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Delivering AI with data: the next generation of Microsoft’s data platform

This post was authored by Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Data Group Leveraging intelligence out of the ever-increasing amounts of data can make the difference between being the next market disruptor or being relegated to the pages of history ... continue reading

Leverage Containers to test and debug Native applications on Nano Server

Today we’d like to share improvements in the test and debug workflow while developing native applications for Nano Server. The new workflow leverages Nano Server Containers and enhancements in the Visual Studio 2017 Remote Debugger to run in a Container ... continue reading

Nano Server Native Project Template now on Visual Studio Gallery

The Visual Studio project template for developing C++ applications targeting Nano Server is now available on the Visual Studio Marketplace (search on "nano"). The template supports both Visual Studio 2015 and 2017. What’s changed? The core of the extension is ... continue reading

Learn #JSON with Microsoft #Azure Resource Manager and Visual Studio #Code for #AzureStack #Cloud

The infrastructure for your application is typically made up of many components – maybe a virtual machine, storage account, and virtual network, or a web app, database, database server, and 3rd party services. You do not see these components as ... continue reading
PowerShell on Linux and Open Source

PowerShell on Linux and Open Source

Continuing the commitment to enable an open and flexible platform that meets customers where they are, Microsoft has now open sourced PowerShell and made it available on Linux and macOS. Matt McSpirit, Technical Evangelist is joined by Jeffrey Snover, inventor ... continue reading

Application Performance Monitoring and Availability Monitoring

This session on Application Performance Monitoring demonstrates and discusses the benefits of having visibility into key metrics about your applications, as well as alerts and logging about their health. It also covers the Availability Monitoring practice.[03:18] Introduction to Application Performance ... continue reading
Continuous Deployment and Release Management

Continuous Deployment and Release Management

This session discusses the benefits and demonstrates Continuous Deployment and Release Management. Continuous Deployment, which usually comes after Continuous Integration (CI), is the ability to use the output from CI and deploy this new known good build to an environment ... continue reading

Continuous Integration

This session on Continuous Integration demonstrates and discusses the benefits of merging all working copies of developers' code with a shared mainline, producing a new build upon code check-in.[02:24] Introduction to Continuous Integration[06:42] Demo - Fastest Continuous Integration demo ever[08:06] ... continue reading
Automated Testing

Automated Testing

This session on Automated Testing demonstrates and discusses the benefits of running load, integration, and unit tests automatically attached to Continuous Integration or some other means.[00:45] Introduction to Automated Testing[01:55] Types of Automated Testing[07:46] Demo - Performance Testing from the ... continue reading
Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code

This session on Infrastructure as Code demonstrates and discusses the benefits of leveraging techniques, processes, and tool sets used in software development to manage the deployment and configuration of systems, applications, and middleware.[00:46] Introduction to Infrastructure as Code[04:34] Demo - ... continue reading