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Configure SMB Signing with Confidence

Heya folks, Ned here again. Many years ago, we made configuring SMB signing in Windows pretty complicated. Then, years later, we made it even more complicated in an attempt to be less complicated. Today I'm here to explain the SMB ... continue reading

Log Sensor & Telemetry Services in Isolated Network

Dear IT Pros, We knew that it is normal for Domain Controller and critical servers to be in isolated network without internet access. How could we provide the cloud-based, Azure log analytic services for these objects? The services could originate ... continue reading

Diagnosing Network Isolation Issues

Hi all, Will Aftring here from Windows Networking Support. I wanted to chat about how Network Isolation interacts with Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications and how / why you may want to alter some of these settings in respect to ... continue reading
Windows Insiders gain new DNS over HTTPS controls

Windows Insiders gain new DNS over HTTPS controls

Credit and thanks to Alexandru Jercaianu and Vladimir Cernov for implementation work Over the last year, we have been improving the DNS over HTTPS (DoH) functionality in the Windows DNS client. Now we are pleased to introduce you to the ... continue reading

Deploying Windows 10 Application Control Policy

Dear IT Pros, Today we discuss about All things about WDAC – Windows Defender Application Control. WDAC was introduced with Windows 10 and could be applied to Windows server 2016 and later, its older name is Configurable Code Integrity (CCI) ... continue reading
Running Edge with new startup page

How to Change the Start Page for the Edge Browser

Q: How can I change the Edge startup page? A: You can change the start page easily using PowerShell. Edge and It’s Start Page I am basing this article on the latest incarnation of the Edge browser, aka Edge Chromium ... continue reading

Part 2 – You Might Want to Audit Your LAPS Permissions….

Part 2 - Deploy LAPS, Check! You’re all set, right? Maybe… Hi Team, Eric Jansen here to follow up on some auditing suggestions that I mentioned for those of you that have LAPS deployed in your environment, in part one of this ... continue reading

Windows 10 – All Things About Application Guard

Hi IT Professionals, While working on a Customers ‘requests on Windows Defender Application Guard related to Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Attack Surface Reduction Policies, I could not find an up-to-date and detailed document from internet search. I have ended up ... continue reading
Group Policy Analytics

STIGing Made Easy – Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Introduction This is John Barbare and I am a Sr Customer Engineer at Microsoft focusing on all things in the Cybersecurity space. With my large customer base in the Microsoft Federal space and having to comply with internal security baselines ... continue reading

Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Delivery Optimization

Hello everyone! I´m Stefan Röll, Customer Engineer at Microsoft Germany for Microsoft Endpoint Manager. In my last Delivery Optimization Blog, I wrote about how you can test Delivery Optimization in your Organization. After many discussions with customers, I have noticed ... continue reading