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Network Design Guide for Azure VMware Solution

Network Design Guide for Azure VMware Solution

I have previously talked about Azure VMware Solution Landing Zone Accelerator (AVS LZ) and the automation tools in my previous blog post. This open-source solution provides an architectural approach and reference implementation to prepare Azure landing zone subscriptions for a scalable ... continue reading
Building Stronger Identity Solutions with New Microsoft Entra Integrations

Building Stronger Identity Solutions with New Microsoft Entra Integrations

I’m excited by this year’s RSA theme of “Stronger Together.” In the Identity and Network Access Division, we believe that everyone must work together to make the world a safer place for all. Leading up to RSA this year, the ... continue reading
Azure VMware Solution - Monitoring Quickstart Guide

Azure VMware Solution – Monitoring Quickstart Guide

Learn how easy it is to quickly set up some basic alerting and monitoring in your Azure VMware Solution environment.   In this video, I utilize the GitHub repository provided by Microsoft AVS experts available at Enterprise Scale for AVS Setting up ... continue reading
Screenshot of FileCoder’s enumeration logic.

Unraveling the techniques of Mac ransomware

Ransomware continues to be one of the most prevalent and impactful threats affecting organizations, with attackers constantly evolving their techniques and expanding their tradecraft to cast a wider net of potential targets. This is evident in the range of industries, ... continue reading
SIOS installer

How to cluster SAP ASCS/SCS with SIOS DataKeeper on VMware ESXi Servers

This article describes the steps you take to prepare the VMware infrastructure for installing and configuring a high-availability SAP ASCS/SCS instance on a Windows failover cluster by using SIOS DataKeeper as the replicated cluster storage. Create the ASCS VMs For ... continue reading

Maximize your Windows Server investments with new benefits and more flexibility

Customers like you, with businesses of all sizes, have trusted Windows Server as the platform to run your mission-critical workloads for over 30 years. Through challenging economic conditions and constantly shifting business needs, you’ve been able to adapt and innovate ... continue reading

One Microsoft manager’s entrepreneurial vision for multicloud identity and access

In July 2021, Microsoft acquired CloudKnox, a leader in cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM). Over the past two years, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the founder and chief executive officer (CEO), Balaji Parimi, who is now the ... continue reading
MERCURY attack chain throughout the initial access, execution, discovery, persistence, credential theft, lateral movement, and communications stages.

MERCURY leveraging Log4j 2 vulnerabilities in unpatched systems to target Israeli organizations

In recent weeks, the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) and Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team detected Iran-based threat actor MERCURY leveraging exploitation of Log4j 2 vulnerabilities in SysAid applications against organizations all located in Israel. MSTIC assesses with high confidence ... continue reading
Enterprise Scale for Azure VMware Solution - Identity and Access

Enterprise Scale for Azure VMware Solution – Identity and Access

I had the pleasure of talking with Xavier Elizondo where he went over identity and access in Azure VMware Solution. Watch below! Important things to note for Azure VMware Solution AVS has the control plane in Azure that is managed ... continue reading

Migrate and modernize with Azure to power innovation across the entire digital estate

Cloud adoption increased significantly during COVID-19 and continues for many companies. However, an enormous migration and modernization opportunity remains as organizations continue their digital transformation. In fact, 72 percent of organizations reported their industry’s pace of digital transformation accelerated because ... continue reading