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Image of the solution with a Kubernetes cluster

Azure Log Analytics Container Monitoring solution: Helm integration for Linux and Windows Kubernetes support

Hello, all. This is Keiko, Program Manager from the Operations Management Suite (OMS) team. In April this year, we announced support for Kubernetes on Linux. Since then, many people have asked us about Windows Kubernetes support, so we have added ... continue reading

OMS customers can now use Azure Security Center to protect their hybrid cloud workloads

With the recent release of Azure Security Center support for hybrid cloud workloads, Operations Management Suite (OMS) Security & Compliance customers can start using Security Center to unify security management and threat protection across Azure, on-premises, and other clouds. Security ... continue reading
Screenshot of Log Analytics

View Designer and Workspace Settings coming to Azure

Starting this week, you'll see two existing features in Operations Management Suite (OMS) in the Azure portal: View Designer and Workspace Settings. You'll now be able to add new data sources, view custom logs and fields, and create new OMS ... continue reading

New System Center Virtual Machine Manager Analytics solution

In System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), administrators often monitor detailed job status to learn about the health and performance of operations and to diagnose any issues with the hosts or virtual machines. To improve this experience, we are delighted ... continue reading

Azure VM Extension for Dependency Agent

You asked (a lot of you asked!), and we answered. Today we are happy to announce the release of the Azure VM Extension for the Dependency Agent for Service Map. Now, adding the Dependency Agent to your Azure VM is ... continue reading
Inside the #Microsoft Operations Management Suite E-book #MSOMS #Azure by #MVPbuzz #MSFT

Inside the #Microsoft Operations Management Suite E-book #MSOMS #Azure by #MVPbuzz #MSFT

Description: This is the updated release (v2.0) of “Inside the Microsoft Operations Management Suite”, an end-to-end deep dive into the full range of Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) features and functionality, complete with downloadable sample scripts. The chapter list in ... continue reading
Screenshot of NPM firewall rule

Improvements to OMS Network Performance Monitor

Summary: Learn about the latest improvements to Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) Network Performance Monitor (NPM). These include availability in the Azure portal, hop-by-hop latency breakdown, agent diagnostics, and availability in more regions. It's been almost five months since OMS ... continue reading

Container monitoring solution in Red Hat OpenShift

Hello all, this is Keiko, Program Manager from the Operations Management Suite (OMS) team. Since we announced our partnership with Red Hat, we've seen a growing interest in the Red Hat OpenShift portfolio in Azure. This is particularly true regarding ... continue reading

(Part 3) Microsoft Operations Management Suite – Windows Server 2016

In this third part in a three part video series on Microsoft's Operations Management Suite (OMS) we are going to cover security, compliance, protection and recovery capabilities that OMS delivers. Find out how OMS leverages machine learning algorithms to detect ... continue reading
Screenshot of Service Map, showing app architecture

Build an infrastructure monitoring solution with Service Map

Have you ever been responsible for a flaky application, and wanted to set up an automatic notification when a server, process, or connection isn't there when it should be? Me too! And by using OMS Azure Log Analytics and Service ... continue reading