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PowerShell Registry Monitor

Recently, while discussing work-related topics, a co-worker asked me if there is a way of monitoring changes on a Windows registry key. I knew we can monitor files, with the System.IO.FileSystemWatcher .NET class, but never heard of registry monitoring. Well, ... continue reading
Console excerpt, showing a menu of parameter options for dir

Cheat Sheet – Console Experience

PowerShell can take some getting used to. Especially if you come at it from a different Shell and don’t see any way to get your good old experience back. However, hidden behind that plain white on blue shell, there is ... continue reading

PowerShell and OpenSSH team investments for 2022

It’s time to discuss the team investments for 2022. For some areas we’ll be completing work we’ve already started, and in others we’ll be beginning on new projects. Executive Order on Cybersecurity One of the areas we’ve already spent significant ... continue reading
Top 20 most visited blog posts for IT Pros in 2021

Top 20 most visited blog posts for IT Pros in 2021

From our first post on the 17th of September 2018, where Rick Claus introduced Microsoft's "Cloud Ops Advocate" team, we've published nearly 600 articles on this ITOps Talk blog! To end the year, we wanted to highlight some of our ... continue reading

Azure Policy Guest Configuration – Using Tags for Configuration of Features

The preview for being able to audit and correct settings inside of a virtual machine using Azure Policy Guest Configuration is available now, this post explores deploying settings into the virtual machine. Recently on a POC with a customer we ... continue reading

Faking DDNS with Azure Services

Hello folks, Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve all been mostly stuck to our home offices.  And since I’ve been concentrating of the hybrid services that Azure can provide I setup a simulated on-prem environment at home with left-over ... continue reading
Create a new user with the Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Microsoft 365 user management versus Azure Active Directory

If your organization is using Microsoft 365, you already have Azure Active Directory. It's the identity platform that provides the authentication of your users' credentials when they sign and and the authorization to your Microsoft 365 SaaS applications. If you ... continue reading
OPS117: PowerShell Deep dive

OPS117: PowerShell Deep dive

We will use this time to take a deep dive on PowerShell. From previous versions and making them work in PowerShell 7 and PowerShell Core. We'll also take a serious look at Learning PowerShell with PowerShell, at Predictive IntelliSense, at ... continue reading

Periscope up – what's on the horizon for hybrid event

Now we let the cat out of the bag that we’re putting on an event on Feb 2nd, 2021 – it’s time to go a little deeper. How about some information about the AWESOME content we have lined up that ... continue reading

Setup Azure Shell locally of on a local network – part 2

Hello Folks, In my last post I discussed how you can run the managed image that the Azure Cloud Shell is based on locally. It allows you to leverage the Azure Shell managed environment without being subject to the limitations ... continue reading