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Latest news and technical articles related to cloud computing with Windows Server. We have carefully selected articles published by industry experts, featuring Microsoft’s engineering team.

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How to display Azure Monitor alerts with smart lights and no code

How to display Azure Monitor alerts with smart lights and no code

Ever since IT Pros started building servers, we’ve been monitoring them – Are they operational? Are they responsive? Are they running out of disk space? The challenge is ... who is monitoring the monitoring? While it’s common to send notifications ... continue reading

Modernize large-scale NFS workloads and eliminate data silos with Azure Blob Storage

Azure Blob Storage, our object storage platform for storing large-scale data helps customers run their applications using a wide range of protocols. With multi-protocol support, customers can run their applications on a single storage platform with no application rewrites necessary, ... continue reading
EDA Backend Physical Verification benchmark chart for FX VM

Optimize extreme computing performance with Azure FX-series Virtual Machines

Today, we are announcing the general availability of the Azure FX-series Virtual Machines available in three regions. Azure FX-series Virtual Machines—based on the 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor—feature a high-performing central processing unit (CPU) clock speed per single core ... continue reading
Securely collaborate with guests using Azure AD guest access reviews

Securely collaborate with guests using Azure AD guest access reviews

Companies collaborate with hundreds of clients, partners, and vendors every day. Today’s organizations use many applications and devices, and managing digital identities for these guests increases the risk of security breaches. More than 40% of IT leaders said that they ... continue reading

Part 2 – You Might Want to Audit Your LAPS Permissions….

Part 2 - Deploy LAPS, Check! You’re all set, right? Maybe… Hi Team, Eric Jansen here to follow up on some auditing suggestions that I mentioned for those of you that have LAPS deployed in your environment, in part one of this ... continue reading

Software Installation Using Azure Policy State Change Events

Azure Policy can give us the ability to audit settings inside a virtual machine using Guest Configuration. However, at this time we can’t remediate those machines because the feature is not yet available. This means that although we can see ... continue reading

Better Azure content, programs & services through applied data science

Lisa Cohen joins Scott Hanselman to explain how Microsoft uses data science to help Azure customers. Learn about content, programs, and services to guide you on your cloud journey while getting a glimpse behind the scenes into how data drives ... continue reading

Improve your threat detection and response with Microsoft and Wortell

This blog post is part of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) guest blog series. Learn more about MISA. The way of working is changing rapidly. Many workloads are moving to the cloud and the pandemic accelerated organizations to provide infrastructure to aid ... continue reading
Am I billed for an Azure Virtual Machine if it's shut down?

Am I billed for an Azure Virtual Machine if it's shut down?

Come to the cloud, it has consumption-based billing! But what does that mean, exactly? Is my virtual machine free if it is shut down? Let's explore the billing components of an Azure Virtual Machine. Resources in Azure all have particular ... continue reading

Windows 10 – All Things About Application Guard

Hi IT Professionals, While working on a Customers ‘requests on Windows Defender Application Guard related to Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Attack Surface Reduction Policies, I could not find an up-to-date and detailed document from internet search. I have ended up ... continue reading

Preview updating PowerShell 7.2 with Microsoft Update

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’re taking the first steps to making PowerShell 7 easier than ever to update on Windows 10 and Server. In the past, Windows users were notified in their console that a new version of ... continue reading
Image that shows the different layers of Azure private MEC

Unlocking the enterprise opportunity with 5G, edge compute, and cloud

The power of 5G, IoT, and real-time AI will unlock new and innovative services for enterprises across the world to accelerate their transformation toward Industry 4.0 as they evolve and adopt diverse new business models. The partnerships created by operators, ... continue reading
VMSS, VMSS Flex, what are they? And what’s the differences?

VMSS, VMSS Flex, what are they? And what’s the differences?

Hello folks, I’ve been looking at ways to scale regular VM up and down without having to create a full VM template used by the existing VM Scale Set. And I wanted a way that did not force me to ... continue reading

Afternoon Cyber Tea: Microsoft’s cybersecurity response to COVID-19

On February 25, 2020, Microsoft Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Bret Arsenault was attending the RSA Conference in San Francisco when the city declared a state of emergency because of COVID-19. Shortly after flying back to Seattle, Bret learned of ... continue reading
An image of the Arizona datacenter

Expanding cloud services: Microsoft launches its sustainable datacenter region in Arizona

Today we are launching our newest sustainable datacenter region in Arizona, known as “West US 3.” Datacenters are today’s engine for modern business, providing organizations of all sizes the cloud services and tools to innovate, collaborate, and operate securely and ... continue reading

Cloud App Security: block TOR Browser (Anonymous IP)

