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Secure remote access to on-premises apps

As COVID-19 continues to require social distancing to ensure everyone’s safety, we have seen many companies support their employee’s needs and promote safety by allowing them to work from home and use online tools to collaborate. This has led to ... continue reading

Introducing Certificate Template API

First published on TECHNET on Sep 25, 2009 WARNING: USE OF THE SAMPLE CODE PROVIDED IN THIS ARTICLE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Microsoft provides this sample code "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including ... continue reading

Implementing LDAPS (LDAP over SSL)

First published on TECHNET on Jun 02, 2011 LDAP over SSL (LDAPS) is becoming an increasingly hot topic - perhaps it is because Event Viewer ID 1220 is catching people's attention in the Directory Service Log or just that people ... continue reading

Firewall Rules for Active Directory Certificate Services

First published on TECHNET on Jun 25, 2010 Below is a list of ports that need to be opened on Active Directory Certificate Services servers to enable HTTP and DCOM based enrollment The information was developed by Microsoft Consultant Services ... continue reading
Deployment of the new Federal Common Policy CA Root Certificate

Deployment of the new Federal Common Policy CA Root Certificate

First published on TECHNET on Mar 13, 2011 Background On December 1, 2010 the Federal PKI Management Authority (FPKIMA), in compliance with NIST guidance , created a new SHA-256 Federal Common Policy root certification authority. Windows Update will include the ... continue reading

SMB and Null Sessions: Why Your Pen Test is Probably Wrong

Hi everyone, James Kehr here with a guest post. One of the SMB cases we get regularly at Microsoft Support is, “my pen test says you allow Null sessions!” Followed by a string of CVE numbers; like, CVE-1999-0519 and CVE-1999-0520 ... continue reading
Image of a worker approving a sign-in from his phone.

Changing the Monolith—Part 4: Quick tech wins for a cloud-first world

You may have heard that identity is the “new” perimeter. Indeed, with the proliferation of phishing attacks over the past few years, one of the best ways to secure data is to ensure that identity—the primary way we access data—can ... continue reading

Three ways Azure AD Conditional Access balances security and productivity

Hello! Welcome to another edition of the Partner Blog Series. If you’re not achieving the right balance of security and user productivity with your current Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, I hope you’ll take a moment to read this ... continue reading

Inside Identity: How Microsoft and F5 are partnering for a more inclusive platform

Welcome to the inaugural episode of “Inside Identity,” a new video series that will provide a window into the Identity Engineering Team at Microsoft. In my role as Partner Director of Program Management, I lead a group which cuts the ... continue reading
Threat hunting in Azure Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Threat hunting in Azure Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

As members of Microsoft’s Detection and Response Team (DART), we’ve seen a significant increase in adversaries “living off the land” and using compromised account credentials for malicious purposes. From an investigation standpoint, tracking adversaries using this method is quite difficult ... continue reading