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AzUpdate: Automatic guest VM patching, Availability Zones in Migrate, Universal Print integration

The seasons are changing as we crawl through 2020 - while the Northern Hemisphere says goodbye to summer and many students return to school, the Southern Hemisphere is shrugging off winter jackets and watching gardens come back to life. Wherever ... continue reading
Windows Virtual Desktop blade in the Azure Portal

Az Update: New Windows Virtual Desktop capabilities, NFS support for Azure Blob Storage, and more!

This week some important Windows Virtual Desktop features moved to be generally available (hello audio and video redirection!), the Android Remote Desktop client now also supports WVD and Azure AD App Proxy now supports the Remote Desktop Services web client, ... continue reading

Az Update: AzureAD My Sign-In, Azure Monitor supports Kubernetes, Azure Sentinel news and more

Another week, another ton of Azure to share. Here are some of the headlines we're covering this week: SOC operational metrics now available in Azure Sentinel, Azure Monitor for containers with Azure Portal now supports Kubernetes resource view, Azure AD ... continue reading
Teams Sentinel O365 connector.png

Microsoft Teams logs in Azure Sentinel (public preview)

Security is in everything and with Azure Sentinel, you can consolidate different sources of security signals into a single "glass of pain." Azure Sentinel is pleased to announce the Microsoft Teams connector is now in Public Preview, so lets take ... continue reading

How To: Create a Windows Server 2019 CORE image for Microsoft Azure

I was asked to make up a short demo video about creating a custom image for deployment in Microsoft Azure the other week to support some new content going into Microsoft Learn. Since this involves making an on-prem virtual machine ... continue reading
Use optimize tab in Backup Reports to find inactive resources

5 ways to optimize your backup costs with Azure Backup

Achieving cost efficiency in your cloud usage is more critical today than ever before. At Azure Backup, we're committed to helping you optimize your backup costs. Over the last few months, we've introduced a comprehensive collection of features that not ... continue reading
Migration Drivers

Azure Migrate Pricing

Migrating workloads from on prem datacentres to Azure is something a lot of organisations are thinking about.  There are lots of drivers making customers think about this, whether it be physical capacity issues or software refresh timelines. Migration Drivers Migrating ... continue reading
Azure Migrate

AzUpdate: Azure Migrate new features, AzCopy new version and new features in Form Recognizer

Another Friday is upon us, so time to share some of the headlines that have happened this week in terms of Azure news.  We have some new preview features in Azure as well as some going Generally Available (GA).  Revised ... continue reading

Autopilot Hybrid Join Over VPN In Azure Lab

As an IT admin you plan to ship new devices to end users which can join the on-premises AD (Active Directory) by leveraging Autopilot with Intune for device management. This post is a walkthrough of evaluating the Autopilot Hybrid join ... continue reading
Database Assessments within Azure Migrate

Database Assessments within Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate has come along way since it’s launch in September 2017, it now very much is the hub for datacentre migration projects.   We now see it being able to cover off those key migration scenarios that organisations are attempting, ... continue reading