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Script Wars: The Farce Awakens (part II)

Summary: Yesterday, we met a newly graduated IT professional, Rey Skyworker, as she discussed the ways of "The Farce." It was during this discussion that her instructor, Ben Kerberosie, discovered she had a natural gift in understanding how to implement ... continue reading

Script Wars: The Farce Awakens (part I)

Summary: Seven years ago, “Hey, Scripting Guy!” was approached by a member of the community to see if we would be interested in doing something a little fun for the holidays. The result was a seven-part series called “A PowerShell ... continue reading
Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) – Certificate Warnings

Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) – Certificate Warnings

Hello everyone! Tim Beasley, Platforms PFE here again from the gorgeous state of Missouri. Here in the fall, in the Ozark Mountains area the colors of the trees are just amazing! But hey, I’m sure wherever you are it’s nice ... continue reading
Tour of Heroes in Action

Building SQL REST API back-end for Angular apps

JSON support in SQL Server/Azure SQL is designed to make integration between the relational database models and the modern single-page JavaScript apps easier than ever. SQL Server/Azure SQL enables you to easily format results of SQL queries as JSON text ... continue reading

PowerShell script to automatically close old alerts in SCOM

The below PowerShell script can be used to automatically close old SCOM alerts. This script looks for active alerts along with the time when alert was created (alert age). If the alert age is greater than the specified number of ... continue reading

WNV Deep Dive Part 3 – Capturing and Reading Virtualized Network Traffic

By James Kehr, Networking Support Escalation Engineer There are three primary tools used to capture virtual network traffic in Windows: netsh trace, the PowerShell NetEventPacketCapture module, and Message Analyzer. I won’t focus much on Message Analyzer captures here. Most server ... continue reading
What’s new in SSMS 17.4: SQL Vulnerability Assessment

What’s new in SSMS 17.4: SQL Vulnerability Assessment

This post is authored by Ronit Reger, Senior Program Manager, SQL Data Security and Alan Yu, Program Manager, SQL Server We are excited to announce the release of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) 17.4! Download SSMS 17.4 and review the ... continue reading
PowerShell Gallery prerelease filter

Prerelease Versioning Added to PowerShellGet and PowerShell Gallery

With the release of PowerShellGet 1.6.0, PowerShellGet cmdlets and the PowerShell Gallery have added support for prerelease strings for prerelease versions of modules and scripts. You can now publish items to the PowerShell Gallery with a version like 1.0.0-alpha, and ... continue reading
Microsoft teams up with law enforcement and other partners to disrupt Gamarue (Andromeda)

Microsoft teams up with law enforcement and other partners to disrupt Gamarue (Andromeda)

Today, with help from Microsoft security researchers, law enforcement agencies around the globe, in cooperation with Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), announced the disruption of Gamarue, a widely distributed malware that has been used in networks of infected computers collectively ... continue reading
Simple PowerShell Network Capture Tool

Simple PowerShell Network Capture Tool

Hello all. Jacob Lavender here again for the Ask PFE Platforms team to share with you a little sample tool that I’ve put together to help with performing network captures. This all started when I was attempting to develop an ... continue reading