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Highly Scalable Storage

Unsurpassed Agility

Multi-tier storage system, delivering faster performance and increased storage capacity. Get the next generation of powerful, scalable and affordable hyper-converged storage.

Key Features

  • Most affordable storage solutions offering the highest performance and the most flexibility
  • Storage solutions with capacities up to 2.4 Petabytes, compatible with all data centers
  • NMVe or SATA SSDs all-flash arrays support three million IOPS
  • Next generation Hyper-Converged Infrastructure shipped ready to deploy
  • Microsoft Certified storage optimized for Storage Spaces Direct and Hyper-V virtualization
  • Ultimate flexibility to scale-out and scale-up with linear scalability
  • Multi-tier configurations to maximize performance for virtually any workload
  • SMB3 and RDMA providing the highest throughput and lowest latency
  • Scales up to 128 ports, 16 @ 40/56/100GbE, 64 @ 10/25GbE, 32 @ 50GbE

All-Flash Arrays for the highest performance

Large capacity for archival and Remote Desktop Services

Enterprise Storage Solutions

Easily integrate enterprise class storage into your data center within minutes. Powered by Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Datacenter, Storage Spaces Direct provides low cost, multi-protocol IP connectivity for concurrent NAS (SMB3 and NFS) and iSCSI/Block Storage.

Multi-tier storage system, delivering faster performance and increased storage capacity. Unsurpassed flexibility with our storage solutions that grow with your changing needs.

Each node can have its own internal storage. Build a pool across multiple servers with each node having sole control of its devices, yet sharing with all the other nodes. This allows for a much more flexible implementation where almost any storage device can be used in multiple nodes to supply needed capacity.


  • Storage solutions from Argon Systems can exceed 3,000,000 consistent IOPS.
  • Next generation NVMe drives attached to the PCIe bus, running six times faster than SATA3.
  • Ten times more efficient than Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • All flash write-back cache for low latency performance, then cached data written to storage after acknowledgment to the client.
  • Use the network as a storage fabric, leveraging SMB3 and SMB Direct to run at full network speed with low-latency, and very little CPU.


  • Erasure coding delivers up to 2.4x greater storage efficiency.
  • Local Reconstruction Codes and ReFS real-time tiers to extend efficiency gains to HDs and mixed hot/cold workloads.
  • Data deduplication provides up to 90% space savings to reduce capacity needs and lower costs.
  • Capacity is further increased with data compression and thin provisioning.
  • Supports up to 64TB volumes and 1TB file sizes.

Tiered Storage

  • Flexible tiered storage architecture, delivering faster performance and increased storage capacity at lower cost.
  • You can live-migrate tiering data from one set of drives to another set.


  • Encryption for data at rest and in motion.
  • Built-in security components for certification requirements, including SOX, ISO 27001, PCI DSS 3.2, and FedRAMP.

No Vendor Lock-in

  • Avoid vendor lock-in with big-box solutions and custom software with our flexible cloud building blocks.
  • No additional drivers or 3rd party software required.
  • Greatly save money, decrease your support costs, and insure the flexibility of your future.


  • Start with two nodes then grow up to 16 nodes and over 400 drives, for up to 1 Petabyte (1,000 Terabytes) of storage per cluster.
  • No need to buy extra capacity until it’s needed.
  • To scale out, simply add drives or nodes.
  • Storage Spaces Direct will automatically onboard additional storage.
  • Each additional resource increases your value and performance equally to maximize your investment.


  • End of over provisioning and VM sprawl, fully use the capacity you own and easily add more as needed.
  • Increase capacity of the pool simply by adding more storage devices without taking the system offline.
  • Reconfigure the system without downtime.


  • Quality of Service controls keep noisy neighbors in check with minimum and maximum IOPS limits per-VM, per-volume, and per-device.
  • Built-in health service provides continuous monitoring and alerting.
  • New APIs to easily collect rich, cluster-wide performance and capacity metrics.
  • Near instantaneous VM storage provisioning.
  • Expand and shrink volumes, add or remove hardware, all without downtime.