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Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure in a Box

Hyper-converged infrastructure combines all the necessary hardware components into a single server. Start with just what you need, then scale-out and scale-up as your needs grow.

Cloud Infrastructure in a Box

Hyper-converged servers are a single integrated system combining storage, compute and network capacity with virtualization and the OS into a single integrated system. With Hyper-Converged Infrastructure you don’t have the headaches of unexpected incompatibilities when refreshing a component.

These servers are configured with both Hyper-V and Storage Spaces. Think of this like buying a laptop. You don’t attach separate compute and storage modules. Increase capacity simply by adding a component, server, or rack at any time.


Rack Scale Design

Rack Scale Design contains a fully outfitted IaaS infrastructure including switching fabric, virtual networking, compute, storage and L3 aggregate routing. Our infrastructure is optimized for the cloud providing end-to-end interoperability of compute, storage and network services.

Each is an out-of-box solution based on a common cloud architecture that has already been tested and validated. The Microsoft administration console unifies setup, configuration, management, and monitoring systems reducing IT costs and complexities.

Scalability and Flexibility

  • Hyper-converged servers make it easy to add nodes. IT doesn’t have to configure servers, storage, hypervisors and network devices separately. Adding new components are are painless plug-and-play operation.
  • A cloud solution is scalable, so depending on your business demands, you’ll be able to adapt your solution to their current needs and adjust their bill accordingly. This is perfect for growing businesses or seasonal demands.
  • For remote and branch offices, hyper-converged servers reduce the amount of equipment needed and ease implementation, in branch offices with little or no dedicated IT staff.
  • Deployment and integration is quick and painless.
  • Much of the traffic between compute and storage can remain within the rack. This reduces the network load on core network infrastructures.

Lower Cost of Ownership

  • Costly refresh cycles are a thing of the past
  • A cloud provider minimizes the capital and operational expenses compared with the big, upfront costs needed to refresh or update outdated piece of hardware.
  • Expect lower development and operational costs with improved predictability due to standardization, automation, and elasticity of a private cloud.
  • A cost-optimized platform and software-independent solution for rack system integration
  • High performance and scalability with Windows Server 2012 operating system advanced platform editions of Hyper-V technology
  • Minimized backup times and fulfilled recovery time objectives for each business-critical environment

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for the Cloud

Get the ultimate performance with Argon Systems’ cloud optimized infrastructure. Individual servers can be configured to provide unparalleled performance.

How to choose

We designed our cloud hardware infrastructure to be customized. Do you need more computing performance, storage capacity or throughput?