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SDN + AKS 3-15-23 Updates and Features

SDN + AKS 3-15-23 Updates and Features

Hello to our amazing Customers- Can you believe it's almost April, better yet, almost Spring!? Time is flying and our SDN team is hard at work in coordination with the AKS Hybrid team.  The 3-15-23 AKS Hybrid release includes a ... continue reading
Azure Stack HCI: What's new for Software Defined Networking (SDN) with WAC v2211

Azure Stack HCI: What’s new for Software Defined Networking (SDN) with WAC v2211

A warm 2023 “Hello” to our Customers and Partners! Today is an exciting day as we share with each of you the extensive new features and improvements for SDN in Windows Admin Center 2211 (WAC)!  We cannot thank you enough ... continue reading

December 2022 monthly security updates for Hyper-V servers impacts SCVMM SDN deployments

Monthly security updates (KB and KB 5021237) for Hyper-V hosts released on Dec 13th, 2022, have known issues that impacts SCVMM managed SDN (Software Defined Networking) deployments and this creates failures with new VM creation and virtual network assignment. Impacted scenarios: ... continue reading
Figure 1 shows three panels, each of an Azure region that consists of 3 availability zones. Panel 1 shows that within each Azure region is a virtual network that contains a sing subnet. A virtual machine scale set consists of multiple virtual machines that are deployed across all three zones within the single subnet. NAT gateway is attached to the subnet from zone 1. In panel 2, zone 1 is down, which causes a loss of outbound connectivity across all three zones since all outbound connectivity goes through the zone 1 NAT gateway. Panel 3 shows that if zone 2 goes down, only outbound connectivity for virtual machines from that zone goes down. Outbound connectivity from zone 1 and 3 persists since NAT gateway is in a zone not impacted by the zone 2 outage.

Ensure zone resilient outbound connectivity with NAT gateway

Our customers—across all industries—have a critical need for highly available and resilient cloud frameworks to ensure business continuity and adaptability of ever-growing workloads. One way that customers can achieve resilient and reliable infrastructures in Microsoft Azure (for outbound connectivity) is ... continue reading
Az Stack HCI: Software Defined Networking (SDN) extensions reach General Availability for WAC

Az Stack HCI: Software Defined Networking (SDN) extensions reach General Availability for WAC

Software Defined Networking is Azure-inspired Networking in your datacenter and at the edge, learn more below: Plan for and deploy SDN infrastructure on Azure Stack HCI - Learn | Microsoft Docs  Implement Datacenter Firewall and Software Load Balancer on Azure ... continue reading
System architecture for mitigating impact of ransomware. Healthy servers receive trusted beacons from the cloud. An attack on near and far edge servers causes the cloud to stop issuing trusted beacons. In their absence, servers automatically reimage themselves kicking ransomware off the platform.

Security for next generation telecommunication networks

Almost two years ago, the National Defense Science Board invited me to participate in the Summer Study 2020 Panel, “Protecting the Global Information Infrastructure.” They requested that I brief them on the evolution of the global communications infrastructure connecting all ... continue reading
Azure Stack HCI on Microsoft Learn

Azure Stack HCI on Microsoft Learn

Azure Stack HCI is a hyper-converged infrastructure operating system delivered as an Azure service. Rather than attempt to put all the elements of a Windows Server hyper-converged solution together yourself and then trying to integrated it with Azure hybrid elements, ... continue reading
 Dual ToR support through smart cable and SONiC switches.

SONiC opens more opportunities for network innovation

SONiC, as an open-source operating system for network devices, has been growing rapidly in the last five years. According to Gartner Market Guide for Data Center Switching published early this year, they predict, “By 2025, 40 percent of organizations that ... continue reading
Azure global network

Architect and optimize your internet traffic with Azure routing preference

At Microsoft, we see our customers going through rapid digital transformation to accelerate business growth and empower their employees. And the shift to the digital sphere means a phenomenal growth in internet traffic. The global pandemic has transformed the way ... continue reading
One Ops Question: How can I simplify management of my Windows Servers on-prem and Azure?

One Ops Question: How can I simplify management of my Windows Servers on-prem and Azure?

Today Sarah answers a questions that is on every on-prem IT person. When you have systems in all kinds of different location and platform how do you keep track of them all without going nuts? how do you tame the ... continue reading