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Running Edge with new startup page

How to Change the Start Page for the Edge Browser

Q: How can I change the Edge startup page? A: You can change the start page easily using PowerShell. Edge and It’s Start Page I am basing this article on the latest incarnation of the Edge browser, aka Edge Chromium ... continue reading

Part 2 – You Might Want to Audit Your LAPS Permissions….

Part 2 - Deploy LAPS, Check! You’re all set, right? Maybe… Hi Team, Eric Jansen here to follow up on some auditing suggestions that I mentioned for those of you that have LAPS deployed in your environment, in part one of this ... continue reading

Software Installation Using Azure Policy State Change Events

Azure Policy can give us the ability to audit settings inside a virtual machine using Guest Configuration. However, at this time we can’t remediate those machines because the feature is not yet available. This means that although we can see ... continue reading
Figure 1

How-To: Automated Company-Wide IP Blocking via Azure Firewall and Azure Functions

Summary One of the top 10 Azure consuming companies has multiple country government-mandated requirements to block egress to and ingress from IP addresses and IP address ranges on a dynamic embargoed/sanctioned IP list. In other words, various country governments across ... continue reading

How to rename a NIC

Q: Is there a simple way to rename a NIC, especially inside a Hyper-V VM? A: You can change the name of any Windows NIC using PowerShell – whether the NIC is in a physical host or a Hyper-V VM ... continue reading

Azure Web App for Containers: Pulling a Container Image from ACR Without Exposing Credentials

Hello dear readers! My name is Daniel Ribeiro and I am a Customer Engineer working with Microsoft Mission Critical Team (SfMC). The Problem A customer of mine recently reported that when deploying a container using the Azure Web App, the ... continue reading
Deep dive: Logging on to Windows

Deep dive: Logging on to Windows

Logging on to your computer is certainly faster than it used to be, yet there are a bunch of technical steps that happen in the background. At our ITOps Talk: All things hybrid event, senior developer Steve Syfuhs took us ... continue reading

Faking DDNS with Azure Services

Hello folks, Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve all been mostly stuck to our home offices.  And since I’ve been concentrating of the hybrid services that Azure can provide I setup a simulated on-prem environment at home with left-over ... continue reading
Variable definitions in the Flow

Use Power Automate to Notify of Upcoming Azure AD App Client Secrets and Certificate Expirations

DisclaimerThe sample scripts are not supported under any Microsoft standard support program or service. The sample scripts are provided AS IS without warranty of any kind. Microsoft further disclaims all implied warranties including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability ... continue reading

Automate and manage Azure AD tasks at scale with the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK

Howdy folks, We’ve heard from customers that having a great PowerShell experience is critical in helping manage your identity needs at scale from automating tasks through scripts to managing users in bulk. Today we wanted to share the investments we’re ... continue reading