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The Twelve Days of Blog-mas: No.3 – Windows Local Admin Password Solution (LAPS)

Buenos días and welcome to número tres in the holiday ’23 series.  This one is sure to please the crowd – it’s the NEW AND IMPROVED easy to setup/deploy/use solution for when IT Ops/Support needs a local admin ID and … Continue Reading

Identifying Adversary-in-the-Middle (AiTM) Phishing Attacks through 3rd-Party Network Detection

Adversary-in-the-Middle (AiTM) phishing attacks represent an emerging and concerning trend, surpassing conventional phishing methods in their sophistication. These attacks possess the capability to maneuver around the security measures of multifactor authentication (MFA) by leveraging reverse-proxy functionality.  One prominent actor, identified … Continue Reading
Using PowerShell and Twilio API for Efficient Communication in Contact Tracing

Using PowerShell and Twilio API for Efficient Communication in Contact Tracing

Piyush Tripathi The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of rapid and reliable communication technology. One vital application is in contact tracing efforts, where prompt notifications can make a significant difference. This guide focuses on utilizing PowerShell in conjunction with … Continue Reading

The Twelve Days of Blog-mas: No.2 – Windows Web Sign in and Passwordless

Hi folks – welcome to the second post in the holiday ’23 series. Today’s post is about a capability that came to preview long ago but recently surprised much of the world and moved to General Availability (GA). This allows you … Continue Reading

Defender for cloud’s Agentless secret scanning for virtual machines is now generally available!

Cloud cybersecurity is of paramount importance in today’s digital landscape, as organizations increasingly rely on cloud services to store and manage sensitive data, applications, and infrastructure. Attacks on cloud infrastructure pose severe risks to organizations such as data theft, ransomware … Continue Reading

Connecting to Azure Services on the Microsoft Global Network

In this article Microsoft Global Network  Default Public Access Service Endpoints Private Link Internet Routing Preference Azure Services and the solutions you deploy into Azure are connected to the Microsoft global wide-area network also known as the Microsoft Global Network … Continue Reading

Windows Server vNext at Microsoft Ignite, and What’s New in Active Directory Technical Takeoff

Hey everybody, Ryan Ries here with a quick heads-up that there is some hot-off-the-presses content you need to check out if you’re interested in Windows Server and Active Directory. And if you’re reading this, I know you are. First, we … Continue Reading
Jeff Woolsey & Elden Christensen on stage

What’s new in Windows Server vNext Ignite Session Now Available

Heya folks, Ned here again. The Microsoft Ignite 2023 session “What’s new in Windows Server vNext” is now up if you weren’t able to attend in person. It covers many of the new features coming to Windows Server including Active Directory, File … Continue Reading

The Twelve Days of Blog-mas: No.1 – A Creative Use for Intune Remediations

Happy Holidays folks!  I had a wild-hair idea to write one short blog post, per day, for 12 days along the theme of the “Twelve Days of Christmas” song.  I made the mistake of mentioning the idea to one Arnab … Continue Reading

Simplifying Onboarding to Microsoft Defender for Cloud with Terraform

If you are looking for a way to onboard Microsoft Defender for Cloud (MDC) with Terraform, you are in luck! In this blog post, we will introduce you to a new Terraform module that simplifies and enhances the onboarding experience … Continue Reading

Effective novelty detection in cloud security domain

In cloud security domain, we often need to monitor entities – such as users, IP addresses, applications, or access tokens – and their patterns of behavior. We might want to detect ‘novelties’ – unexpected and previously unseen values of these … Continue Reading

Step-by-Step : Assign access packages automatically based on user properties in Microsoft Entra ID

Microsoft Entra ID Governance offers the capability to manage the access lifecycle of resources through access packages, which are organized into catalogs and define the resources available within them. Each access package includes at least one policy that outlines who … Continue Reading
screenshot of malware code for checking date and time of the host

Diamond Sleet supply chain compromise distributes a modified CyberLink installer

Microsoft Threat Intelligence has uncovered a supply chain attack by the North Korea-based threat actor Diamond Sleet (ZINC) involving a malicious variant of an application developed by CyberLink Corp., a software company that develops multimedia software products. This malicious file … Continue Reading

Defender for Cloud unified Vulnerability Assessment powered by Defender Vulnerability Management

Microsoft Defender for Cloud is a multicloud application protection platform (CNAPP) designed to protect your cloud-based applications from code-to-cloud. A key component of cloud security is continuously monitoring and managing new vulnerabilities across your cloud workloads. Vulnerability management helps organizations … Continue Reading

Securing your GitLab Environment with Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Introduction In the dynamic landscape of software development, developers across diverse organizations are embracing a wide variety of Source Code Management (SCM) and CI/CD pipeline systems to optimize their workloads. While this trend presents flexibility, collaboration, and speed to software … Continue Reading

Elevating Cybersecurity Intelligence with Microsoft Sentinel’s Enrichment Widgets

At Microsoft, we are continually advancing our tools to empower users in making data-driven and informed decisions. Our latest advancement in Microsoft Sentinel is the introduction of Enrichment Widgets. Widgets provide critical enrichment data, delivering key insights often encapsulated in … Continue Reading
Screenshot of a fake WhatsApp phishing message asking users to update KYC using a APK file.

