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Graph Data Processing with SQL Server 2017

SQL Server is trusted by many customers for enterprise-grade, mission-critical workloads that store and process large volumes of data. Technologies like in-memory OLTP and columnstore have also helped our customers to improve application performance many times over. But when it ... continue reading

Introducing Interleaved Execution for Multi-Statement Table Valued Functions

For SQL Server vNext and Azure SQL Database, the Microsoft Query Processing team is introducing a new set of adaptive query processing improvements to help fix performance issues that are due to poor cardinality estimates. Improvements in the adaptive query ... continue reading

Python in SQL Server 2017: enhanced in-database machine learning

We are excited to share the preview release of in-database analytics and machine learning with Python in SQL Server. Python is one of the most popular languages for data science and has a rich ecosystem of powerful libraries. Starting with ... continue reading

Delivering AI with data: the next generation of Microsoft’s data platform

This post was authored by Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Data Group Leveraging intelligence out of the ever-increasing amounts of data can make the difference between being the next market disruptor or being relegated to the pages of history ... continue reading
Hyper-V in Windows Server 2016

Massive Performance, Scale and Manageability Gains in Hyper-V with Windows Server 2016

In this episode, you'll learn about the huge performance and scale improvements made available with Hyper-V in Windows Server 2016. This video covers the specific performance enhancements, what kinds of new virtualization scenarios this makes available for business-critical workloads, such ... continue reading

Meet SQL Server’s biggest fan, KillaDBA

This post was authored by Jennifer Moser, Data Platform Community Lead, Microsoft Atlanta-based Homer McEwen has been a database administrator for more than 20 years. But it’s what he does in his spare time that makes McEwen, aka KillaDBA, a ... continue reading
Introduction to Windows Server 2016 Containers

Improve Deployment Speed and Reduce Overhead with Containers in Windows Server 2016

Learn how containers work in Windows Server 2016 and how they can be used to increase deployment speed, workload density and decrease server overhead to create a more efficient IT environment.  Workload candidates and security options are also discussed to ... continue reading

Five reasons to run SQL Server 2016 on Windows Server 2016 — No. 1: Security

This is the first blog in a five-part series. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts, which will cover cutting costs and improving performance of storage, BI, and analytics; improving uptime and reliability; reaching data insights faster by running analytics ... continue reading

SQL Server Replication enhancement in SQL Server 2016

Replication is a widely-adopted feature in SQL Server to copy and distribute data and database objects from one database to another and then synchronizing between databases to maintain consistency. In SQL Server 2016, we did some enhancement in replication features ... continue reading

SQL Server on Linux: Running jobs with SQL Server Agent

In keeping with our goal to enable SQL Server features across all platforms supported by SQL Server, Microsoft is excited to announce the preview of SQL Server Agent on Linux in SQL Server vNext Community Technology Preview (CTP) 1.4. SQL ... continue reading