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Data Center Consolidation and Upgrade

Optimize Your Data Center

Rack scale designs optimized for your applications, capacity and budget requirements. Refresh with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and increase your ROI.

Eliminate silos and multi-vendor configurations

IT technology advances at an ever neck-breaking pace. IT managers are burdened with the responsibility to keep up while providing a great user experience and simultaneously reducing costs. This seemingly impossible task is achievable with a Software-Defined Datacenter solution.

Next Generation of Technology

  • Latest technology available from our partners in Silicon Valley, Redmond, and around the world
  • Our storage designs typically use just 10% of the server’s compute resources so you can consolidate your data center and better distribute workloads
  • Upgrade your fabric to without downtime to any workloads running on Hyper-V virtual machines
  • Make changes to networking, storage, and memory without affecting productivity
  • Tremendous speed advantage and lower CPU overhead using RDMA network adapters
  • Refresh your data center to increase your ROI and lower your TCO with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Microsoft Advantages Over VMware

  • Deploy storage and networking capabilities not available with VMware at no additional charge
  • Network performance enhancements without restrictions
  • Flexible VM migration with accelerated performance
  • Open and extensible networking switch capabilities
  • Integrated Network Virtualization without additional costs
  • Comprehensive virtual machine guest clustering support
  • VM replication with near-synchronous replication
  • Enhanced security for virtual machines with Secure Boot

Reduce Costs

  • Greatly reduce your costs and licensing fees by eliminate multi-vendor solutions
  • Microsoft now effectively provides nearly every feature offered by competitors, and more
  • Lower your total cost of ownership compared to VMware by using a proven platform with native capabilities


  • End the server and VM sprawl
  • Consolidate your data center components of compute, storage, and database services
  • Remove the need for a shared SAS fabric, simplifying deployment and configuration
  • Simplify your IT by migrating from VMware to Windows Server 2016 Datacenter


  • Self-service portals allow IT administrators to manage data center operations with the same simple to use interfaces
  • Go beyond server virtualization for more efficiency and use Windows Server 2016 capabilities to free up IT resources
  • Templated application resources can be deployed with a single mouse click
  • IT can focus on supporting strategic business initiatives rather than just keeping the lights on