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How Microsoft Security partners are helping customers do more with less

There has never been a greater demand for specialized cybersecurity expertise—or a greater opportunity for our partners to support our customers with new services and solutions. Over the last year, the permanent shift to hybrid work has empowered businesses to ... continue reading
Attack lifecycle includes use of IoT devices during intrusion, scanning, exploitation, credential stealing, lateral movement, data theft, and exfiltration stages.

Introducing security for unmanaged devices in the Enterprise network with Microsoft Defender for IoT

How many IoT devices are used at your company? If yours is like most organizations, there are probably printers, scanners, and fax machines scattered around the office. Perhaps smart TVs are mounted at reception or in the break room to ... continue reading
A screenshot of a table of chat messages translated from Russian to English. The table includes details when the message was sent, who it was from, to whom it was sent, the original text in Russian, and the translated English version.

Using Python to unearth a goldmine of threat intelligence from leaked chat logs

Dealing with a great amount of data can be time consuming, thus using Python can be very powerful to help analysts sort information and extract the most relevant data for their investigation. The open-source tools library, MSTICPy, for example, is ... continue reading
Holistic compromised identity signals from Microsoft

Holistic compromised identity signals from Microsoft

Hey there! We are delighted to announce the general availability of four new detections in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Identity Protection, further expanding our identity threat detection surface area in cloud applications and at endpoints to enhance our comprehensive ... continue reading

A Leader in multiple Zero Trust security categories: Industry analysts weigh in

The massive shift toward remote and hybrid work over the last two years has prompted many security professionals to reassess where siloed security may create vulnerabilities.1 For that reason, Zero Trust has become the gold standard for enterprise security. An ... continue reading
Diagram showing an attacker having access to a C2 server, a compromised IoT device, and a target network, all of which have a line of communication running through them. To the right of each component, corresponding attack chain routines related to it are depicted.

Uncovering Trickbot’s use of IoT devices in command-and-control infrastructure

Trickbot, a sophisticated trojan that has evolved significantly since its discovery in 2016, has continually expanded its capabilities and, even with disruption efforts and news of its infrastructure going offline, it has managed to remain one of the most persistent ... continue reading
Image shows devices are monitored and assessed for vulnerabilities and security recommendations. A prioritized list of recommendations are listed. The combination of Network and Endpoint signals enable a deeper assessment and broader range of detections.

Secure your healthcare devices with Microsoft Defender for IoT and HCL’s CARE

It wasn’t long ago that medical devices were isolated and unconnected, but the rise of IoT has brought real computing power to the network edge. Today, medical devices are transforming into interconnected, smart assistants with decision-making capabilities. Any device in ... continue reading
Example of a detected SQL injection attack alert in Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Stay on top of database threats with Microsoft Defender for Azure Cosmos DB

Databases are constantly evolving to handle new use cases, incorporate more intelligence, and store more data, giving developers and organizations a wide range of database types to meet their varying needs. Because aspects including architecture, capabilities, configuration options, and authentication ... continue reading
Diagram showing an example of a Uniswap flow

‘Ice phishing’ on the blockchain

The technologies that connect us are continually advancing, and while this brings tremendous new capabilities to users, it also opens new attack surfaces for adversaries and abusers. Social engineering represents a class of threats that has extended to virtually every ... continue reading
Network filtering in Azure’s virtual network

Enabling Zero Trust with Azure network security services

This blog has been co-authored by Eliran Azulai, Principal Program Manager. With the accelerated pace of digital transformation since the COVID-19 pandemic breakthrough, organizations continuously look to migrate their workloads to the cloud and to ensure their workloads are secure ... continue reading