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AzCopy moving a 50GB file from AWS in 8 seconds.

Move your data from AWS S3 to Azure Storage using AzCopy

AzCopy v10 (Preview) now supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 as a data source. You can now copy an entire AWS S3 bucket, or even multiple buckets, to Azure Blob Storage using AzCopy. Customers who wanted to migrate their data ... continue reading

.NET application migration using Azure App Services and Azure Container Services

Designed for developers and solution architects who need to understand how to move business critical apps to the cloud, this online workshop series gets you hands-on with a proven process for migrating an existing ASP.NET based application to a container ... continue reading
Azure Cosmos DB flowchart

How Skype modernized its backend infrastructure using Azure Cosmos DB – Part 2

This is a three-part blog post series about how organizations are using Azure Cosmos DB to meet real world needs, and the difference it’s making to them. In part 1, we explored the challenges Skype faced that led them to ... continue reading
Role-based access control in Azure and Azure Stack

Azure Stack IaaS – part seven

It takes a team Most apps get delivered by a team. When your team delivers the app through virtual machine (VMs), it is important to coordinate efforts. Born in the cloud to serve teams from all over the world, Azure ... continue reading
Diagram of Web Application Firewall protecting Contoso's Web App

Web application firewall at Azure Front Door service

You have a great web application, and users from all over the world love it. Well, so do malicious attackers. Cyber-attacks grow each year in frequency and sophistication, and being unprotected against them exposes you to the risks of service ... continue reading

Schema validation with Event Hubs

Event Hubs is fully managed, real-time ingestion Azure service. It integrates seamlessly with other Azure services. It also allows Apache Kafka clients and applications to talk to Event Hubs without any code changes. Apache Avro is a binary serialization format ... continue reading
Choose a virtual machine size through the portal in Microsoft Azure Stack

Azure Stack IaaS – part six

Pay for what you use In the virtualization days I used to pad all my requests for virtual machines (VM) to get the largest size possible. Since decisions and requests took time, I would ask for more than I required ... continue reading
Screenshot of the Create virtual machine blade

Azure Stack IaaS – part five

Self-service is core to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Back in the virtualization days, you had to wait for someone to create a VLAN for you, carve out a LUN, and find space on a host. If Microsoft Azure ran that way, we ... continue reading
Azure Container Registry (ACR) virtual network and firewall rules preview

Azure Container Registry (ACR) virtual network and firewall rules preview

Mini Demo: Need a private registry not exposed to the internet, but still want PaaS? Try ACR VNet & firewall rules to lock down your AKS cluster, CI/CD pipeline, or other resources like your development team.Azure Container Registry (ACR)Restrict access ... continue reading
Deploying IaaS VM Guest Clusters in Microsoft Azure

Deploying IaaS VM Guest Clusters in Microsoft Azure

First published on MSDN on Feb 14, 2017 Authors: Rob Hindman and Subhasish Bhattacharya, Program Manager, Windows Server In this blog I am going to discuss deployment considerations and scenarios for IaaS VM Guest Clusters in Microsoft Azure. IaaS VM ... continue reading