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Rack Scale Design for Azure Hybrid Cloud

Design, Deploy, and Support Azure Hybrid Clouds

Experts in Azure hybrid cloud solutions and infrastructure, developing Microsoft cloud technologies since 2008. Argon Systems has designed cloud building blocks based on the Windows Server 2016 platform to integrate your private and public resources. Maximize your investment, lower operating costs and increase flexibility.

Rack Scale Design

Rack Scale Design contains a fully outfitted IaaS infrastructure including switching fabric, virtual networking, compute, storage and L3 aggregate routing. Our infrastructure is optimized for the cloud providing end-to-end interoperability of compute, storage and network services. Each is an out-of-box solution based on a common cloud architecture that has already been tested and validated.

Cloud Building Blocks

The industry is moving to a Software Defined Everything model, where networking, storage, and the entire data center becomes a SaaS platform. Complicated and dedicated hardware is becoming software-based services. The Azure platform provides a rich set of services. Argon Systems combines hyper-converged infrastructure with the features of Windows Server 2016 Datacenter, creating a robust set of building blocks optimized for the cloud.

Azure Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Argon Systems offers enterprises and service providers the next generation products and services for Azure hybrid cloud. Our flexible cloud building blocks allow you to start with just what you need, then add resources that scale linearly.

Highly Scalable Storage

Easily integrate enterprise class storage into your data center within minutes. Powered by Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Datacenter, Storage Spaces Direct provides low cost, multi-protocol IP connectivity for concurrent NAS (SMB3 and NFS) and iSCSI/Block Storage.

Data Center Consolidation

Eliminate silos and multi-vendor configurations. IT technology advances at an ever neck-breaking pace. IT managers are burdened with the responsibility to keep up while providing a great user experience and simultaneously reducing costs.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Cloud hardware infrastructure optimized for Microsoft® Windows® Server 2016. Pre-tested, ready to deploy and Microsoft certified. Choose the optimal configuration with Argon Systems.

Optimize Your Data Center

We designed our cloud hardware infrastructure to be customized. Get a tailored solution for your needs. Pre-tested, ready to deploy and certified by Microsoft.

Microsoft Cloud Learning Center

We believe in sharing our knowledge. Visit the Argon Systems Learning Center about how to build and maintain an Azure hybrid cloud.


We have a glossary of common yet often misunderstood terms. Throughout our site you will find terms defined for you when hovering over them.

Partner Program

Increase your profits and flexibility with our low-risk and cost-effective solutions for Microsoft cloud. 24×7 helpdesk and hardware support in 150 countries.

Become a Partner

Argon Systems greatly simplifies your Azure hybrid cloud solutions. Expand your products and services and become a partner with Argon Systems.

Professional Services

Argon Systems is dedicated to the success of our partners by providing them the best services, technologies, and data center products available for the Microsoft Cloud Platform. Consultation included with every purchase to ensure the optimal configuration.

About Argon Systems

We are Microsoft Server 2016 experts and focus exclusively on Azure hybrid cloud. Argon Systems offers products and services to meet the needs of Microsoft cloud computing for enterprises and service providers.

Free Consultation

Considering a Azure private or hybrid cloud? Argon Systems’ global Professional Services Team delivers optimal solutions for your enterprise. Our free consultation, best practices and knowledge base will have you make the right decision for your organization.