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Augmenting Azure Advisor Cost Recommendations for Automated Continuous Optimization – Part 2

Augmenting Azure Advisor Cost Recommendations for Automated Continuous Optimization – Part 2

This is the second post of a series dedicated to the implementation of automated Continuous Optimization with Azure Advisor Cost recommendations. For a contextualization of the solution described in this and following posts, please read the introductory post. Introduction As ... continue reading

Seven ways to achieve cost savings and deliver efficiencies with Azure infrastructure

The global health crisis has transformed the way we work and live. At Microsoft, we are committed to doing what we can to help our customers respond to the crisis and plan ahead for future success. In the past couple ... continue reading

Expanding SQL Server Big Data Clusters capabilities, now on Red Hat OpenShift

SQL Server Big Data Clusters (BDC) is a new capability brought to market as part of the SQL Server 2019 release. BDC extends SQL Server's analytical capabilities beyond in-database processing of transactional and analytical workloads by uniting the SQL engine ... continue reading

Improving concurrency of asynchronous statistics update

Executive summary In Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance, the background process that updates statistics asynchronously can now wait for the schema modification lock on a low priority queue. This improves concurrency for workloads with frequent query plan ... continue reading
Maturity model.

Zero Trust—Part 1: Networking

Enterprises used to be able to secure their corporate perimeters with traditional network controls and feel confident that they were keeping hackers out. However, in a mobile- and cloud-first world, in which the rate and the sophistication level of security ... continue reading

Be prepared for what’s next: Accelerate cloud migration

We are in the midst of unprecedented times with far-reaching implications of the global health crisis to healthcare, public policy, and the economy. Organizations are fundamentally changing how they run their businesses, ensure the safety of their workforce, and keep ... continue reading

Data Exposed | Azure SQL Zone Redundant Configuration for High Availability

In this video, Emily Lisa and Anna Hoffman discuss how to make a database zone redundant in Azure SQL, and the High Availability benefits of the zone redundant configuration. Watch on Data Exposed Additional Resources: High-availability and Azure SQL Database ... continue reading

Business Continuity with Azure – Disaster Recovery

As someone who has worked in IT departments and an IT consultant for a Managed Service Provider (MSP), Business Continuity plans are something I’ve been involved in quite a lot. Either recovering from a threat or designing a solution that ... continue reading

Part 4 – SQL Server TDE and Extensible Key Management Using Azure Key Vault

Configure SQL Server This is Part: 4 of a 4-part blog series: After setting up Azure Active Directory and registering the AAD Application and additionally creating an Azure Key Vault, the next step is to put it all together in ... continue reading

Part 2 (PowerShell) – SQL Server TDE and Extensible Key Management Using Azure Key Vault

Set up an Azure Active Directory Service Principal and Azure Key Vault using PowerShell This is Part: PS2 (PowerShell) of a 4-part blog series: This blog in the series provides the step-by-step instructions to configure Azure Active Directory using PowerShell ... continue reading