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Securing your IoT with Edge Secured-core devices

A recent study conducted by Microsoft in partnership with Ponemon Institute included a survey of companies that have adopted IoT solutions and 65 percent of them mentioned that security is a top priority when implementing IoT. Attacks targeting IoT devices ... continue reading
Default site boundary group behavior to support cloud source selection

Default site boundary group behavior to support cloud source selection

You can now add options via PowerShell to include and prefer cloud management gateway (CMG) management points for the default site boundary group. When a site is set up, there's a default site boundary group created for each site and ... continue reading
Associating a WAF policy to an Azure Front Door

Simplify and centralize network security management with Azure Firewall Manager

We are excited to share that Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) policy and Azure DDoS Protection plan management in Microsoft Azure Firewall Manager is now generally available. With an increasing need to secure cloud deployments through a Zero Trust approach, ... continue reading

Azure DDoS Protection Standard Costs Estimation

If you are considering the activation of Azure DDoS Protection Standard – a great solution to better protect your Azure Virtual Network (VNet) resources from DDoS attacks – you may ask yourself: Which VNet(s) should you enable the service in? ... continue reading

SCOM MP for M365 – V3 CTP

We are back with the latest version (in CTP) of M365 MP and have very exciting changes to talk about. With this update, Users can now opt between their choice of MP Authentication i.e., Application (which is available currently), Delegated ... continue reading
Offset for monthly maintenance window reoccurrence schedule in Configuration Manager TP 2205

Offset for monthly maintenance window reoccurrence schedule in Configuration Manager TP 2205

Offset for reoccurring monthly maintenance window reoccurrence schedule. Based upon your feedback, you can now offset monthly maintenance window schedules to better align deployments with the release of monthly security updates. For example, using an offset of two days after ... continue reading
Microsoft Build 2022

Introducing the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

We are moving to a world where every application needs to be intelligent and adaptive to real-time model learning. As businesses build modern data capabilities, they must make decisions at the speed of human thought. Developers are challenged by this, ... continue reading
Docker Host network alternatives for Windows containers

Docker Host network alternatives for Windows containers

One of the things I like to do on my spare time is browse around forums, such as Reddit, Stack Overflow, and others, to check on questions people have around Windows containers that are not showing up on comments or ... continue reading
Web client diagram utilizing Datawiza and Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Easy authentication and authorization in Azure Active Directory with No-Code Datawiza

This blog post is part of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association guest blog series. Learn more about MISA. The acceleration of cloud journeys fueled by the pandemic and ever-increasing concerns about data security and information privacy have made access management ... continue reading

Introduction to Network Trace Analysis Part 0: Laying the Groundwork

Hi everyone, this is Will Aftring again with the Windows Debug team, here to lay the groundwork for a new series on how to get started with network trace analysis. This is not an introduction to networking. Many of the networking ... continue reading