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Microsoft Cloud Learning Center

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Welcome to the Argon learning center. Here you can find technical articles giving step by step instructions on how to deploy and manage a Microsoft cloud infrastructure based on Azure. We have a glossary of terms and data sheets. Keep checking back with us. We update our content often.

Look for the download article option while viewing an article. It’s just below the title. Use this feature to save a copy. You’ll find this valuable for later reference and sharing.

Building and Maintaining a Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure

Technical articles documenting step by step instructions on how to deploy and manage a hyper-converged infrastructure for the Microsoft cloud computing platform.

Microsoft Cloud Library

Argon Systems’ carefully selected a collection of articles covering the Microsoft cloud infrastructure. These articles have been published industry experts, and feature Microsoft’s engineering team.

Microsoft Cloud Glossary of Terms

Glossary of terms used in a Microsoft cloud infrastructure. Many of the common terms are often misunderstood. Glossary terms will appear within the content followed by an asterisk. These definitions will appear as tooltips when you hover over the highlighted term.

Product Data Sheets

PDF files of our hyper-converged infrastructure products and information about Argon System and the Argon Partner Program