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Shows an example scenario of Far Edge, how scale up to handle load across servers.

Unlocking the potential of in-network computing for telecommunication workloads

Azure Operator Nexus is the next-generation hybrid cloud platform created for communications service providers (CSP). Azure Operator Nexus deploys Network Functions (NFs) across various network settings, such as the cloud and the edge. These NFs can carry out a wide ... continue reading

Driving performance and enhancing services across Three UK’s 5G network

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile telecommunications, Three UK deploys cutting-edge technologies to drive performance and improve overall service quality. Leveraging their 5G network and the power of AIOps, Three UK is focusing on enhancing the customer experience for data ... continue reading
Flowchart of Provenance Verification using Hardware Root-of-Trust Identities.

Microsoft Azure confidential ledger: Enhancing customer trust in Azure’s hardware supply chain

Microsoft Azure hardware’s security posture is foundational to the security promises we make to our customers. The supply chain of Microsoft Azure servers relies on a multifaceted and complex ecosystem of partners across silicon production, assembly, systems integration, transit, and ... continue reading

Adopting guidance from the US National Cybersecurity Strategy to secure the Internet of Things

The recently published United States National Cybersecurity Strategy warns that many popular Internet of Things (IoT) devices are not sufficiently secure to protect against many of today’s common cybersecurity threats.1 The strategy also cautions that many of these IoT devices ... continue reading
Architectural textures and patterns.

Cyber Signals: Sporting events and venues draw cyberthreats at increasing rates

Today we released the fifth edition of Cyber Signals, spotlighting threats to large venues, and sporting and entertainment events, based on our learnings and telemetry from delivering cybersecurity support to critical infrastructure facilities during the State of Qatar’s hosting of ... continue reading
Heatmap showing observed Storm-0558 activity by day of the week (x-axis) and hour (y-axis).

Analysis of Storm-0558 techniques for unauthorized email access

Executive summary On July 11, 2023, Microsoft published two blogs detailing a malicious campaign by a threat actor tracked as Storm-0558 that targeted customer email that we’ve detected and mitigated: Microsoft Security Response Center and Microsoft on the Issues. As we ... continue reading
Image of Microsoft Fiber graphic.

Introducing Microsoft Fabric: Data analytics for the era of AI

Today’s world is awash with data—ever-streaming from the devices we use, the applications we build, and the interactions we have. Organizations across every industry have harnessed this data to digitally transform and gain competitive advantages. And now, as we enter ... continue reading

PowerShellGet in PowerShell 7.4 Updates

Version 3 previews of PowerShellGet will begin shipping in PowerShell 7.4 previews in June (preview 5) with the following updates. These changes include important plans to address migration and compatibility, and we would like to request feedback. The module name ... continue reading
Move to Azure with a Web App

Move to Azure with a Web App

I recently saw a discussion on what value does the cloud actually bring to people. Why migrate? Beyond the most stated reasons, elasticity (aka add a host, VM, app or container on the fly), resiliency with Azure regions, Availability sets ... continue reading
Architecture diagram depicting the components and features of Azure API Management Gateway.

Manage your APIs with Azure API Management’s self-hosted gateway v2

Our industry has seen an evolution in how we run software. Traditionally, platforms were running in on-premises datacenters but started to transition to the cloud. However, not all workloads can move or customers want to have resiliency across clouds and ... continue reading