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How to remote assist Autopilot deployments with Quick Assist

Hi, my name is Ricardo Carvalho, I am a Customer Engineer working in Modern Workplace and Security in our Customer Success Unit team. How many times do we need to support remote users when they are installing a Windows 10/11 ... continue reading

Recurring Active Directory Checks

Q: I just had an Active Directory (AD) or Active Directory Security health assessment from Microsoft, and they found some stuff I didn’t know about, or they found other items I knew to check for but forgot about. While I ... continue reading
Top 20 most visited blog posts for IT Pros in 2021

Top 20 most visited blog posts for IT Pros in 2021

From our first post on the 17th of September 2018, where Rick Claus introduced Microsoft's "Cloud Ops Advocate" team, we've published nearly 600 articles on this ITOps Talk blog! To end the year, we wanted to highlight some of our ... continue reading
How to configure automatic key rotation (preview) in Azure Key Vault

How to configure automatic key rotation (preview) in Azure Key Vault

With the news that automated rotation of keys is now available in preview in Azure Key Vault, I tested the configuration and notification options. Key rotation used to require a manual process, an API call, or an automation script using ... continue reading

Azure Update Management (Log Analytics Agents & Automation Accounts)

Azure Log Analytics and Automation Account (Update Management) Introduction Many of our customers would like to start patching servers as soon as possible using a single Update Management Solution deployed on a single Log Analytics Workspace. To achieve this goal ... continue reading

Forward On-Premises Windows Security Event Logs to Microsoft Sentinel

Hello, It has been a while since Raven, and I have blogged on security. My little buddy Raven (miniature Schnauzer) has been dealing with genetic back problems that have made it difficult to run or jump, so her days of ... continue reading

The final report on NOBELIUM’s unprecedented nation-state attack

This is the final post in a four-part series on the NOBELIUM nation-state cyberattack. In December 2020, Microsoft began sharing details with the world about what became known as the most sophisticated nation-state cyberattack in history. Microsoft’s four-part video series ... continue reading
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Updates to Azure Files: NFS v4.1, higher performance limits, and reserved instance pricing

Azure Files offers fully managed, simple, secure, and serverless enterprise-grade cloud file shares. On the Azure Files team, our mission is to expand Azure Files to more platforms and workloads. We recently took a huge step in workload expansion by ... continue reading
How to Harden Windows Server 2022

How to Harden Windows Server 2022

Welcome to ‘From the RoK to the Cloud'. In this series, Tom Hall chats with some amazing people from around the Microsoft universe, about anything to do with Windows Server. In today’s episode were joined by @OrinThomas Principal Hybrid Cloud ... continue reading
How to update Azure Policy parameters in Azure Blueprints

How to update Azure Policy parameters in Azure Blueprints

With Azure Blueprints (preview) you can add things to a Blueprint definition and apply them to your subscription - including required Azure Policies, role based access control, resource groups and Azure Resource Manager templates. But with some Azure Policies, you ... continue reading