Social engineering attacks lure Indian users to install Android banking trojans

Microsoft has observed ongoing activity from mobile banking trojan campaigns targeting users in India with social media messages designed to steal users’ information for financial fraud. Using social media platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram, attackers are sending messages designed to … Continue Reading

Automate Text Summarization with OpenAI and PowerShell

Automating tasks is the core of PowerShell scripting. Adding artificial intelligence into the mix takes automation to a whole new level. Today, we’ll simplify the process of connecting to OpenAI’s powerful text summarization API from PowerShell. Let’s turn complex AI … Continue Reading

Active Directory Hardening Series – Part 2 – Removing SMBv1

Hi All!  Jerry Devore back again with another hardening Active Directory topic.  Before we jump into the technical stuff, I would like to briefly share some tips for structuring a protocol hardening project.  I picked up these suggestions from working … Continue Reading

Introducing a Unified Security Operations Platform with Microsoft Sentinel and Defender XDR

Introducing a Unified Security Operations Platform with Microsoft Sentinel and Defender XDRSecurity teams are tasked with more responsibilities than ever before, and the complexity of today’s security tooling landscape doesn’t make their job any easier. They need to sift through … Continue Reading

Unified MDTI APIs in Microsoft Graph Now GA

We’re thrilled to share that the unified APIs that are part of the Microsoft Graph are now generally available! These APIs come with a single endpoint, permissions, auth model, and access token. The Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence (Defender TI) APIContinue Reading
Liveness UX flow.png

Are You Alive: Enhancing Azure AI Vision Face API with Liveness Detection

We are excited to announce the public preview of Liveness Detection, an addition to the existing Azure AI Face API service. Facial recognition technology has been a longstanding method for verifying a user’s identity in device and online account login … Continue Reading

How to train and publish direct custom model using Azure AI Translator | Custom Translator

Custom Translator has been a key translation enabler capability in Azure AI Translator for almost a decade, with customers across industries such as transportation, healthcare and financial services using it to develop custom translator models. Custom Translator launched the Neural … Continue Reading

Introducing new task-optimized summarization capabilities powered by fine-tuned large-language model

For years, developers around the world have relied on pre-built AI capabilities offered through Azure AI Language, ranging from analyzing sentiment, extracting information, mining opinions and much more. Such pre-built capabilities have accelerated AI building efforts for enterprises looking to … Continue Reading

What’s new in Azure AI Speech

Today at Microsoft Ignite, we are super excited to announce a number of new capabilities for Azure AI Speech! This article provides a summary of all the new and recent releases.We also recently released improved pricing for some of our … Continue Reading
leveraging securoty copilot.png

How MDTI Helps Power Security Copilot

Today’s cybersecurity challenges mandate that security teams invest more in high-quality threat intelligence to understand the mechanics of sophisticated attacks led by cybercriminals, nation-state actors, and others. With the introduction of Microsoft Security Copilot, security professionals can use Generative AI … Continue Reading
The MDTI free version is available to all Defender tenants on the “Intel profiles”, “Intel explorer”, and “Intel projects” tabs in the “Threat intelligence” blade.

Introducing MDTI Free Experience for Microsoft Defender XDR

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are unleashing the power of threat intelligence to all Microsoft Defender XDR tenants. Starting at Microsoft Ignite, all Defender XDR users will see Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence (MDTI) in the threat intelligence … Continue Reading

Enhancing Defender CSPM across the application lifecycle

Organizations are challenged with managing multicloud security due to the complexity of coordinating security measures across diverse cloud environments, each with its unique configurations and vulnerabilities. Visibility across cloud environments can be limited, making it challenging to effectively triage issues … Continue Reading

Video Retrieval: GPT-4 Turbo with Vision Integrates with Azure to Redefine Video Understanding

Microsoft is thrilled to unveil the Azure AI Vision Video Retrieval preview. This innovative feature revolutionizes video search, enabling the exploration of thousands of hours of video content through advanced multi-modal vector indexing of vision and speech. Further enhancing the … Continue Reading

Unveiling Bilingual Speech Modeling for Seamless Multilingual Conversations

By Jacky Kang, Eric Sun, Jing Pan, Yuhui Wang, Mark Hillebrand, Padma Varadharajan, Fei ZuoWe’re thrilled to announce a groundbreaking feature in our real-time speech modeling—Bilingual Speech Modeling. This innovation is a game-changer, as our speech model now seamlessly supports bilingual language … Continue Reading

