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OPS111: Learn the 5 key areas to consider for your hybrid workloads

OPS111: Learn the 5 key areas to consider for your hybrid workloads

In this whiteboard session (after a few slides for context), Dave Kurth and Thomas Maurer will discuss the 5 key areas of any hybrid cloud workload, connectivity, application, data, identity, security & management. Speaker: David Kurth, Sr. Azure PMM What ... continue reading
Plan your migration to Azure VMware Solution using Azure Migrate 1

Plan your migration to Azure VMware solution using Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate now supports assessments for Azure VMware Solution (AVS), providing even more options for you to plan your migration to Azure. AVS enables you to run VMware natively on Azure. AVS provides a dedicated Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) ... continue reading
Average solution provider revenue growth since 2009.

Rapid recovery planning for IT service providers

Azure Lighthouse is launching the “Azure Lighthouse Vision Series,” a new initiative to help partners with the business challenges of today and provide them the resources and knowledge needed to create a thriving Azure practice. We are starting the series ... continue reading

Planning Failover Cluster Node Sizing

In this blog I will discuss considerations on planning the number of nodes in a Windows Server Failover Cluster. Starting with Windows Server 2012, Failover Clustering can support to up 64-nodes in a single cluster making it industry leading in ... continue reading
Snapshot of YouTube video with play button for Run VMware in Azure tutorial

Moving your VMware resources to Azure is easier than ever

Back in April we announced the Azure VMware Solution to deliver a comprehensive VMware environment allowing you to run native VMware-based workloads on Azure. It’s a fully managed platform as a service (PaaS) that includes vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, NSX-T, and ... continue reading
Screenshot of the administrator view when downloading marketplace items into Azure Stack

Azure Stack IaaS – part nine

This blog was co-authored by Aparna Vishwanathan, Senior Program Manager, Azure Stack and Tiberiu Radu, Senior Program Manager, Azure Stack. Build on the success of others Before we built Azure Stack, our program manager team called a lot of customers ... continue reading

So what exactly is the CLIUSR account

From time to time, people stumble across the local user account called CLIUSR and wonder what it is, while you really don’t need to worry about it; we will cover it for the curious in this blog. The CLIUSR account ... continue reading
Virtual Machine Storage Resiliency in Windows Server 2016

Virtual Machine Storage Resiliency in Windows Server 2016

First published on TECHNET on Sep 08, 2015 We live in an imperfect world, where things will go wrong. When they do, you need a private cloud which is designed to be highly available and resilient to failures in the ... continue reading
Disaster Recovery to Microsoft Azure – Part 2

Disaster Recovery to Microsoft Azure – Part 2

First published on TECHNET on Jun 21, 2014 Continuing from the previous blog - check out the recent TechEd NA 2014 talk @ which includes a cool demo of this product. Love it??? Talk about it, try it and ... continue reading

Azure Site Recovery – FAQ

First published on TECHNET on Jun 25, 2014 Quick post to clarify some frequently asked questions on the newly announced Azure Site Recovery service which enables you to protect your Hyper-V VMs to Microsoft Azure. The FAQ will not address ... continue reading