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Is a User A Local Administrator?

Q: Some of the things we do in our logon scripts require the user to be a local administrator. How can the script tell if the user is a local administrator or not, using PowerShell 7. A: Easy using PowerShell ... continue reading

Hybrid Identity: Getting Users Aligned

Hey folks, Eric Woodruff here – Customer Engineer still living and breathing in the world of Azure Active Directory. Today we are going to dive into the specifics of how user accounts in Active Directory are matched to user accounts ... continue reading
Stop typing PowerShell credentials in demos using PowerShell SecretManagement

Stop typing PowerShell credentials in demos using PowerShell SecretManagement

We all sometimes create presentations with some PowerShell demos. And often, we need to use credentials to log in to systems for example PowerShell when delivering these presentations. This can lead that we don't use very strong passwords because we ... continue reading

How-To: Deploy Microservice Application with Pod Identity Using Helm Chart

In the last blog we discussed how to deploy AKS fully integrated with AAD. Also we discussed deploying add-on for Azure Pod Identity and Azure CSI driver. In the article we will discuss how to create an application that using ... continue reading
Adding a dynamic membership rule to a group in the Azure Portal

Dynamic Groups in Azure AD and Microsoft 365

When I first started in IT, my large organization had an entirely separate "Data Security" team who were responsible for user management - adds/moves/deletes and password resets. They were a small but busy team, handling both calls from users via ... continue reading
The threat matrix for cloud-based Storage services. The matrix consists of the various attack techniques that pose threats to Storage resources.

Threat matrix for storage

The move to cloud is happening faster than ever before and organizations are increasing their dependency on cloud storage services. In fact, Microsoft Azure Storage services are one of the most popular services in the cloud. Companies need effective threat ... continue reading

Leveraging PowerShell SecretManagement to generalize a demo environment

Hello Folks, I’ve been working with some colleagues on a shared demo environment, and one issue came up during a session with customers that highlighted a problem.  If any of us change the local admin password of the servers or ... continue reading

Azure Files: Single Forest Multiple Domain Setup Troubleshooting

Introduction Hello everyone, this is Andrew Coughlin and I am a Customer Engineer at Microsoft focusing on Azure IaaS. In this blog I will be discussing an issue I came across while working with one of my customers. I was ... continue reading
Optimizing your $Profile

Optimizing your $Profile

Optimizing your $Profile Your PowerShell Profile allows you to customize your PowerShell session and runs at startup. Complex profiles can cause a significant delay in the startup of PowerShell as it is a script that needs to be executed before ... continue reading
Raising the minimum bar with Azure Automanage

Raising the minimum bar with Azure Automanage

Hello Folks, I’ve always believed that one of the true roles of IT in any organizations is to help the business units achieve their goals while maintaining adequate control over company resources. This is not an all-encompassing rule. It’s just ... continue reading