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How businesses are gaining integrated data protection with Microsoft Purview

Currently, our interconnected world is creating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day.1 Every purchase made, every email sent, every contract signed: all of it gets shared, accessed, and stored. We take it on faith that organizations are doing all ... continue reading

How Microsoft Purview and Priva help simplify data protection

At Microsoft Security, we understand how challenging it is to protect your most important asset, your data, in today’s threat landscape. You’re faced with evolving challenges—from empowering employees for greater productivity to eliminating gaps in your infrastructure—all while trying to ... continue reading

Data governance: 5 tips for holistic data protection

Your data is a strategic asset. To benefit your business, data requires strict controls around structure, access, and lifecycle. However, most security leaders have doubts about data security—nearly 70 percent of chief information security officers (CISOs) expect to have their ... continue reading

Discover 5 lessons Microsoft has learned about compliance management

Compliance management is a complex process—one that gets increasingly more complicated the larger an organization grows. Microsoft knows this firsthand, not only because of our experience providing Security and Compliance solutions to customers but also because of the global reach ... continue reading
KuppingerCole graphic awarding rewarding Microsoft with Outstanding Functionality rating.

KuppingerCole rates Microsoft as outstanding in functionality for secure collaboration

We are excited to share that Microsoft has been rated “Outstanding in Functionality” in the KuppingerCole Market Compass for Secure Collaboration, May 2022. Microsoft was also the only company to be awarded the highest possible score of “Strong Positive” in ... continue reading

Why strong security solutions are critical to privacy protection

The security community is continuously changing, growing, and learning from each other to better position the world against cyberthreats. In the latest post of our Voice of the Community blog series, Microsoft Security Senior Product Marketing Manager Brooke Lynn Weenig talks with Ann ... continue reading
Web client diagram utilizing Datawiza and Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Easy authentication and authorization in Azure Active Directory with No-Code Datawiza

This blog post is part of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association guest blog series. Learn more about MISA. The acceleration of cloud journeys fueled by the pandemic and ever-increasing concerns about data security and information privacy have made access management ... continue reading
Pie chart showing 1 in 3 organizations have partially automated subject rights requests.

Manage subject rights requests at scale with Microsoft Priva

Privacy is of increasing importance to our customers. In addition to the well-known European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), privacy regulations are emerging in nearly every region with more than 70 percent of countries now having data protection and privacy ... continue reading
Two phones displaying a woman's driver license. First image shares all information on the card. Second image only shares the name and age.

Why decentralization is the future of digital identities

Our identity is increasingly becoming digitized—more of our hard copy credentials are converting into digital formats. We use these digital credentials to work, learn, play, socialize, shop, and consume services online and offline every day. It’s so convenient and expected ... continue reading

Microsoft shares 4 challenges of protecting sensitive data and how to overcome them

Breaches of sensitive data are extremely costly for organizations when you tally data loss, stock price impact, and mandated fines from violations of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), or other regulations. They also can diminish ... continue reading