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4 tried-and-true prevention strategies for enterprise-level security

Why is it that dentists advise people over and over to floss, yet so few do it? It only takes a minute of your time, yet if you’re running late or feeling tired, you may be tempted to skip it ... continue reading
Image of a table which show Traditional correlation engines and Fusion technology solutions. Solutions consist of Iterative attack simulation, Probabilistic cloud kill chain, and Advances in graphical menthods.

Building the security operations center of tomorrow—better insights with compound detection

In the physical world, humans are fantastic at connecting low quality signals into high quality analysis. Consider speaking with someone in a crowded place. You may not hear every word they say, but because you are fluent in the language ... continue reading
Attack chain diagram

Analysis of a targeted attack exploiting the WinRar CVE-2018-20250 vulnerability

In early March, we discovered a cyberattack that used an exploit for CVE-2018-20250, an old WinRar vulnerability disclosed just several weeks prior, and targeted organizations in the satellite and communications industry. A complex attack chain incorporating multiple code execution techniques ... continue reading
Step 8. Protect your documents and email: top 10 actions to secure your environment

Step 8. Protect your documents and email: top 10 actions to secure your environment

The “Top 10 actions to secure your environment” series outlines fundamental steps you can take with your investment in Microsoft 365 security solutions. In “Step 8. Protect your documents and email,” you’ll learn how to deploy Azure Information Protection and ... continue reading
Azure Security Center alert on a file downloaded and executed.

Azure Security Center exposes crypto miner campaign

Azure Security Center discovered a new cryptocurrency mining operation on Azure customer resources. This operation takes advantage of an old version of known open source CMS, with a known RCE vulnerability (CVE-2018-7600) as the entry point, and then after using ... continue reading
tax-related phishing document with malicious macro code

Steer clear of tax scams

In the month of February, we saw an average of 300,000 phishing attempts across Microsoft’s browsing platforms daily. Our security experts expect these attempted scams to become increasingly more prevalent through the April 15 Tax Day, especially in the two ... continue reading

DART: the Microsoft cybersecurity team we hope you never meet

If you spent 270 days away from home, not on vacation, you’d want it to be for a good reason. When boarding a plane, sometimes having been pulled out of bed to leave family for weeks on end, I know ... continue reading
PAW host buildout

PAW host buildout

First published on TECHNET on Oct 17, 2017 Continuing with the PAW series, in this blog post, I'd like to share the details of what we are planning to configure the host. I'd love to hear your thoughts, feedback about ... continue reading

Shielded VMs – additional considerations when running a guarded fabric

First published on TECHNET on Apr 21, 2017 So you’ve deployed a guarded fabric and your VMs are running happily. Having now reached that perfect steady state, let's have a look at the operational and administrative differences relative to a ... continue reading
Shielded VMs: A conceptual review of the components and steps necessary to deploy a guarded fabric

Shielded VMs: A conceptual review of the components and steps necessary to deploy a guarded fabric

First published on TECHNET on Mar 14, 2017 [This post was authored by Dean Wells, Principal Program Manager on the Windows Server team] If you're anything like me, you probably find it immensely helpful having an end-to-end conceptual view of ... continue reading