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Microsoft Defender for Cloud Dashboard featuring security posture chart, Firewall manage, regulatory compliance status, and workload protections.

3 steps to secure your multicloud and hybrid infrastructure with Azure Arc

As businesses around the world grapple with the growth of an industrialized, organized attacker ecosystem, the need for customers to secure multicloud and hybrid infrastructure and workloads is increasingly urgent. Today, organizations face an attacker ecosystem that is highly economically ... continue reading
Troubleshooting Windows containers apps on Azure Kubernetes Service

Troubleshooting Windows containers apps on Azure Kubernetes Service

Alright, it’s time to bring together everything we learned so far in this series. Previously, we looked at the simplest way to collect logs, how to use the Log Monitor tool, and how to make things simpler with Windows Admin ... continue reading
Confidential Virtual Machine in Azure Portal.

Meet PCI compliance with credit card tokenization

In building and running a business, the safety and security of your and your customers' sensitive information and data is a top priority, especially when storing financial information and processing payments are concerned. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ... continue reading

PowerShell and OpenSSH team investments for 2022

It’s time to discuss the team investments for 2022. For some areas we’ll be completing work we’ve already started, and in others we’ll be beginning on new projects. Executive Order on Cybersecurity One of the areas we’ve already spent significant ... continue reading
Azure AD: Change Management Simplified

Azure AD: Change Management Simplified

Hello Everyone, Rapid change is a growing reality in cloud services. In Azure AD alone, we are making hundreds of changes every year including new feature releases, changes to existing features, as well as deprecations and retirements. We’ve heard from ... continue reading
A preview of table designer and its accompanying features

Introducing new and improved updates to SQL tools on Azure

In this post, we'll recap the updates to SQL tools over the past few months, including the recent releases of Azure Data Studio and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Additionally, we'll highlight the Data-Tier Application Framework (DacFx) 160 general availability ... continue reading
Extend the reach of Azure AD Identity Protection into workload identities

Extend the reach of Azure AD Identity Protection into workload identities

We are delighted to announce the public preview for Azure AD Identity Protection for workload identities! This work comes from working with our customers as we apply all we’ve learned from protecting user accounts to workload identities, especially in the ... continue reading
Organize packages and update groups in Configuration Manager TP 2202

Organize packages and update groups in Configuration Manager TP 2202

Update 2202 for the Technical Preview Branch of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager has been released. In this release, Admins will be able to organize packages and update groups in a much better way using folders. This feature helps to enable ... continue reading
Diagram showing an example of a Uniswap flow

‘Ice phishing’ on the blockchain

The technologies that connect us are continually advancing, and while this brings tremendous new capabilities to users, it also opens new attack surfaces for adversaries and abusers. Social engineering represents a class of threats that has extended to virtually every ... continue reading

How to Find Azure Resources with Public IP Addresses

Overview Creating Resources in Azure is so simple for IT teams these days but finding all the public endpoints that could be visible to the internet can be challenging. Why do I need to understand which IP's are exposed to ... continue reading