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Screenshot of the list of all smart and customizable views in the Cost analysis preview.

Microsoft Cost Management updates—January 2023

Whether you're a new student, a thriving startup, or the largest enterprise, you have financial constraints and you need to know what you're spending, where it’s being spent, and how to plan for the future. Nobody wants a surprise when ... continue reading
Azure Policies for Automating Azure Governance - Choosing Policies

Azure Policies for Automating Azure Governance – Choosing Policies

Time and time again, many people get that go ahead for cloud but don't want to unleash everyone into the environment.  This is with good understanding.  Without policies and governance in place, cloud spend can go unmonitored or resources deployed ... continue reading
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Azure Data Studio 1.41 release

We are less than one month into 2023 and already have a new release of Azure Data Studio to shareintroducing 1.41! With this release, we migrated to a new authentication library, made improvements based on user requests and feedback, and ... continue reading
Azure Arc icon sharing a platform with SQL Server icon extending Azure capabilities to across three different environments: multicloud, edge and on-premises. Multicloud environment shows multiple clouds icons. On premises platform has a datacenter icon with databases. The edge platform shows a satellite, a piece of manufacturing equipment, and a delivery truck.

Manage, govern, and secure all your SQL Servers with new hybrid capabilities enabled by Azure Arc 

Part of the SQL Server 2022 blog series.In the face of changing market conditions and pressure to accelerate growth, the ability for customers to do more with less is critical. And while the cloud has long been the north star for ... continue reading
When running SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines using Azure Hybrid Benefit, you are entitled to license one additional passive secondary instance of SQL Server for High Availability for free and one additional passive instance of SQL Server for Disaster Recovery for free.

New SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines and Azure SQL Managed Instance DR benefits

Customers who are running their SQL Server workloads using SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines and Azure SQL Managed Instance are now eligible for new high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) benefits. These are in addition to existing HA/DR ... continue reading
Diagram of Managed Instance link

Link feature for Azure SQL Managed Instance: Connecting SQL Server 2022 to the cloud, reimagined

Part of theSQL Server 2022 blog series.We are excited to announce general availability (GA) of the link feature for Managed Instance for SQL Server 2022the most Azure-enabled release of SQL Server yet. We are also excited to announce a limited ... continue reading

Right Size/Recommend Azure SQL Managed Instance

Introduction When doing SQL Migrations we have some wonderful tools at Microsoft that will assist you with the migration from On-Premise to Azure. But What happens down the line when you need to decide if you made the correct choice ... continue reading

Query Store is enabled by default in SQL Server 2022

Part of the SQL Server 2022 blog series.Query Store is one of the most powerful database-scoped features in SQL Server for troubleshooting performance and improving the stability of your database workloads.The Query Store feature first became available in SQL Server ... continue reading
Diagram of the use of Azure Arc to enable Azure AD authentication for SQL Server 2022.

Azure Active Directory authentication for SQL Server 2022

Part of the SQL Server 2022 blog series.Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication is now supported for SQL Server 2022 preview on-premises for Windows and Linux Operating Systems.Azure AD Authentication methods The new functionality extends existing authentication modes, such asSQL ... continue reading

SQL Server 2012 reaches end of support and Microsoft is here to help

Today, July 12, 2022, marks the end of support for SQL Server 2012. This version has had an amazing 10-year run and we want to thank our customers for your investment in learning and using Microsoft SQL Server. Looking forward, ... continue reading