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Azure Hybrid Cloud

Integrate Your Private and Public Cloud

Get the best of both worlds. Align your business outcomes with the speed, agility, and privacy of a hybrid cloud.

Azure Hybrid Cloud Solution

Unlike other proprietary software, Argon Systems is based on Microsoft Windows Server 2016. Your future is secure and includes the largest selection of valuable resources.

The industry is moving to a Software Defined Everything model, where networking, storage, and the entire data center becomes SaaS. Complicated and dedicated hardware systems (communications, storage, load balancers, etc.) are becoming software-based services. The shift is from expensive and proprietary hardware to software running on industry standard components.

An agile hybrid cloud allows you to quickly scale to your company’s needs. Workloads can easily move across your public and private clouds. Add more hardware resources to your private cloud as needed. Choose when it’s more economical to pay for a hosted service of shared resources, or to own and manager your own resources.



  • Shielded VM secures your critical applications and data to run only on trusted fabrics
  • Built-in security components to help meet certification requirements, including SOX, ISO 27001, PCI DSS 3.2, and FedRAMP
  • Malware protection, data encryption, authentication/authorization, TMP 2.0 integration, and network security groups

Performance and Reliability

  • Self-provisioning, self-healing and self-managing private clouds to keep your systems running at their optimal efficiency
  • Align your business outcomes like speed, agility, flexibility, and the autonomy of a hybrid cloud.
  • Greater uptime, reliability, and increased capacity. Reduced latency across the network.

Cost Effective

  • Reduce monthly costs of managed services. Billing formulas are complex, and actual costs can differ significantly from estimates.
  • Costs of public cloud can be difficult to predict.
  • Freely move workloads to public or private resources to optimize your costs.
  • Automated load balancing easily maintains TCO.


  • Avoid vendor lock-in with big-box solutions and custom software with our flexible cloud building blocks
  • Deployments of all sizes, from small to massive
  • Replace hardware without taking the service down


Reduce Risk

  • Built with industry standard hardware greatly decreasing your costs, reducing risk, and increasing compatibility to protect your future.
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 effectively provides almost every feature promised by competitors, and more.


  • Remotely manage the system securely from anywhere
  • Reboot a server and monitoring the entire process
  • Multi-tenant features for metering and determining the tenant’s usage