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(Part 2) Microsoft Operations Management Suite – Windows Server 2016

In this second part in a three part video series on Microsoft's Operations Management Suite (OMS) we are going to cover automation and control as well as the insights and analytics features that are available in OMS. Learn about the ... continue reading
Getting Started with Microsoft #Azure Cloud #Security Center

Getting Started with Microsoft #Azure Cloud #Security Center

Microsoft Azure Security With Microsoft Azure Cloud Services you can make a lot of resources using for your Business. Think about Storage, Compute, Databases, Networks and applications. Microsoft Azure Security is there to keep your resources and data as save ... continue reading

(Part 1) Microsoft Operations Management Suite – Windows Server 2016

In this first part in a three part video series we provide an overview of Microsoft's cloud delivered management system Operations Management Suite (OMS). OMS was developed by Microsoft as a comprehensive management suite for managing all of your server ... continue reading
Screenshot of CommonSecurityLog

Analyze your Check Point logs with OMS Security

The Security & Compliance solution in the Operations Management Suite (OMS) provides security insights about many sources of security data from Windows and Linux machines, including any source that emits Syslog. Today, we are announcing a new capability, developed by ... continue reading
Monitoring Large DPM Deployments with SCOM

Monitoring Large DPM Deployments with SCOM

DPM can backup a variety of workloads as SQL, SharePoint, Exchange, Hyper-V VMs, File Servers, among others. One way to monitor the DPM servers centrally is using SCOM. In this blog, our guest, John Joyner, talks about leveraging Central Console ... continue reading
Graphic showing DC/OS and OMS container solution

Docker Swarm and Secret support with OMS Insight and Analytics – container monitoring solution

Hello all, this is Keiko, Program Manager from the OMS team. The container monitoring solution, available as part of OMS Insight and Analytics, helps you get visibility into the inventory of containers in hosts, including images running in them and ... continue reading
Extending OMS with SCCM Information

Extending OMS with SCCM Information

Brad Watts here to talk with you today about extending OMS with SCCM information. Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) is a very powerful cloud based tool. There are bunch of out of the box solutions like Alert Management, Active Directory ... continue reading
Single map of all the servers in your service

Service Map Machine Groups

With the general availability of Service Map, you were able to automatically discover and build a common reference map of dependencies across servers, processes, and services from partners in real-time. It helped you expedite pinpointing issues by visualizing dependencies of ... continue reading

WannaCrypt attacks: guidance for Operations Management Suite customers

Strengthening the security posture of your infrastructure is critical in protecting against evolving cyber threats. The following steps are recommended to safeguard your resources against the recent WannaCrypt ransomware attack: This recent WannaCrypt malware exploits a Service Message Block (SMB) ... continue reading

Azure Application Insights Enterprise as part of Operations Management Suite subscription

Update for Operations Management Suite customers: We recently added Azure Application Insights Enterprise to the Microsoft Operations Management Suite E1 and E2 as an additional component at no additional cost. Specifically, each unit of Operations Management Suite E1 and E2 ... continue reading