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CIS Tech Community – Check This Out! (CTO!) Guide (June 2022)

Hi everyone! Brandon Wilson here to introduce you to a new series of posts, called the “Check This Out!” series (or “CTO!” for short). These posts are only intended to be a guide to lead you to some content of ... continue reading
Marketplace listing page for Dynatrace native service for Azure.

Achieve seamless observability with Dynatrace for Azure

This blog post has been co-authored by Manju Ramanathpura, Principal Group PM, Azure DevEx & Partner Ecosystem. As adoption of public cloud grows by leaps and bounds, organizations want to leverage software and services that they love and are familiar ... continue reading

To AAD Join or Not … That is the Question

As we all know, the cloud paradigm shifts in IT continue. When I worked in corporate IT - heck, when I started blogging out here - on-prem was really all there was. Active Directory, GPOs and WINS were all the ... continue reading

Permissions Management Terms and their Impact in Multicloud Environments

It seems that almost every day we’re hearing of new cloud security terms and acronyms. Navigating so many terms can be confusing and overwhelming, especially as many can have different meanings, depending on the context. To help guide you as ... continue reading

A Leader in multiple Zero Trust security categories: Industry analysts weigh in

The massive shift toward remote and hybrid work over the last two years has prompted many security professionals to reassess where siloed security may create vulnerabilities.1 For that reason, Zero Trust has become the gold standard for enterprise security. An ... continue reading’s Azure marketplace offer page with Overview, Plan and Pricing details

Seamless integration of observability platform with Microsoft Azure

When your solution is operating at cloud speed and scale you need to be able to spot problems as they arise (ideally before they impact the customer), respond quickly and resolve them as quickly as possible. If you are building ... continue reading
Architecture diagram for Galaxy on Azure using Azure CycleCloud with grid engine cluster.

Genomic analysis on Galaxy using Azure CycleCloud

Cloud computing and digital transformation have been powerful enablers for genomics. Genomics is expected to be an exabase-scale big data domain by 2025, posing data acquisition and storage challenges on par with other major generators of big data. Embracing digital ... continue reading
Zero Trust Adoption Report bar chart showcasing the varying levels of Zero Trust adoption across Microsoft Exchange, Zoom Credentials, SolarWinds, Robinhood, Intel, and Fireye.

Learn about 4 approaches to comprehensive security that help leaders be fearless

The last 18 months have put unprecedented pressure on organizations to speed up their digital transformation as remote and hybrid work continue to become the new normal. Yet even with all the change and uncertainty, having the right security support ... continue reading
Simplify your identity provisioning with these new Azure AD capabilities

Simplify your identity provisioning with these new Azure AD capabilities

With the continued evolution and adoption of hybrid work, we know how critical a strong identity and governance control plane is for IT scalability and a seamless user experience. Today, we are excited to share new Azure Active Directory (Azure ... continue reading
Azure Space ecosystem showing multi-orbits and geospatial capabilities through Machine Learning.

New satellite connectivity and geospatial capabilities with Azure Space

Figure 1: Azure Space ecosystem showing multi-orbits and geospatial capabilities through Machine Learning. Last year, Microsoft announced Azure Space, bringing together the possibilities of Space with the power of the cloud to help people and organizations achieve more on and ... continue reading