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How to edit files in Azure Cloud Shell

How to edit files in Azure Cloud Shell

Azure Cloud Shell is a great tool to manage your Azure resources directly within the Azure Portal, Microsoft Docs, the Azure Mobile App or With Azure Files you even get persistent storage, which you can use to store scripts, ... continue reading
PowerShell Basics: Meet About - The Owner’s Manual for PowerShell

PowerShell Basics: Meet About – The Owner’s Manual for PowerShell

When I began to learn PowerShell, I asked a few experts in the field how they learned to use it with very few books or online references available at the time they began using it. Every one of them pointed ... continue reading

Using PowerShellGet with Azure Artifacts

We have improved the experience with PowerShell Get and private nuget feeds by focusing on pain points using an Azure Artifacts feed. We addressed pain points by enabling/documenting the following features: Non-PAT authentication for package management Credential persistence in Register-PSRepository ... continue reading
Gif image for creating a new automated machine learning experiement

A look at Azure’s automated machine learning capabilities

The automated machine learning capability in Azure Machine Learning service allows data scientists, analysts, and developers to build machine learning models with high scalability, efficiency, and productivity all while sustaining model quality. Automated machine learning builds a set of machine ... continue reading

PowerShell 7 Road Map

Last month we announced that PowerShell 7 will be the next release of PowerShell. Here I will provide more details of areas we’ll be investing in for the PowerShell 7 release. When will I get it?! Today, we’re releasing our ... continue reading
Screenshot of Postgres database health check notebook

Operationalizing your PostgreSQL database health checks using SQL Notebooks

In Craig Kerstiens‘s blog post, “A health check playbook for your Postgres database” he emphasizes the need for periodic checks for your Postgres databases to ensure it’s healthy and performing well. Most Postgres database administrators and community members would usually ... continue reading
Ran Tech / Microsoft 3/9/17

Azure IoT at Build: making IoT solutions easier to develop, more powerful to use

IoT is transforming every business on the planet, and that transformation is accelerating. Companies are harnessing billions of IoT devices to help them find valuable insights into critical parts of their business that were previously not connected—how customers are using ... continue reading
Get Azure Pipeline Build Status with the Azure CLI

Get Azure Pipeline Build Status with the Azure CLI

I spend a majority of my day working in Visual Studio Code editing files, committing these changes to a git repository, and in some cases triggering Azure Pipeline builds .via the commit and continuous integration. I use the Visual Studio ... continue reading

Machine Learning powered detections with Kusto query language in Azure Sentinel

This post is co-authored by Tim Burrell, Principal Security Engineering Manager and Dotan Patrich, Principal Software Engineer. As cyberattacks become more complex and harder to detect. The traditional correlation rules of a SIEM are not enough, they are lacking the ... continue reading
Contributing changes to Azure AD documentation

Contributing changes to Azure AD documentation

Howdy folks, We publish our Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) documentation on, which is our open source content publishing platform. We also allow you to change the content you read on, so everyone can contribute content updates and ... continue reading