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How to determine what devices are connecting to a storage account

Introduction Have you ever wondered how to determine if any devices are still using a storage account blob, file, table, or queues? In this blog post I will talk about the process of setting up monitoring to understand if/what devices ... continue reading
A diagram of the attack chain. It presents the flow of activity from left to right, starting with the attacker gaining access to its target tenant and leading to spam messages being sent to targets.

Malicious OAuth applications used to compromise email servers and spread spam

Microsoft researchers recently investigated an attack where malicious OAuth applications were deployed on compromised cloud tenants and then used to control Exchange servers and spread spam. The investigation revealed that the threat actor launched credential stuffing attacks against high-risk accounts ... continue reading

New Windows 11 security features are designed for hybrid work

Attackers are constantly evolving, becoming increasingly sophisticated and destructive—the median time for an attacker to access your private data if you fall victim to a phishing email is 1 hour, 12 minutes.1 Microsoft tracks more than 35 ransomware families and ... continue reading

PowerShell Registry Monitor

Recently, while discussing work-related topics, a co-worker asked me if there is a way of monitoring changes on a Windows registry key. I knew we can monitor files, with the System.IO.FileSystemWatcher .NET class, but never heard of registry monitoring. Well, ... continue reading

Create Azure Service Health Alerts for All Resource Groups

Introduction I recently had a customer requirement for creating Azure Service Health Alerts. The way access was provided in Azure, meant that only specific users had access to their respective Resource Groups. We also did not want these users to ... continue reading

Test your team’s security readiness with the Gone Phishing Tournament

Why should you care about the behavioral risk of your employees? Eighty-two percent of breaches include (and often start with) user behavior.1 Not all are phishing, but a majority of them are just that. Phishing is, and has been for ... continue reading

Intelligent Query Processing: feature family additions

Part of the SQL Server 2022 blog series.SQL Server 2022 introduces a handful of new members to the growing Intelligent Query Processing (IQP) family. These additions range from expanding and improving various query performance feedback mechanisms to adding two new featuresparameter ... continue reading

Azure Enterprise Policy as Code – A New Approach

We work closely with customers using Azure Policy and have seen many different methods of deploying and maintaining it, from manual to over-complicated automated methods, everyone has a unique way of doing it. This code was developed to make policy ... continue reading

PowerShellGet 3.0 Preview 17

We are excited to announce that an update to our preview of PowerShellGet 3.0 is now available on the PowerShell Gallery! This release includes a number of bug fixes as well as support for specifying the temporary path used during ... continue reading

Modernizing Endpoint Management – Encryption – Part 1

Introduction: We understand the benefits of modernizing endpoint management using Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) for both physical and virtual endpoints (W365). We see organizations of different types & sizes are in different phases in their cloud journey. There are businesses ... continue reading