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SCCM: Housekeeping Collections

SCCM: Housekeeping Collections

Hi there, I am Matt Balzan and I am a Microsoft PFE with the Windows and Devices team, in the UK. Today I am going to show you how to manage and troubleshoot the collections that are affecting the performance ... continue reading

When to use Azure SQL Virtual Machines

Rearchitecting applications to run in the cloud can be a significant undertaking requiring time, money, and the appropriate skills. If you want to move existing on-premises apps to the cloud, but don't have the necessary resources to rearchitect your applications, ... continue reading

Guarding against supply chain attacks—Part 3: How software becomes compromised

Do you know all the software your company uses? The software supply chain can be complex and opaque. It’s comprised of software that businesses use to run operations, such as customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and project ... continue reading
Decision-makers cite cost savings and reducing human error as the greatest benefits to IoT adoption; 63 percent and 57 percent respectively say these are the most valuable ways they use IoT in their businesses

IoT Signals energy report: Embracing transparent, affordable, and sustainable energy

The increased use of renewables, resiliency challenges, and sustainability concerns are all disrupting the energy industry today. New technologies are accelerating the way we source, store, and distribute energy. With IoT, we can gain new insights about the physical world ... continue reading
Azure IoT Central Continuous Patient Monitoring App Template Reference Architecture

Reimagining healthcare with Azure IoT

Providers, payors, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences companies are leading the next wave of healthcare innovation by utilizing connected devices. From continuous patient monitoring, to optimizing operations for manufacturers and cold-chain supply tracking for the pharmaceutical industry, the healthcare industry has ... continue reading
Initially Isolate Tier 0 Assets with Group Policy to Start Administrative Tiering

Initially Isolate Tier 0 Assets with Group Policy to Start Administrative Tiering

Hello everyone, my name is Daniel Metzger and I am a Senior Premier Field Engineer for Secure Infrastructure based in Switzerland. In this post, I am going to show you how to use a minimal set of Group Policy objects ... continue reading

Clustered Certification Authority maintenance tasks

First published on TECHNET on Jan 10, 2010 The colleagues from the AskDS blog posted a quite valuable article about Clustered CA maintenance tasks ... continue reading

Fundamental Concepts for Elastic Jobs in Azure SQL Database

Elastic Jobs are currently in public preview. The feature is ready and we are preparing to make it officially generally available. No whitelisting or extra steps are required to get started. In my previous post, I explained what Elastic Jobs ... continue reading

Elastic Jobs in Azure SQL Database – What and Why

Elastic Jobs is a feature of Azure SQL Database that lets you run a set of T-SQL scripts against a collection of servers or databases, as a one-time job, in an ad-hoc manner, or according to a pre-defined schedule. This ... continue reading

How to manage platform updates with Maintenance Control in Azure

Shantanu Srivastava joins Scott Hanselman to show how you can manage platform updates, that don't require a reboot, using Maintenance Control. Azure frequently updates its infrastructure to improve reliability, performance, security or launch new features. Most updates are transparent to ... continue reading