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60 seconds to a Linkerd service mesh on AKS

60 seconds to a Linkerd service mesh on AKS

See just how easy it is to deploy a service mesh to your AKS cluster. William Morgan, maintainer of the open source service mesh Linkerd, joins Scott Hanselman to demonstrate just how easy it is to deploy Linkerd. Together they ... continue reading

A Cosmonaut’s guide to the latest Azure Cosmos DB announcements

At Microsoft Build 2019 we announced exciting new capabilities, including the introduction of real-time operational analytics using new built in support for Apache Spark and a new Jupyter notebook experience for all Azure Cosmos DB APIs. We believe these capabilities ... continue reading

Connecting the colossal: How to scale innovation with serverless integration

Starting the process of migrating to the cloud can be daunting. Legacy systems that are colossal in scale often overwhelm the average team tasked with the mission of digital transformation. How can they possibly untangle years of legacy code to ... continue reading

Reshaping the business landscape with serverless APIs

Things are changing for the modern business. API-first development and microservices architecture is opening the door to new innovations. Many of these new approaches are possible in part due to the evolution of serverless technology, which eliminates the need for ... continue reading
Quest powers Spotlight Cloud with Azure

Quest powers Spotlight Cloud with Azure

This blog post was co-authored by Liz Yu (Marketing), Bryden Oliver (Architect), Iain Shepard (Senior Software Engineer) at Spotlight Cloud, and Deborah Chen (Program Manager), Sri Chintala (Program Manager) at Azure Cosmos DB. Spotlight Cloud is the first built on ... continue reading
Getting started with Azure App Configuration

Getting started with Azure App Configuration

Azure App Configuration is a service that enables you to centralize your application configuration. Built on the simple concept of key-value pairs, this service provides manageability, availability, and ease-of-use. You can use Azure App Configuration to store and retrieve settings ... continue reading
Microservices benefits slide including independent modules, isolated points of failure, autonomous scalability, tech flexibility, and faster value delivery.

Building serverless microservices in Azure – sample architecture

Distributed applications take full advantage of living in the cloud to run globally, avoid bottlenecks, and always be available for users worldwide. This not only requires the right infrastructure to be deployed in, but also support for the decoupled architecture ... continue reading

Microsoft Azure for the Gaming Industry

This blog post was co-authored by Patrick Mendenall, Principal Program Manager, Azure. We are excited to join the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this week to learn what’s new and share our work in Azure focused on enabling modern, global games ... continue reading

Accelerating enterprise digital transformation through DevOps

IT organizations are under more pressure than ever to do more with less, they are expected to drive competitive advantage and innovation with higher quality while managing smaller teams. This shift to the enterprise cost-to-value equation has created a transformative ... continue reading
Flowchart of microservice being implemented in an indivudal function app

Benefits of using Azure API Management with microservices

The IT industry is experiencing a shift from monolithic applications to microservices-based architectures. The benefits of this new approach include: Independent development and freedom to choose technology – Developers can work on different microservices at the same time and choose ... continue reading