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Minecraft Earth and Azure Cosmos DB part 2: Delivering turnkey geographic distribution

This post is part 2 of a two-part series about out how organizations are using Azure Cosmos DB to meet real world needs and the difference it’s making to them. In part 1, we explored the challenges that led service ... continue reading
Installing SQL 2016 for Configuration Manager in a PubSec Environment

Installing SQL 2016 for Configuration Manager in a PubSec Environment

Hello, my name is Chris Vetter and I am a Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft. I am here to discuss Installing SQL Server 2016 for Configuration Manager in a PubSec Environment. The intent of this guide is to install SQL ... continue reading

Orchestration Groups with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

With the release of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager version came an exciting and highly-anticipated feature known as orchestration groups. Orchestration groups are an evolution of the server groups feature, allowing a greater level of control to the deployment of software ... continue reading

Lessons learned from the Microsoft SOC—Part 3c: A day in the life part 2

This is the sixth blog in the Lessons learned from the Microsoft SOC series designed to share our approach and experience from the front lines of our security operations center (SOC) protecting Microsoft and our Detection and Response Team (DART) ... continue reading

Staying on top of Office 365 Updates

One of the main challenges when using Office 365 products and services is to stay aware of announcements, updates and upcoming features. This applies to all responsible roles at Office 365 customers as well as for IT Consultants or Engineers ... continue reading
Using Azure Update Management to Automate On-Premises Server Patching

Using Azure Update Management to Automate On-Premises Server Patching

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel Metzger and I am a Senior Premier Field Engineer for Secure Infrastructure based in Switzerland. Lately, when delivering an Active Directory Risk Assessment, it turned out the public sector customer had never patched his ... continue reading
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NERC CIP Compliance in Azure vs. Azure Government cloud

As discussed in my last blog post on North American Electric Reliability Corporation—Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC CIP) Compliance in Azure, U.S. and Canadian utilities are now free to benefit from cloud computing in Azure for many NERC CIP workloads. Machine ... continue reading
Security guidance for remote desktop adoption

Security guidance for remote desktop adoption

As the volume of remote workers quickly increased over the past two to three months, the IT teams in many companies scrambled to figure out how their infrastructures and technologies would be able to handle the increase in remote connections ... continue reading

A Journey to Holistic Cloud Protection with the Microsoft 365 Security Stack Part 4 – Apps

For our third stop on the journey to holistic cloud protection with the Microsoft 365 security stack we will be discussing Application security. For anyone new joining us on this journey please ensure you check out Part I: Overview, Part ... continue reading
Manufacturers start by connecting equipment to the cloud.

Accelerating digital transformation in manufacturing

Digital transformation in manufacturing has the potential to increase annual global economic value by $4.5 trillion according to the IDC MarketScape.i With so much upside, manufacturers are looking at how technologies like IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) can ... continue reading