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Using the Serial Console on Windows IaaS VMs

Using the Serial Console on Windows IaaS VMs

If you make a mistake when configuring operating system firewall rules that block you from accessing the VM, or a service is stopping an IaaS VM from booting, or some other configuration problem such as a newly installed application is ... continue reading
Making MsQuic Blazing Fast

Making MsQuic Blazing Fast

It’s been a year since we open sourced MsQuic and a lot has happened since then, both in the industry (QUIC v1 in the final stages) and in MsQuic. As far as MsQuic goes, we’ve been hard at work adding ... continue reading
Stop typing PowerShell credentials in demos using PowerShell SecretManagement

Stop typing PowerShell credentials in demos using PowerShell SecretManagement

We all sometimes create presentations with some PowerShell demos. And often, we need to use credentials to log in to systems for example PowerShell when delivering these presentations. This can lead that we don't use very strong passwords because we ... continue reading
Screen view of security recommendations for network devices and the suggested remediation procedure. Here network device 3 has critical CVEs.

Secure unmanaged devices with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint now

As we have entered into new hybrid work environments, businesses need to think about how they will proactively protect their organizations from the influx of new or “bring your own” (BYO) connected devices. This new normal has exposed the most ... continue reading
The threat matrix for cloud-based Storage services. The matrix consists of the various attack techniques that pose threats to Storage resources.

Threat matrix for storage

The move to cloud is happening faster than ever before and organizations are increasing their dependency on cloud storage services. In fact, Microsoft Azure Storage services are one of the most popular services in the cloud. Companies need effective threat ... continue reading
Optimizing your $Profile

Optimizing your $Profile

Optimizing your $Profile Your PowerShell Profile allows you to customize your PowerShell session and runs at startup. Complex profiles can cause a significant delay in the startup of PowerShell as it is a script that needs to be executed before ... continue reading

HOW-TO: Deploy AKS with POD Managed Identity and CSI using Terraform and Azure Pipeline

Today as we develop and run application in AKS, we do not want credentials like database connection strings, keys, or secrets and certificates exposed to the outside world where an attacker could take advantage of those secrets for malicious purposes ... continue reading
Customer datacenter

Perform at-scale, agentless SQL Server discovery and assessment with Azure Migrate

Moving on-premises infrastructure, databases, and applications to Azure is key to the success of your cloud migration and modernization journey, and we are committed to simplifying that process. With each major milestone, we set out to make these primary migration ... continue reading

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint – Red Hat Linux Manual Deployment

Note: This blog is in support of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE, formerly MDATP) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Disclaimer: This may not work on all versions of Linux. Linux is a third party entity with its own potential ... continue reading

Much needed improvement in reliability of SCOM Linux monitoring – Agents randomly going grey

"Linux agents have heartbeat issues. Literally everyday heartbeat alerts are detected on random Linux machines, but then when those machines are checked, they are found to be up and running. To solve this problem in the console, the agents under ... continue reading