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Unlimited SSO and new Azure AD features to simplify secure access management

Unlimited SSO and new Azure AD features to simplify secure access management

Howdy folks, It’s been a busy period for the IT community. From enabling secure remote access and secure remote collaboration to empowering essential Firstline Workers—everything had to adjust to the challenges necessitated by COVID-19. We have continued working with customers ... continue reading
diagram showing different attack stages and techniques in each stage that various ransomware groups use

Ransomware groups continue to target healthcare, critical services; here’s how to reduce risk

At a time when remote work is becoming universal and the strain on SecOps, especially in healthcare and critical industries, has never been higher, ransomware actors are unrelenting, continuing their normal operations. Multiple ransomware groups that have been accumulating access ... continue reading
Protect your customer accounts with passwordless mobile authentication

Protect your customer accounts with passwordless mobile authentication

Hello! In today’s ‘Voice of the ISV’ story, Jim Small and Milan Radojkovic at IPification describe how IPification mobile authentication and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) B2C deliver improved security and a better user experience to our mutual customers. Don’t ... continue reading
Protecting your organization against password spray attacks

Protecting your organization against password spray attacks

When hackers plan an attack, they often engage in a numbers game. They can invest significant time pursing a single, high-value target—someone in the C-suite for example and do “spear phishing.” Or if they just need low-level access to gain ... continue reading

Inside Identity: Securing users in a multi-cloud environment with Duo

In the third episode of “Inside Identity,” I sat down with Ruoting Sun, Head of Technology Partnerships & Commercial Expansion at Duo Security (part of Cisco). Duo provides a multi-factor authentication solution that integrates with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) ... continue reading
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Moving towards real time policy and security enforcement

Hey folks, I would like to start by saying how amazed I am by the great work security and identity teams worldwide are doing to enable new work paradigms while enhancing security. Folks who were considering Zero Trust models are ... continue reading

What’s the difference between Azure Active Directory Identity Protection and Conditional Access?

If you’ve moved your Identity service to Azure Active Directory, or if you’ve connected your Active Directory to Azure Active Directory, you might be interested in what additional security features Microsoft can provide. With Azure Active Directory (AAD), Microsoft has ... continue reading
Security guidance for remote desktop adoption

Security guidance for remote desktop adoption

As the volume of remote workers quickly increased over the past two to three months, the IT teams in many companies scrambled to figure out how their infrastructures and technologies would be able to handle the increase in remote connections ... continue reading

Securely collaborate with remote partners using Azure AD B2B collaboration

As COVID-19 public health guidance keeps suppliers, distributors, vendors and contractors at home, organizations around the world must figure out how to enable productivity for their blended workforce of employees and external partners. A few weeks ago, we shared 5 ... continue reading

A Journey to Holistic Cloud Protection with the Microsoft 365 Security Stack Part 4 – Apps

For our third stop on the journey to holistic cloud protection with the Microsoft 365 security stack we will be discussing Application security. For anyone new joining us on this journey please ensure you check out Part I: Overview, Part ... continue reading