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PowerShell/OpenSSH Team Investments for 2023

For , the team had set out lots of objectives and I’m happy to say we accomplished most of them! This year, we’re continuing on improving quality and also adding new features across our portfolio based on feedback from the ... continue reading

Software Installation Using Machine Configuration and Azure Policy

I did a post a while ago on installing software onto virtual machines using policy state change events as the trigger. Now with the general availability of Azure Automanage Machine Configuration (formerly Azure Policy Guest Configuration) it’s time for a ... continue reading

Azure Policy Guest Configuration – Using Tags for Configuration of Features

The preview for being able to audit and correct settings inside of a virtual machine using Azure Policy Guest Configuration is available now, this post explores deploying settings into the virtual machine. Recently on a POC with a customer we ... continue reading

Azure & Desired State Configuration Part 3/4

Scenario In Part 1 and Part 2 we saw how we could deploy a web server on a new VM in using a Desired State Configuration file using Azure Devops and even The Azure Portal. The next section will describe ... continue reading

PowerShell Team 2021 Investments

PowerShell Team 2021 Investments The PowerShell Team plans engineering work per semester (6 months at a time). However, PowerShell itself follows the .NET schedule of release every year. In this blog post, we’ll cover the year long plan for PowerShell ... continue reading
Desired State Configuration code: How to troubleshoot the extension

Desired State Configuration code: How to troubleshoot the extension

Hello folks! If you have made it this far, know I think you’re amazing and one of a kind! If you are just tuning in now and would like to see the full blog series daisy chained together, take note ... continue reading

PowerShellGet 3.0 Preview 1

We are excited to announce that our first preview release of PowerShellGet 3.0 is now available on the PowerShell Gallery. This is a major update to PowerShell’s experience for discovering, installing, updating and publishing PowerShell resources like modules, DSC resources, ... continue reading
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PowerTip: Use New-Alias to make Cmdlets easier to remember

Summary: Using New-Alias to create easier to remember shortcuts to Cmdlets in PowerShell Hey, Doctor Scripto. I know I can use Install-Module to download a DSC Resource, but is there some way to build a Cmdlet that does the Exact ... continue reading
Azure Policy Guest Configuration – Service

Azure Policy Guest Configuration – Service

This post builds upon the introduction published earlier to the PowerShell blog. In this post we are going to explore the Azure Policy Guest Configuration service. The full documentation for this service is available at the following short url. ... continue reading
Reduce the number of admins on your servers with Just Enough Administration

Reduce the number of admins on your servers with Just Enough Administration

First published on TECHNET on Aug 29, 2016 Least Privilege As part of your information security strategy, you are probably familiar with the principle of least privilege . The concept itself is simple -- give your IT staff and end-users ... continue reading