Model training and Fine Tuning with serverless compute

We are happy to announce the General Availability of Model Training with Serverless Compute. Serverless compute is a fully-managed, on-demand compute target for a simplified way of running training jobs in Azure Machine Learning. Through serverless compute, machine learning (ML) professionals … Continue Reading
List view of the Model benchmarks experience

Model Benchmarks in Azure AI Studio

OverviewAzure AI Studio is a versatile and user-friendly platform designed to cater to the diverse needs of developers, data scientists, and machine learning experts. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services, making the journey from concept to evaluation … Continue Reading

Avail the power of Microsoft Fabric from within Azure Machine Learning

Unveiling the Public Preview of Azure Machine Learning OneLake datastore.Microsoft Fabric, now generally available, is the all-in-one analytics solution for enterprises, offering a comprehensive suite of services, including data lake, data engineering, and data integration, all in one place. OneLake … Continue Reading

Elevate Your LLM Applications to Production via LLMOps

Introduction Today we are announcing the General Availability (GA) of Azure Machine Learning prompt flow, marking the next step in Azure AI empowering engineers and data scientists to build quality generative AI applications. Prompt flow was initially offered as a … Continue Reading

GPT-4 Turbo with Vision on Azure OpenAI Service

We are thrilled to announce that GPT-4 Turbo with Vision on Azure OpenAI service is coming soon to public preview. GPT-4 Turbo with Vision is a large multimodal model (LMM) developed by OpenAI that can analyze images and provide textual responses … Continue Reading

Empowering developers to use natural language and translator capabilities in containers

Containers allow enterprises to build applications on their own infrastructure. It enables enforcement of strong security and data governance requirements critical for regulatory-heavy industries such as financial services, healthcare and government agencies. Azure AI services let you use the same … Continue Reading
Azure AI Studio Hero Image

Microsoft Azure AI, data, and application innovations help turn your AI ambitions into reality

Welcome to Microsoft Ignite 2023! The past year has been one of true transformation. Companies are seeing real benefits today and are eager to explore what’s next—including how they can do more with their data investments, build intelligent applications, and … Continue Reading

Power what’s next with limitless relational databases from Azure

At Microsoft, we’re seeing firsthand how data is powering incredible innovation and accelerating more than just a platform shift, it is changing the way we do everything. AI and generative AI are not futuristic abstract concepts, they are being deployed … Continue Reading

Azure AI Content Safety announces new features for generative AI scenarios

We are excited to announce the release of two new public preview features in Azure AI Content Safety: Jailbreak Risk Detection and Protected Material Detection. These features will help ensure a safe experience when users are developing their own Gen-AI … Continue Reading

Azure MMA Agent Bulk Removal

Hello, it has been a while since I have posted any articles, but my little buddy Raven (my miniature schnauzer) and I are here to talk about the Microsoft Monitoring Agent (MMA). Raven has an old, worn-out bed that she … Continue Reading

Azure OpenAI Architecture Patterns and implementation steps

A comprehensive overview of the most frequently used and discussed architecture patterns among our customers in various domains. Use Azure Front Door for cross region global load balancing of requests across multiple Azure OpenAI endpoints. In this architecture below Azure … Continue Reading

What’s new: Microsoft Sentinel Solution for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Introduction Today we are announcing a new Microsoft Sentinel Solution for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations in public preview. This is a premium solution focused on monitoring, detecting threats and responding to incidents in customer’s highly sensitive a business-critical ERP … Continue Reading

Manage Access to Microsoft Sentinel Workbooks with Lower Scoped RBAC

Leveraging Microsoft Sentinel workbooks for reporting to leadership is a common use case. A common concern is granting recipients access to Microsoft Sentinel or all of the tables within the workspace. Using some different RBAC components, this can be done.Components: … Continue Reading

Architecture Guidance: How to ingest GCP FirewallVPC logs into Microsoft Sentinel

Firstly, I would like to thank  Benjamin Kovacevic and Yael Bergman for their help with this article. While the existing Sentinel GCP Pub/Sub Audit Logs connector documented here provides a way to ingest GCP platform audit logs, ingesting GCP Firewall logs or VPS … Continue Reading
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Evolving Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Agriculture to transform data into intuitive insights

As AGRITECHNICA 2023—the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery—makes a triumphant return after nearly four years, over 450,000 attendees from 130 countries will come together to witness the latest and greatest agriculture innovations firsthand. However, not all of these … Continue Reading

SMB alternative ports now supported in Windows Insiders

Heya folks, Ned here again. Starting with Windows 11 Insider preview Build 25992 (Canary), the SMB client now supports connecting to an SMB server over TCP, QUIC, or RDMA using alternative network ports. Today I’ll explain how to configure this and talk about the … Continue Reading
Defender firewall

SMB firewall rule changes in Windows Insider

Heya folks, Ned here again. Starting with Windows 11 Insider preview Build 25992 (Canary), creating SMB shares changes a longtime Windows Defender Firewall default behavior. Previously, creating a share automatically configured the firewall to enable the rules in the “File and Printer Sharing” … Continue Reading
Scale records on the model GPT-3 (175 billion parameters) from MLPerf Training v3.0 in June 2023 (3.0-2003) and Azure on MLPerf Training v3.1 in November 2023 (3.1-2002). 

