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Bar graph displaying data sets taken from typical cloud usage including Application Services, IoT Text Files, and System Logs

Hardware innovation for data growth challenges at cloud-scale

The Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Summit 2019 kicks off today in San Jose where a vibrant and growing community is sharing the latest in innovation to make hardware more efficient, flexible, and scalable. For Microsoft, our journey with OCP ... continue reading
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Achieving SQL Server HA/DR with a mix of Always On Availability Groups and SANless SQL Server Failover Cluster Instances

Introduction The topic of mixing SQL Server Failover Cluster Instances (FCI) with Always On Availability Groups (AG) is pretty well documented. However, most of the available documentation documents configurations that assume the SQL Server FCI portion of the solution utilizes ... continue reading
VMware and physical - Write to Managed Disks

Simplify disaster recovery with Managed Disks for VMware and physical servers

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) now supports disaster recovery of VMware virtual machines and physical servers by directly replicating to Managed Disks. Beginning in March 2019 and moving forward, all new protections have this capability available on the Azure portal. In ... continue reading
Azure Stack scale-unit stretched across multiple locations or sites separated by a large distance. This is an unsupported deployment topology for Azure Stack.

Azure Stack IaaS – part four

Protect your stuff In this post, we’ll cover the concepts and best practices to protect your IaaS virtual machines (VMs) on Azure Stack. This post is part of the Azure Stack Considerations for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery white paper ... continue reading
Microsoft SDN patch available: Issue where SDN REST service stops working after installing updates

Microsoft SDN patch available: Issue where SDN REST service stops working after installing updates

Summary Recently, a few SDN customers have hit an issue where after updating their SDN environments with patches, SDN stops working. This issue has been fixed in the latest update (KB4487006). All customers are strongly recommended to this update to ... continue reading

Tough Questions Answered: How to Move a Physical SQL Always-On Cluster to Different Hardware

Recently I was involved in a troubleshooting on a SQL Always-On failover cluster on a Windows Server 2012R2, and let me say… ”A SPECIAL ALWAYS ON CLUSTER!” PROBLEM DESCRIPTION The customer has a branch office in a remote site, with ... continue reading
Shared Image Gallery - Management.png

Quick look at the Azure Shared Image Gallery

When it comes to server deployment, companies often have the custom virtual machine images and templates. I want to share more about a not widely known feature, called the Azure Shared Image Gallery, which helps customer managing, sharing and deploying ... continue reading
Top 10 Networking Features in Windows Server 2019: #1 Container Networking with Kubernetes

Top 10 Networking Features in Windows Server 2019: #1 Container Networking with Kubernetes

First published on TECHNET on Sep 19, 2018Share On: TwitterThis blog is part of a series for the Top 10 Networking Features in Windows Server 2019!-- Click HERE to see the other blogs in this series. This concludes ourTop 10 ... continue reading
Configure replication settings screenshot

Protect Azure Virtual Machines using storage spaces direct with Azure Site Recovery

Storage spaces direct (S2D) lets you host a guest cluster on Microsoft Azure which is especially useful in scenarios where virtual machines (VMs) are hosting a critical application like SQL, Scale out file server, or SAP ASCS. You can learn ... continue reading
Azure VMs

Moving your Azure Virtual Machines has never been easier!

To meet customer demand, Azure is continuously expanding. We’ve been adding new Azure regions and introducing new capabilities. As a result, customers want to move their existing virtual machines (VMs) to new regions while adopting the latest capabilities. There are ... continue reading