continue Reading

Using USB4SAP and Data Factory to extract SAP data for PowerBI in live and cache mode

With USB4SAP, Data Factory users can access SAP data. This data can be used to refresh PowerBI semantic models in live and cache mode. USB4SAP provides deep integration into your SAP system (for raw tables data, as well as modeled … Continue Reading

Accessing a third-party NAS with SMB in Windows 11 24H2 may fail

Heya folks, Ned here again. With the publication of Windows 11 24H2 Release Preview, customers are trying out the new OS prior to general availability. If you were in the Windows Insider Canary or Dev release program for the past few years, nothing … Continue Reading
Photograph of male sitting on lobby chair collaborating on a Surface Laptop 6 in Black.

6 insights from Microsoft’s 2024 state of multicloud risk report to evolve your security strategy

Multicloud computing has become the foundation for digital businesses, with 86% of organizations having already adopted a multicloud approach.1 However, for all its benefits around increased agility, flexibility, and choice, we also see unique challenges with multicloud—including the need to … Continue Reading
The agents in the Business-in-a-Box

Business-in-a-box: Applying AutoGen and multi-agent systems to an enterprise context

Contributors: Priya Kedia, Shikha Agrawal, Nyuk Ching Lee, Ming Gu, Sunil Sattiraju, Naveen Gopalakrishna, Scott Holden, Daniel Csillag Generative AI (GenAI) is revolutionizing how businesses engage with customers and streamline internal processes. However, scaling these innovations beyond a handful of … Continue Reading

Best Practice Guidance for PTU

Co-authors: Luca Stamatescu, Alex Shen, Ming Gu, Michael Tremeer Contributors: Ranjani Mani In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, proficiency with Azure OpenAI is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Enhanced by the latest announcements at Build 2024, this guide from … Continue Reading

Secure Model Deployments with Microsoft Entra and Managed Online Endpoints

Microsoft Entra ID token-based auth mode for managed online endpoints in Azure Machine Learning is now generally available. This new auth mode makes identity and access management easier when using models hosted on Azure. Plus, to deploy models securely and … Continue Reading
Screenshot of code from the trojanized PuTTY executable

Moonstone Sleet emerges as new North Korean threat actor with new bag of tricks

Microsoft has identified a new North Korean threat actor, now tracked as Moonstone Sleet (formerly Storm-1789), that uses both a combination of many tried-and-true techniques used by other North Korean threat actors and unique attack methodologies to target companies for … Continue Reading

Best Practices to Manage and Mitigate Security Recommendations

In the fast-evolving landscape of cloud security, Microsoft Defender for Cloud (MDC) stands as a robust Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP). One of its standout features is the premium Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution, known as Defender CSPM … Continue Reading

Evaluation Flows for Large Language Models (LLM) in Azure AI Studio

Large Language Models (LLMs) are incredibly useful for generating natural language texts for tasks like summarization, translation, question answering, and text generation. However, they aren’t always perfect and can sometimes produce outputs that are inaccurate, irrelevant, biased, or even harmful … Continue Reading

Load Testing RAG based Generative AI Applications

When developing applications for Language Models (LLMs), we usually spend a lot of time on both the development and evaluation phases to ensure the app delivers high-quality responses that are not only accurate but also safe for users. However, a great … Continue Reading

Optimizing ETL Workflows: A Guide to Azure Integration and Authentication with Batch and Storage

When it comes to building a robust foundation for ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipelines, the trio of Azure Data Factory or Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Batch, and Azure Storage is indispensable. These tools enable efficient data movement, transformation, and processing … Continue Reading

Configuring archive period for tables at Mass for Data Retention within Log Analytics Workspace

How does this Blog help in Configuring archive period for tables at Mass for Data Retention in Log Analytics Workspace: Simplified Data Archival: Implementing archival within Log Analytics Workspace provides a straightforward and integrated solution for retaining log data over … Continue Reading
Shop clerk in a clothing boutique taking a credit card payment on a digital tablet.

Cyber Signals: Inside the growing risk of gift card fraud

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyberthreats, staying ahead of malicious actors is a constant challenge. Microsoft Threat Intelligence has observed that gift cards are attractive targets for fraud and social engineering practices. Unlike credit or debit cards, there’s no customer … Continue Reading

Evaluating Large and Small Language Models on Custom Data Using Azure Prompt Flow

The Evolution of AI and the Challenge of Model Selection In recent years, the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has witnessed remarkable advancements, leading to the unprecedented surge in the development of small and large language models. They’re at the … Continue Reading

You Are Real: More Secure Identity Verification

With the ubiquitous internet infrastructure and mobile networks providing a backbone for daily interactions, coupled with a sustained increase in remote activities post-pandemic, the need for robust identity verification mechanisms is more critical than ever. As individuals engage in a … Continue Reading