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Hybrid Cloud Management and Automation

Just Enough Administration

Free up IT resources for planning and innovation that drive business success.

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Data center operations seem to earn more scrutiny than budget these days. IT organizations are expected to do more with less, but an aging infrastructure with little automation becomes a hindrance to moving forward. As organizations look beyond server virtualization for more efficiency, they can use Windows Server 2016 capabilities to meet operational and security challenges, freeing up IT resources to plan and innovate on future solutions that drive business success.

Production Checkpoints

  • Microsoft’s checkpoints are superior to VMware’s snapshots.
  • VMware simply copies the entire state of RAM. If you revert a VMware snapshot, the server reverts to a time in the past rather than be in a healthy state in the present.
  • Checkpoints are based on backup technology inside the guest instead of a saved state (e.g. system buffers are flushed to create a snapshot that’s consistent with the file system). Checkpoints trigger the entire stack to be compiled.
  • When a VM is restored from a checkpoint it will be in a healthy current state.


  • No downtime penalties when upgrading a node’s OS
  • Replace components without taking the service down
  • Adjust the amount of memory assigned to a VM while it’s running
  • Multi-tenant features to add metering for charge back
  • Do a live migration without enabling constrained delegation in Active Directory
  • Just Enough Administration (JEA) limits administrative privileges to the bare-minimum required set of actions (limited in space).
  • Just-in-Time Administration (JIT) provides privileged access through a work ow that is audited and limited in time.

Lights Out Management

  • IPMI 2.0 with KVM and dedicated LAN for remote server management (sometimes referred to as “lights-out management” or “integrated lights-out”)
  • Reboot or power on from an off state and monitor the entire startup process

Health Monitoring

  • Set up alerts and reporting
  • Storage and disk drive health and alerts
  • Temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, memory faults
  • Network Switch Integration capacity and performance
  • Detect suspicious behavior in the kernel, sensitive processes, or chassis intrusions with advanced auditing capabilities

Management Tools

  • Virtual Machine Manager, Windows Services Management, Storage Management, Windows GUI tools and PowerShell command line.
  • Reduce complexity using PowerShell automation and System Center 2016 to deploy and manage software-defined features across your infrastructure.
  • Diagnostics tool to detect misconfigurations or errors in both guarded Hyper-V hosts and the Host Guardian Service
  • Download code templates from IT pros and developers to automate common tasks.
  • Define sets of VMs and specify dependencies to control the start order of clusters.
  • Deploy and manage workloads across their entire lifecycle with hundreds of networking policies (isolation, QoS, security, load balancing, switching, routing, gateway, DNS, etc.) in seconds using a scalable Network Controller.
  • New Package Management feature (formerly called OneGet) enables IT Professionals or DevOps to automate software discovery, installation, and inventory (SDII), locally or remotely, no matter what the installer technology is and where the software is located.


  • PowerShell is open source and available for Linux!
  • Windows Management Framework 5 includes updates to Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC), Windows Remote Management (WinRM), and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI).
  • Desired State Configuration resources eliminate MOF files.
  • New classes and security features that extend the use of PowerShell, and improve its usability.
  • Run PowerShell Direct between the host and the VM without networking or firewall requirements, regardless of remote management configuration.
  • PowerShell debugging support, and added support in Nano Server for security logging & transcription and Just Enough Administration.
  • PSScriptAnalyzer warns of common mistakes.
  • Set different PowerShell privileges for admins.
  • PowerShell logging and forensics functionality to help those responsible for investigating compromised systems (sometimes known as the “blue team”)
  • Reduced vulnerabilities in scripts, such as constrained PowerShell, and secure Code Generation APIs.
  • New Local Users & Groups CmdLets to replace the GUI.