Hi all, Alan here again with a new article, I’m a Customer Engineer from Italy on Identity and Security. I want to show you how to block TOR browser using Cloud App Security, simple and fast! During the last few ... continue reading
Behind the scenes of business email compromise: Using cross-domain threat data to disrupt a large BEC campaign

Behind the scenes of business email compromise: Using cross-domain threat data to disrupt a large BEC campaign

Microsoft 365 Defender researchers recently uncovered and disrupted a large-scale business email compromise (BEC) infrastructure hosted in multiple web services. Attackers used this cloud-based infrastructure to compromise mailboxes via phishing and add forwarding rules, enabling these attackers to get access ... continue reading
Figure 1

How-To: Automated Company-Wide IP Blocking via Azure Firewall and Azure Functions

One of the top 10 Azure consuming companies has multiple country government-mandated requirements to block egress to and ingress from IP addresses and IP address ranges on a dynamic embargoed/sanctioned IP list. In other words, various country governments across the ... continue reading

How to rename a NIC

Q: Is there a simple way to rename a NIC, especially inside a Hyper-V VM? A: You can change the name of any Windows NIC using PowerShell – whether the NIC is in a physical host or a Hyper-V VM ... continue reading

Run your VMware workloads natively on Azure with Azure VMware Solution

Azure VMware Solution delivers a VMware environment as a service, which enables you to run native VMware workloads on Azure. Shannon Kuehn shows Scott Hanselman the seamless experience to migrate VMs directly from on-premises to Azure.[0:00:23]– Introduction[0:01:44]– Background[0:04:10]– Architecture[0:05:18]– Demo[0:15:02]– ... continue reading

How purple teams can embrace hacker culture to improve security

The security community is continuously changing, growing, and learning from each other to better position the world against cyber threats. In the latest Voice of the Community blog series post, Microsoft Product Marketing Manager Natalia Godyla talks with Matthew Hickey, co-founder, CEO, and writer for Hacker ... continue reading
Introducing Azure AD access reviews for service principals

Introducing Azure AD access reviews for service principals

Howdy folks! With the growing trend of more applications and services moving to the cloud, there’s an increasing need to improve the governance of identities used by these workloads. Today, we’re announcing the public preview of access reviews for service ... continue reading
Group Policy Analytics

STIGing Made Easy – Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Introduction This is John Barbare and I am a Sr Customer Engineer at Microsoft focusing on all things in the Cybersecurity space. With my large customer base in the Microsoft Federal space and having to comply with internal security baselines ... continue reading

CRSP: The emergency team fighting cyber attacks beside customers

Microsoft Global Compromise Recovery Security Practice. We are a worldwide team of cybersecurity experts operating in most countries, across all organizations (public and private), with deep expertise to secure an environment post-security breach and to help you prevent a breach ... continue reading
PowerShell basics: Query Windows Server Event Logs

PowerShell basics: Query Windows Server Event Logs

One of the most standard server administration tasks is trawling through event logs looking for information about an issue you want to troubleshoot. If you’re interacting with Windows Server through PowerShell, you can interact with those event logs using the ... continue reading
A pie chart from S A P insider benchmark report. Survey finds that Azure remains the primary platform respondents look at when deploying S A P S 4 hana at 47 percent. A W S is preferred at 18 percent, Google Cloud is preferred at 21 percent, and other is preferred at 14 percent.

Why customers, including SAP, choose Azure for their SAP solutions

For over three years, I have had the privilege of leading the SAP solutions on Azure business at Microsoft and of partnering with outstanding leaders at SAP and with many of our global partners to ensure that our joint customers ... continue reading
The Azure Firewall solution as displayed in Azure Sentinel portal UI in the solution section.

Optimize security with Azure Firewall solution for Azure Sentinel

Security is a constant balance between proactive and reactive defenses. They are both equally important, and neither can be neglected. Effectively protecting your organization means constantly optimizing both prevention and detection. That’s why we’re excited to announce a seamless integration ... continue reading

Deploying Azure Static Web Apps with Azure DevOps

On this week's episode, April Edwards joins Damian for an introduction into the Azure Static Web App service and its differentiators as well as a demo of how to automate the deployment of Azure Static Web Apps using Azure DevOps.Jump ... continue reading
How to move your resources across regions and into Availability Zones using Azure Resource Mover

How to move your resources across regions and into Availability Zones using Azure Resource Mover

Azure always provides customers choice to select the region that best suits their needs. With the new service Azure Resource Mover, customers now have a platform level capability that allows them to move to new regions across the globe and ... continue reading

Azure Web App for Containers: Pulling a Container Image from ACR Without Exposing Credentials

Hello dear readers! My name is Daniel Ribeiro and I am a Customer Engineer working with Microsoft Mission Critical Team (SfMC). A customer of mine recently reported that when deploying a container using the Azure Web App, the Azure Container ... continue reading