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Diagram showing user mode, kernel mode, and hypervisor components of the Windows partition and Secure partition in the Windows OS

Introducing kernel sanitizers on Microsoft platforms

As part of Microsoft’s commitment to continuously raise security baselines, we have been introducing innovations to the foundation of the chip-to-cloud security outlined in the Windows 11 Security Book. Strong foundational security enables us to build defenses from the ground ... continue reading
How to run a Windows 11 VM on Hyper-V

How to run a Windows 11 VM on Hyper-V

Happy new year everyone! Last month, before the holidays I wanted to run a Windows 11 VM on Hyper-V to run a few tests on Windows containers in a different environment than my local machine. However, it took me some ... continue reading

New Cluster-Wide Control For Virtual Machine Live Migrations In Windows Server and Azure Stack HCI

Applies to:  Windows Server 2022, Azure Stack HCI, version 21H2 and later versions of both  Overview:  There is a new enhancement in the ability to manage the number of parallel live migrations within a cluster, making it easier to change ... continue reading

December 2022 monthly security updates for Hyper-V servers impacts SCVMM SDN deployments

Monthly security updates (KB and KB 5021237) for Hyper-V hosts released on Dec 13th, 2022, have known issues that impacts SCVMM managed SDN (Software Defined Networking) deployments and this creates failures with new VM creation and virtual network assignment. Impacted scenarios: ... continue reading
Azure Stack HCI on Microsoft Learn

Azure Stack HCI on Microsoft Learn

Azure Stack HCI is a hyper-converged infrastructure operating system delivered as an Azure service. Rather than attempt to put all the elements of a Windows Server hyper-converged solution together yourself and then trying to integrated it with Azure hybrid elements, ... continue reading

Hyper-V HyperClear RETbleed Update

Multiple new speculative execution side channel issues were recently disclosed by both Intel and AMD. These issues were described in security bulletins available here: AMD CPU Branch Type Confusion | AMD Return Stack Buffer Underflow / CVE-2022-29901, CVE-2022-28693 /... ( ... continue reading

Introduction to Network Trace Analysis Part 1: Asking Questions and Collecting Data

Howdy everyone! Today’s post will be a bit shorter but will cover how we collect network traces and what information we need to make use of the data we collect. Asking Questions I know it can be tempting to spin ... continue reading
Diagram comparing how user data and system resources access an app without and with App Sandbox.   Without App Sandbox, all user data and system resources will have unrestricted access to the app.  With App Sandbox, only the data and resources confined within the said sandbox will have unrestricted access to the app. All other user data and resources won't have access.

Uncovering a macOS App Sandbox escape vulnerability: A deep dive into CVE-2022-26706

Microsoft uncovered a vulnerability in macOS that could allow specially crafted codes to escape the App Sandbox and run unrestricted on the system. We shared these findings with Apple through Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) via Microsoft Security Vulnerability Research (MSVR) ... continue reading

Modernize with Azure Migrate

With the pandemic mostly behind us, several large economies have opened in some shape or form. This, despite the uneven supply of goods and services and higher than usual energy costs. The higher energy cost and the resulting increase in ... continue reading
How to identify processes running inside a Windows container from the container host

How to identify processes running inside a Windows container from the container host

This is another blog post idea coming from discussions on Forums - sometimes, you need to check the processes running on a Windows container so you can troubleshoot your environment, or simply monitor its state. After some testing, I figured ... continue reading