Azure sets a scale record in large language model training

Azure empowers intelligent services like Microsoft Copilot, Bing, and Azure OpenAI Service that have captured our imagination in recent days. These services, facilitating various applications like Microsoft Office 365, chatbots, and search engines with generative AI, owe their magic to … Continue Reading
Enterprise office workers collaborating in an open work space.

Insights from Microsoft Security Copilot early adopters

To understand why customers are adopting generative AI solutions like Microsoft Security Copilot, we have to go back to the cyberthreat landscape—which continues to get more challenging. Organizations are facing a surge in cyberattacks while also dealing with a global … Continue Reading

Using MDTI with the Diamond Model for Threat Intelligence

Cybersecurity incidents can be complex and challenging to investigate, requiring advanced tools and techniques to identify the scope of the attack, determine the adversary’s tactics and procedures, and develop an effective response strategy. Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence (MDTI) provides robust … Continue Reading

Come build with us: Microsoft and OpenAI partnership unveils new AI opportunities

At OpenAI’s first DevDay Conference on November 6, 2023, Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella made a surprise appearance during OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s keynote to deliver a powerful message: “Our job number one is to build the best systems, so you … Continue Reading

DR 2.0: Migrating from DFSR to Storage Replica

Heya folks, Ned here again. Today I’m sharing advice on migrating from Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) to Storage Replica. This includes deciding when SR is a good replacement, inventorying your DFSR and DFS Namespaces, backing up your existing configuration, … Continue Reading

Microsoft is now a FinOps Certified Service Provider

In an era where cloud computing has become the backbone of modern business operations, efficient financial management is the linchpin that keeps organizations agile and cost-effective. The FinOps Framework has emerged as a powerful approach to optimize cloud costs, allowing … Continue Reading
Figure 1: Endpoint security policies page in Microsoft 365 Defender showing an inventory of all security policies created and targeted across Windows, macOS, and Linux devices.

Simplified security settings management is now generally available

At a time when threats like ransomware are becoming increasingly sophisticated and agile, having device security settings properly configured can be the difference between preventing an attack and experiencing a breach. Misconfigurations account for 21% of all error-related breaches, so … Continue Reading

Securing Cloud Resources: Assessing Internet Exposure for Enhanced Defense and Risk Management

Introduction Organizations increasingly rely on cloud resources to power their infrastructure and deliver scalable services. However, the internet exposure of these resources introduces security challenges that must be addressed to protect sensitive data and mitigate potential breaches. Assessing the level … Continue Reading

Microsoft Defender for Cloud latest protection against sophisticated abuse of Azure VM Extensions

Introduction Throughout recent years, the IT world has shifted its workloads, management layers, and machines to the cloud, thus introducing a new attack surface, accompanied by new attack vectors. The following introduced a tactic for threat actors to deploy their cyber-attacks … Continue Reading
Person sitting at desk with two monitors talking with someone in the room

Building for the future: The enterprise generative AI application lifecycle with Azure AI

In our previous blog, we explored the emerging practice of large language model operations (LLMOps) and the nuances that set it apart from traditional machine learning operations (MLOps). We discussed the challenges of scaling large language model-powered applications and how … Continue Reading
a man sitting in front of a laptop computer

Automatic Conditional Access policies in Microsoft Entra streamline identity protection

Extending our commitment to help customers be secure by default, today we’re announcing the auto-rollout of Microsoft Entra Conditional Access policies that will automatically protect tenants based on risk signals, licensing, and usage.We’ve designed these policies based on our deep … Continue Reading

Emphasizing Security by Default with Advanced Microsoft Authenticator Features.

We‘ve repeatedly emphasized the importance of multifactor authentication (MFA) and emphasized that not all MFA is equal – the Authenticator is much more secure than phone authentication (so hang up!). Through the implementation of number matching, we’ve successfully thwarted criminals … Continue Reading
File Upload Scanning Architecture Using Microsoft Defender for Storage

E2E Bootstrap Solution for Malicious File Scanning Using Microsoft Defender for Storage in Azure

This blog post elucidates one of the architectural patterns that can be employed for efficiently monitoring the malware scan status while utilizing Microsoft Defender for storage malware scanning. Real-world Scenario: In a typical complex web application, file uploads are a … Continue Reading