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Talking Failover Clustering and Azure Stack HCI Ignite 2019 Announcements

Microsoft Ignite 2019 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida was a huge success with approximately 26,000 in attendance. We had a great time meeting and talking with our partners and customers. We also had a few announcements ... continue reading

How to use Azure to manage virtual machines on Azure Stack

You cannot only take advantage of Azure IaaS features on Azure Stack during the migration of your workloads, but you can also get some benefits if are running virtual machines on Azure Stack IaaS. If you are running virtual machines ... continue reading

How to migrate Active Directory Domain Controllers to Microsoft Azure Stack

For the third post of the Azure Stack Migration series, we are having a look at how you migrate your Active Directory Domain Controllers to Microsoft Azure Stack. If you have worked with Active Directory before, you know there are ... continue reading

How to migrate SQL Server to Microsoft Azure Stack

As mentioned last week, we created a short video series about how you can migrate workloads to Microsoft Azure Stack. I also mentioned that we will release a complementary blog post to each of the videos which some more guidance ... continue reading
How to migrate to Azure Stack - Intro and File Server Migration

How to migrate to Azure Stack – Intro and File Server Migration

In the past weeks, I was working together with Tiberiu Radu from the Azure Stack Product Group, on a series of videos to show how you can migrate workloads to Microsoft Azure Stack. We wanted to show the different ways ... continue reading
Image showing teh Responsibility Zones for Microsoft Azure.

Best practices for adding layered security to Azure security with Check Point’s CloudGuard IaaS

The cloud is changing the way we build and deploy applications. Most enterprises will benefit from the cloud’s many advantages through hybrid, multi, or standalone cloud architectures. A recent report showed that 42 percent of companies have a multi-cloud deployment ... continue reading

What are the Differences Between Azure Active Directory and Azure Active Directory Domain Services?

I met with some customers last week, and we had a great conversation about Active Directory and the differences between all the flavours available to them when adopting a hybrid posture. More specifically, what are the difference between: Azure Active ... continue reading

New Data Exposed episode: Benefit from SQL VM Resource Provider when self-installing SQL Server on

In this video, we will talk how Azure SQL VM service helps migrating and modernizing of SQL workloads. We will explain and demo the benefits of the new SQL VM Resource Providers for self-installed SQL Server on Azure IaaS. Follow ... continue reading

Over 100 Azure services support PROTECTED Australian government data

Today Microsoft published an independent security assessment of 113 Microsoft Azure services for their suitability to handle official and PROTECTED Australian government information. This assessment, carried out under the Information Security Registered Assessor Program (IRAP), is now available for customers ... continue reading

How to reduce inter-VM latency with Proximity Placement Groups

The performance of your applications is central to the success of your IT organization. Many factors can affect the performance of your applications including network latency which is impacted by, among other things, the physical distance between the deployed virtual ... continue reading