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An image depicting the flow of adaptive dialogs and context switching from book flights to weather requests.

Accelerate bot development with Bot Framework SDK and other updates

Conversational experiences have become the norm, whether you’re looking to track a package or to find out a store’s hours of operation. At Microsoft Build 2019, we highlighted a few customers who are building such conversational experiences using the Microsoft ... continue reading
Data flow of architecture (using MongoDB as a primary data store).

Microsoft 365 boosts usage analytics with Azure Cosmos DB

This post is part of a 2-part series about how organizations are using Azure Cosmos DB to meet real-world needs, and the difference it’s making for them. In this first post we explore the challenges that led the Microsoft 365 ... continue reading
PowerShell Basics: Want to Use Exchange Online in Azure Cloud PowerShell?

PowerShell Basics: Want to Use Exchange Online in Azure Cloud PowerShell?

Since rollout in Exchange 2007, PowerShell and Exchange have been partners in helping administrators everywhere manage their environments. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, PowerShell is a powerful tool for working with Exchange. Now the cmdlets for managing Exchange Online ... continue reading

How to see Azure Alerts: Query rules and Activity Log in SCOM through Azure Management Pack

Azure Management pack is designed to enable hybrid scenario where SCOM is used as a single pane of glass to monitor both Azure and on-prem resources. If you want to monitor your Azure resources like Virtual machines, Storage accounts, ... continue reading
Compal GT100 tracker enabled with IoT Plug and Play

Build with Azure IoT Central and IoT Plug and Play

We’ve made it our mission to provide powerful yet simple-to-use IoT offerings across cloud and edge, so that our partners and customers can quickly move from idea, to pilot, and then production without the need for deep expertise. Azure IoT ... continue reading

Optimize performance using Azure Database for PostgreSQL Recommendations

As a developer today, you have a lot of things to worry about. There are new technologies, frameworks, and deployment models that you need to keep up with so that you can build game-changing apps for customers. At the end ... continue reading

Azure resources to assess risk and compliance

This blog post was co-authored by Lucy Raikova, Senior Program Manager, Azure Global – Financial Services. It is vital for our customers in the Financial Services Industry to deliver innovation and value to their customers while adhering to strict security ... continue reading
PowerShell Basics: Connecting to VMs with Azure PSRemoting

PowerShell Basics: Connecting to VMs with Azure PSRemoting

If you use PowerShell on-premises, chances are good you use PSRemoting (or PowerShell Remoting). It allows you to manage systems using remoting tools like Enter-PSSession and Invoke-Command. When you move to Azure, you have similar tooling available when you enable ... continue reading
Attack chain diagram

Analysis of a targeted attack exploiting the WinRar CVE-2018-20250 vulnerability

In early March, we discovered a cyberattack that used an exploit for CVE-2018-20250, an old WinRar vulnerability disclosed just several weeks prior, and targeted organizations in the satellite and communications industry. A complex attack chain incorporating multiple code execution techniques ... continue reading

How to accelerate DevOps with Machine Learning lifecycle management

DevOps is the union of people, processes, and products to enable the continuous delivery of value to end users. DevOps for machine learning is about bringing the lifecycle management of DevOps to Machine Learning. Utilizing Machine Learning, DevOps can easily ... continue reading