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Side view close-up of a man typing on his phone while standing behind a Microsoft Surface Studio.

New security features in Windows 11 protect users and empower IT

While attacks are getting more sophisticated, so are our defenses. With recent innovations like secured-core PCs that are 60 percent more resilient to malware than non-secured-core PCs,1 and the Microsoft Pluton Security Processor that adds more protection by isolating sensitive ... continue reading
Shows an example scenario of Far Edge, how scale up to handle load across servers.

Unlocking the potential of in-network computing for telecommunication workloads

Azure Operator Nexus is the next-generation hybrid cloud platform created for communications service providers (CSP). Azure Operator Nexus deploys Network Functions (NFs) across various network settings, such as the cloud and the edge. These NFs can carry out a wide ... continue reading
Image shows a high-level architecture and key components for the Azure Operator Nexus product.

Modernize and monetize your network investments with Microsoft Azure Operator Nexus

Azure Operator Nexus is now generally available   Earlier this year at MWC Barcelona, Microsoft announced the public preview of Azure Operator Nexus, a carrier-grade and hybrid platform, built to empower telecom operators to modernize and transform their networks. Operator Nexus ... continue reading
Globe graphic illustrating the relationship between software as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service security structures.

Expanding horizons—Microsoft Security’s continued commitment to multicloud

Multicloud strategies have become the new norm for most enterprises, with more than 90 percent of organizations adopting multiple cloud infrastructures, platforms, and services to run their businesses.1 However, a lack of visibility into their digital infrastructure exposes them to ... continue reading

Avoiding Disk Export and VHD Download in Azure

Introduction In an era where cloud computing and virtualization are increasingly taking center stage, Microsoft's Azure is a dominant force. One of the vital components in Azure is the Disk Export and Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) Download functionality. While it ... continue reading

Increase gaming performance with NGads V620-series virtual machines

Gaming customers across the world tend to look for the same critical components when choosing their playing environment: Performance, Affordability, and Timely Content. And for gaming in the cloud, there’s a fourth: Reliability. With these clear guidelines in mind, we are ... continue reading
Volt Typhoon targets US critical infrastructure with living-off-the-land techniques

Volt Typhoon targets US critical infrastructure with living-off-the-land techniques

Microsoft has uncovered stealthy and targeted malicious activity focused on post-compromise credential access and network system discovery aimed at critical infrastructure organizations in the United States. The attack is carried out by Volt Typhoon, a state-sponsored actor based in China ... continue reading

Microsoft Azure security evolution: Embrace secure multitenancy, Confidential Compute, and Rust

In the first blog of our series on Azure Security, we delved into our defense-in-depth approach for tackling cloud vulnerabilities. The second blog highlighted our use of variant hunting to detect patterns of vulnerabilities across our services. In this installment, we will introduce our game-changing ... continue reading

How To Upgrade/Change the Operating System Which Hosts Microsoft Configuration Manager

Hello!   My name is Herbert Fuchs and together with other members of the Customer Success Unit and the Customer Service & Support Organization we want to help our Customers with This Blog-Series. We gathered information and put our field and ... continue reading
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SQL Server 2022: Intel® QuickAssist Technology overview

Part of the SQL Server 2022 blog series. In SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition, backup compression was introduced addingWITH COMPRESSION as an option in the T-SQL backup command. SQL Server backup compression provides the compressed backup option for all streaming SQL ... continue reading