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The threat matrix for cloud-based Storage services. The matrix consists of the various attack techniques that pose threats to Storage resources.

Threat matrix for storage

The move to cloud is happening faster than ever before and organizations are increasing their dependency on cloud storage services. In fact, Microsoft Azure Storage services are one of the most popular services in the cloud. Companies need effective threat ... continue reading
Leveraging PowerShell SecretManagement to generalize a demo environment

Leveraging PowerShell SecretManagement to generalize a demo environment

Hello Folks, I’ve been working with some colleagues on a shared demo environment, and one issue came up during a session with customers that highlighted a problem. If any of us change the local admin password of the servers or ... continue reading

HOW-TO: Deploy AKS with POD Managed Identity and CSI using Terraform and Azure Pipeline

Today as we develop and run application in AKS, we do not want credentials like database connection strings, keys, or secrets and certificates exposed to the outside world where an attacker could take advantage of those secrets for malicious purposes ... continue reading

Get Started with Azure Stack HCI using VMM!

We are excited to announce the support of managing Azure Stack HCI clusters in VMM 2019 UR3. Azure Stack HCI is the newly launched subscription-based fabric OS that’s delivered as an Azure service. More details on the announcement here. Let’s ... continue reading

Why Hyper-V Live Migrations Fail with 0x8009030E

Hi everyone, my name is Tobias Kathein and I’m a Senior Engineer in Microsoft’s Customer Success Unit. Together with my colleagues Victor Zeilinger, Serge Gourraud and Rodrigo Sanchez from Customer Service & Support we’re going to discuss a real-world scenario ... continue reading

Advancing Azure business continuity management

“Microsoft Azure has always been committed to providing highly reliable, available, and recoverable services to our customers. This customer-focused passion is reflected at every level in the Microsoft Azure Business Continuity Management (BCM) program. At the direction of the Microsoft ... continue reading
The threat matrix to Kubernetes. The matrix consists of the various attacking techniques that target Kubernetes.

Secure containerized environments with updated threat matrix for Kubernetes

Last April, we released the first version of the threat matrix for Kubernetes. It was the first attempt to systematically map the threat landscape of Kubernetes. As we described in the previous post, we chose to adapt the structure of ... continue reading
The impact of conflicting Azure Policies

The impact of conflicting Azure Policies

Azure Policy lets you assess resources against certain criteria at different levels in your environment - from the top level management groups containing multiple subscriptions down to resource groups. So what happens if the policies at one level are different ... continue reading
MPI Performance Improvements HBv3 (EPYC 7003-series) versus HBv2 (EPYC 7002-series

More performance and choice with new Azure HBv3 virtual machines for HPC

HPC-optimized virtual machines featuring AMD EPYC 7003-series processors Today Azure advances the velocity at which we bring the latest technologies to our HPC customers and the compute performance we put at their fingertips. We are excited to announce Azure HBv3-series ... continue reading
Windows Server 2019 Datacenter: Azure Edition with hotpatching support

Windows Server 2019 Datacenter: Azure Edition with hotpatching support

There was some new Windows Server goodness announced at Microsoft Ignite by Bernardo Caldas, VP of Program Management from the Azure Edge and Platform team. In the Featured Session “Latest Azure Innovation for Windows Server and SQL Server” – he ... continue reading