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Azure HPC Cache provides high-performance file caching for HPC workloads running in Azure.

Azure HPC Cache: Reducing latency between Azure and on-premises storage

Today we’re previewing the Azure HPC Cache service, a new Azure offering that empowers organizations to more easily run large, complex high-performance computing (HPC) workloads in Azure. Azure HPC Cache reduces latency for applications where data may be tethered to ... continue reading

Microsoft Azure welcomes customers, partners, and industry leaders to Siggraph 2019!

SIGGRAPH is back in Los Angeles and so is Microsoft Azure! I hope you can join us at Booth #1351 to hear from leading customers and innovative partners. Teradici, Bebop, Support Partners, Blender, and more will be there to showcase ... continue reading

Accelerating HPC Storage with the Azure FXT Edge Filer

In high performance computing (HPC) workloads, access to storage matters. In this episode, Scott Hanselman and Ron Hogue discuss the new Azure FXT Edge Filer, a new appliance that creates a powerful cache on-premises connecting network attached storage (NAS) and ... continue reading
Image displaying seismic model

CGG speeds geoscience insights on Azure HPC

A leader in geosciences, CGG has been imaging the earth’s subsurface for more than 85 years. Their products and solutions help clients locate natural resources. When a customer asked whether the cloud could speed the creation of the high-resolution reservoir ... continue reading
H20-DFT-LS test case results

Azure HC-series Virtual Machines crosses 20,000 cores for HPC workloads

New HPC-targeted cloud virtual machines Azure HC-series Virtual Machines are now generally available in the West US 2 and East US regions. HC-series virtual machines (VMs) are optimized for the most at-scale, computationally intensive HPC applications. For this class of ... continue reading
Graph of Siemens Star-CCM+ V.14.02 Le Mans 100M couple scaling - Speed up vs nodes

HB-series Azure Virtual Machines achieve cloud supercomputing milestone

New HPC-targeted cloud virtual machines are first to scale to 10,000 cores Azure Virtual Machine HB-series are the first on the public cloud to scale a MPI-based high performance computing (HPC) job to 10,000 cores. This level of scaling has ... continue reading
Cray in Azure

Accelerate supercomputing in the cloud with Cray ClusterStor

We’re excited to announce Cray ClusterStor in Azure, a dedicated solution to accelerate data processing of the most complex HPC jobs running in Azure. Microsoft and Cray are in an exclusive partnership to provide customers with unprecedented access to supercomputing ... continue reading
Tuesdays with Corey: New specialized HPC VM sizes available

Tuesdays with Corey: New specialized HPC VM sizes available

Have you even thought about what happens when you select a “machine size” when deploying a VM in Azure? You are selecting a set of resources (CPU, Cores, RAM, Networking speeds, Storage) configured together into a VM that will run ... continue reading

Understanding Software Options for your Datacenter Infrastructure

First published on MSDN on Jun 17, 2011 Hi Cluster Fans, This blog post will help you understand the different software SKU options you have when planning for a virtualized datacenter, private cloud or any other deployment model which uses ... continue reading
Faster, more accessible edge HPC with Avere vFXT for Azure

Faster, more accessible edge HPC with Avere vFXT for Azure

Scott Jeschonek joins Azure Friday and Lara Rubbelke to introduce Avere vFXT for Azure, a new Azure Marketplace product with big possibilities for high-performance computing (HPC) environments. Avere vFXT for Azure solves the core issue of running performance-demanding workloads that ... continue reading