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Flow chart illistrating the knowledge store projecting documents to multiple tables, while preserving the relationships between the data projected across tables.

Analyze AI enriched content with Azure Search’s knowledge store

Through integration with Cognitive Services APIs, Azure Search has long had the ability to extract text and structure from images and unstructured content. Until recently, this capability was used exclusively in full text search scenarios, exemplified in demos like the ... continue reading
Step-by-Step: Finding and Analyzing Microsoft Azure Cloud Usage Costs

Step-by-Step: Finding and Analyzing Microsoft Azure Cloud Usage Costs

Have you just seen last months’ bill, or received an alert because you had Azure Budgets configured? If your Cloud spend is different than what you were expecting it to be, you’ll want to do some detective work to isolate ... continue reading
Awesomeness Made Easy With PowerBI

Awesomeness Made Easy With PowerBI

First published on TECHNET on Dec 12, 2017Hi all,My name is Dave Coles and I'm a Senior Premier Field Engineer based in the UK who specializes in SCCM and Application Virtualization.As we know, creating reports in SCCM using SSRB is ... continue reading
Frontline worker in coffee industry using Azure IoT Central.

How one Azure IoT partner is building connected experiences

We recently spent time with Mesh Systems, a Microsoft Gold Cloud platform partner based in Carmel, Indiana, to understand what a day in the life of an Azure IoT partner looks like. They shared some of their recent IoT customer ... continue reading
Accelerating smart building solutions with cloud, AI, and IoT

Accelerating smart building solutions with cloud, AI, and IoT

Throughout our Internet of Things (IoT) journey we’ve seen solutions evolve from device-centric models, to spatially-aware solutions that provide real-world context. Last year at Realcomm | IBcon, we announced Azure IoT’s vision for spatial intelligence, diving into scenarios that uniquely ... continue reading
Diagram display of how Swim can simplify architectures

Compute and stream IoT insights with data-driven applications

There is a lot more data in the world than can possibly be captured with even the most robust, cutting-edge technology. Edge computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) are just two examples of technologies increasing the volume of useful ... continue reading
Diagram showing how combination of Cognitive Services can extract information

Using Text Analytics in call centers

Azure Cognitive Services provides Text Analytics APIs that simplify extracting information from text data using natural language processing and machine learning. These APIs wrap pre-built language processing capabilities, for example, sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, entity recognition, and language detection ... continue reading
Gif image for creating a new automated machine learning experiement

A look at Azure’s automated machine learning capabilities

The automated machine learning capability in Azure Machine Learning service allows data scientists, analysts, and developers to build machine learning models with high scalability, efficiency, and productivity all while sustaining model quality. Automated machine learning builds a set of machine ... continue reading

PowerShell 7 Road Map

Last month we announced that PowerShell 7 will be the next release of PowerShell. Here I will provide more details of areas we’ll be investing in for the PowerShell 7 release. When will I get it?! Today, we’re releasing our ... continue reading
Man working at a desktop computer in a bright office.

How you can use IoT to power Industry 4.0 innovation

IoT is ushering in an exciting—and sometimes exasperating—time of innovation. Adoption isn’t easy, so it’s important to hold a vision of the promise of Industry 4.0 in mind as you get ready for this next wave of business. IoT can ... continue reading