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How To Install Log Analytics Gateway Using Load Balancers In Azure

How To Install Log Analytics Gateway Using Load Balancers In Azure

Hello everyone, after a long time, I am back with a new post. Today I will drive you through the configuration of a load balanced Log Analytics Gateway (formerly OMS Gateway and briefly referred below as LAGW) installed on Azure ... continue reading
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Integrate Microsoft cloud services with your Azure SQL Database managed instance

When you migrate your SQL Server data estate to Azure SQL Database managed instance, what you get is not just a good old SQL Server, secured and enriched with the newest features, and without a burden of managing backups, patching, ... continue reading

The NcHostAgent Service Cannot be Located on the Computer

Hello everyone, my name is John Clyburn and I am a Sr. consultant in MCS. I’ve recently been working with Software Defined Networking (SDNv2). I’ve been primarily working with Windows Server 2019 and VMM 2019, deploying the solution using VMM ... continue reading

Install the MIM 2016 Management Agent (MIM MA)

First published on MSDN on Jun 12, 2018 This document is intended to be used as an operational preparatory document for the Microsoft Identity Management 2016 base MIM MA installation. Using this Guide: You may perform search and replace on ... continue reading
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Customize networking for DR drills: Azure Site Recovery

One of the most important features of a disaster recovery tool is failover readiness. Administrators ensure this by watching out for health signals from the product. Some also choose to set up their own monitoring solutions to track readiness. End ... continue reading
Image showing teh Responsibility Zones for Microsoft Azure.

Best practices for adding layered security to Azure security with Check Point’s CloudGuard IaaS

The cloud is changing the way we build and deploy applications. Most enterprises will benefit from the cloud’s many advantages through hybrid, multi, or standalone cloud architectures. A recent report showed that 42 percent of companies have a multi-cloud deployment ... continue reading

Site-aware Failover Clusters in Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016, debuts the birth of site-aware clusters. Nodes in stretched clusters can now be grouped based on their physical location (site). Cluster site-awareness enhances key operations during the cluster lifecycle such as failover behavior, placement policies, heartbeating between ... continue reading
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SAP on Azure–Designing for availability and recoverability

This is the third in a four-part blog series on Designing a great SAP on Azure Architecture. Robust SAP on Azure Architectures are built on the pillars of security, performance and scalability, availability and recoverability, efficiency and operations. We covered ... continue reading
Microsoft Azure is helping organizations manage regulatory challenges more effectively

Measuring your return on investment of Azure as a compliance platform

Today we’re pleased to introduce the release of Microsoft Azure is Helping Organizations Manage Regulatory Challenges More Effectively, a new International Data Corporation (IDC) white paper based on original research by IDC and sponsored by Microsoft. IDC studied Azure customers ... continue reading
How to Setup Network Load Balancing for Configuration Manager Software Update Points

How to Setup Network Load Balancing for Configuration Manager Software Update Points

First published on TECHNET on Aug 01, 2016Authored by Cameron Cox Before we get started a huge thank you to Meghan Stewart (Support Escalation Engineer) and Mike Johnson (Senior Support Escalation Engineer) for their knowledge and assistance with this blog.I ... continue reading